10 children's basics with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon

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When you examine products to buy for your child, the first instinct is to go with recommended products from a friend or family member, but with models and prices changing all the time, it is often the second stage of the survey to review the reviews and rating.

We have collected a list of baby products like parents who love Amazon's love, and with a large number of five-star reviews, it's safe to say that the products definitely do something right.

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1st Philips Avent Classic Plus Baby Food Bottle

Number of 5 star reviews: 132

What people say about these bottles: "Just the best bottles available. We tried every kind of sterilizer, but they left our twins frustrated and full of colic. My mom suggested Avent that she had used the brand with me and my siblings, and when we tried them, we threw out everyone else. They know very good quality and the shape and parts make them easy to keep and clean. They are also incredibly good, the bottles are still brand new even though we have had them long enough to upgrade the teats twice (for faster flow when the children have grown older). I also think it's so easy to read measurements along the page so you can tell how much has been consumed. I can not recommend them enough! "

2nd Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing

Number of 5 star reviews: 112

What people say about this swing: "This swing is beautiful, I bought it as a gift to my best friend, due to a few months and she was over the moon with it. We put it together, which was so simple! It plays six different songs, has good movement and The cover is so soft. The toys are also really cute, it's not too big and folds easily when not in use. I recommend 100% this product. "

3rd Fisher-Price Cozy Cocoon Bouncer

Number of 5 star reviews: 478

What people say about this bouncer: "I bought this initially to help with a phase my daughter walked through (about six weeks old) to cry every night. This worked brilliantly – I could calm her by bouncing her in this chair. She's now almost five months old and still loves it – it's also possible to bounce her to sleep in it. The toys mean she can be maintained in it, and the belts make sure she's sure. Brilliant. "

4th Graco Milestone All-in-One car post

Number of 5 star reviews: 228

What people say about this car seat: "Great buy – easy to fit and use, good value for money (so cheap compared to others, and will last for so long). Despite the price, it really feels good quality and our son absolutely loves it. He sleeps comfortably in it, and even when he's awake he's just lucky and babbling away! One million miles away from the boy who would scream for a moment, he did not sleep when he traveled in Stage 0 car seat! There has been a game switch for our car trips. The little cup holder is Also suitable for holding water bottles / a pot of snacks / even a toy – important arsenal on long trips. "

5th Premium Baby Bearer

Number of 5 star reviews: 1.090

What people say about this baby carrier: "Good product. My love is only three weeks old and we have already used this on several occasions, both in the house and sometimes. Great versatility and the child loves the position that the loop supports them in. Recommend this a lot because it folds into a small package so you can take it out with a pushchair, which allows you to transport your baby at any time. "

6th Summer Infant Sitting Style Booster Seat

Number of 5 star reviews: 245

What people say about this seat: "Works brilliantly, my two year old loves it! It gives a height increase of about 10 centimeters. It's very easy to set and transport and easy to clean. We use it as a permanent fixture at our dining table and just take it off if we plan to go to a friend or to a restaurant, it binds easily to the back and underside of your regular chair. The strips are very long, so I would think it would fit an abnormal chair too. Wish I had bought it before and had not bothered with a highchair. "

7. BabyBjörn Carrier City Black

Number of 5 star reviews: 258

What people say about this operator: "I strongly recommend this product. This is probably the best baby product I have purchased. My baby is three weeks old and I could not live without it. It's so easy to use, especially since I usually use this, and it's really easy to put the child safely with one hand. "

Eighth Babymore Eva Sleigh Cot Bed

Number of 5 star reviews: 135

What people say about this baby bed: "I am very pleased with this baby bed. The drag and drop side is very comfortable. It was a bit difficult to build but the quality of the wood is perfect and feels like it's worth the money. I did not have much high expectations on the mattress but it is also brilliant, lovely thickness and feel good quality again. I have nothing bad to say about this baby bed – it looks good in the nursery. Do not hesitate to buy. "

9th Zeta Citi Black Stroller Buggy Pushchair

Number of 5-star reviews: 163

What people say about this stroller: "Good for the price! This product is very sturdy and kept beaten on a level. You can carry it with one hand – I even managed to get out of my luggage and put it up while carrying my baby in one arm! Excellent value. "

10th Philips AVENT Microwave Sterilizer

Number of 5 star reviews: 556

What people say about this sterilizer: "I bought one of these to leave in my parents' house when I got up to see them and then wished I had the same in my house.

Basically, if you buy one of these, buy the Avent bottles to match because it makes life so much easier. Everything turns in easily and despite the fact that the product is quite large, it fits most microwaves – even my parents' little one who had millimeters to save around the pages!

Works really well, easy to clean, completely satisfied with the results. If I had shown that I would never use my breast pump, I would have purchased this product to use at home.

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