Welp, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth just broke up after being married for literally five minutes, and the internet has been in a collective position ever since. But all that matters here is that the former couple made the right choice for their relationship, and Miley seems to have itRead More →

If there is a beauty mantra we live by it is there is no such thing as too much marker. In fact, we do not limit the spotlight to our cheekbones, we use it everywhere from our lips to our eyes to our body. It's our not-so-secret weapon, and whenRead More →

Owlet users trust our products because they know they can gain meaningful insight into their children's well-being with just a glance. The single Smart Sock Base Station is an ever-present indicator that allows parents to immediately control their child's well-being – the green glow means that the child's oxygen levelRead More →

Review Hair care systems without good hair oil are incomplete so finding that hair oil that can successfully deal with your worries is always a major challenge for all of us. For me, the most important problem with hair fall is especially during the Monsoon season. So recently I cameRead More →

Taking care of your skin at night is so important– this is the time when your skin heals and repairs itself, so it is important that you provide nourishment and moisture to help it recover. I always change the products I use – it's literally my job to test skinRead More →

Nicholas HuntGetty Images Like your favorite couple of Uggs, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's relationship has been around forever and refuses to give up. Given that they work in an industry where the average marriage lasts for 8 months (or in the case of Kim and Kris Humphries, 72 days),Read More →

During the launch of the latest Owlet app update, we encountered an unforeseen error that caused the app to crash. The problem has been fixed and we continue to work hard to give Owlet users the best possible experience. As we move forward and continue to innovate how families trackRead More →

When we hear the word "bra", some of us just picture two cups that are attached with a string on the back, while some only consider it as a garment (which is true, though). Bras are so integrated into our everyday lives that we wear them day in and dayRead More →