At the most stunning location in Florence, Salvatore Ferragamo celebrated the beginning of # PU96 as a backdrop of a runway show, the statue of Micheal Angelo, so clearly so incredible a backdrop could have been a bit overwhelming, but that was not the case for creative director Paul AndrewRead More →

Okay, okay, so we don't need these products, though After using them for a few months, they are now a solid part of our beauty routine. We will be right with you, we thought female hygiene products were a complete waste of time – just a hype to get ourRead More →

Recently, I have observed a few moles that come out on my arms. You must already be aware that the development of new moles is usually not a good sign. It may indicate skin cancer at worst. When you wear sun protection every day, you can save your skin fromRead More →

Designed by fathers for dads (and moms too)! Owlet Smart Sock + Cam gives you everything you need to hear, see and know that your baby is okay. Here are some reasons the father in your life needs what WIRED Magazine calls one of the best child monitors in 2019!Read More →

Hello everyone! My skin care routine is perhaps the most requested content on my Instagram and I thought I would share it in detail in a blog post. Before I get into the products I use right now, a little about my skin; I have combination skin that has aRead More →

Sanaya Recently photographed at Mumbai airport carrying one Global Desi equip. Kohlapuri chappals, a tan and a pair of large earrings completed the look of her. Very preferred outfit without dupatta here! Latest posts: Build your dream career in various fields of interior design Latest wedding dress trends Alia BhattRead More →

weston sheneman June 13, 2019 Got the sock for my sister-in-law and they are so happy to have it. It gives a little relief to being a new parent. Thank you for proving this gives a way as an opportunity for families to get some pretty amazing prizes to helpRead More →