10 best stretching creams for your exciting bump

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During pregnancy, the drug and itchy skin often come with the territory. When our stomach begins to stretch, preparing the growing child, our skin begins to pay the price. Fortunately, there are products designed to fight bar marks and rehydrate the skin as much as possible.

With a blend of oils, make-up and creams, you have to find a cream or two that fits your skin type. So continue and foam with one of these lucky sandwiches, full of essential oils and soothing natural ingredients. Your stomach will thank you.

The Cusco Mum & Me range is designed by mums and developed by experts. It is designed to calm your skin and help increase skin elasticity. It is made with Tamanu Oil and has been praised for its luscious odor and light skin absorption. At an affordable price, this rich cream is definitely worth a try – see if it works for you!

Formulated with coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E, Cowshed is described as a stretch marks balm that deeply hydrates the skin. Mothers in the BabyCentre community say they usually use coconut oil on their growing bump, so if you're looking for a coconut-based product, this may be the one that suits you.

Although not specifically designed for pregnant mothers, this Vaseline Essential Body Butter is another favorite in the BabyCentre community. The rich smell of cocoa butter gives a luxurious feeling and is a product you can use throughout the body.

One of the most popular products in the BabyCentre community is Bio-Oil. Many users share their morning and evening routine report using various popular products in the morning, followed by Bio-Oil in the evening. Even those who think creams have no effect on bar marks, Bio-Oil simply seems to feel the oil and the calming effect.

The products in the Mama Mio range are made with a super-elastic Omega-packed blend of organic oils. With excellent reviews in several places, the stomach oil of Mama Mio seems to be a regular favorite, along with the stomach butter the butter. Even though the product falls in interspecific price, the reviews show that you get what you pay for, so it may be worth an investment.

The very well-established Palmer brand has been around for over 50 years. With a range of products specially designed for pregnancy stretches, coconut oil and vitamin E form has been popular with pregnant women for good reasons. Palmer's stomach lubricant is supported by many mothers, can this product be the one for you?

Another well-established brand, Weleda, has made the favorite list with BabyCentre mums. Developed in collaboration with doctors and midwives. This stretch marks massage oil conditions and enhances the texture of your skin with a high amount of vitamins A, D and E. With good recommendations, Weleda will make your shortlist?

If you have a pretty sensitive skin and need a product that's free from the strong smells that many bump cream on the market is rich in, Neals Yard Mothers Balm can be the one that suits you. It is certified as 100% organic by the Soil Association and is also allergic certified.

The new brand My Expert Midwife has taken the market by storm with its string of pre- and postnatal care products with a selection of swift names like "Spritz for bits", "No harm nipple conditioner" and the stretch label "Older skin elastic". The product not only helps prevent barstrokes, it has amazing reviews that praise the ability to calm itching in itching.

Finally, another distinctive favorite is among pregnant mothers Burt's Bees Mama Bee Mash Butter with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. At a slightly lower price than some of the other favorites on the market, the brand can be skimp on the price, but they do not skimp on quality. Scent-free formula is designed to keep your skin even and smooth when your stomach stretches during pregnancy.

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