10 great gifts for the child's first Christmas

Wondering which baby gift is the best gift? It can be difficult to navigate through all options. So we are here to help you. Below are ten great gifts (in no special order) that are perfect for the child's first Christmas. (Or what vacation you choose to celebrate.)

1. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether (From $ 7)

Babies love to hit their fingers, especially when they are dental. Comotomo's tea is the perfect, safe and handsome tea for your little one and it can give you some hours of happy happiness.

2. Newly picked mockasins (from $ 45)

These are the gentle soles that regulate all of them. Shoes that are stylish, comfortable and as (most importantly) continue. Plus, Fresh Picked has a program for killer rewards and a nice collection of bags. So you can also get a gift for you too.

3. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick Play Piano Gym ($ 38)

This toy is transient and has four modes for each childhood stage. So your baby can lie on the back and watch the dangling toys and eventually end up on the removable piano when she's older. It is also good for stomach time.

4. BabyLit Books (from $ 10)

BabyLit Books is a wonderful way to present classic stories for your baby while helping her learn colors, numbers and words. The bright, colorful illustrations are a pleasure to watch, and you will find that collecting them can be kind of addictive.

5. 3 Sprouts Play Food Bag (From $ 16)

This geni-contraption acts like a toy box that opens up to be a playmat. It's a great way to keep toys clean and away, and portable, making all family vacations a bit less stressful.

6. Cloud Island Zip Sleep N & # 39; Play 3 Pack Pajamas ($ 13)

Not all footie pajamas are created alike. And these footie pajamas are the best footie pajamas of all footie pajamas. Why do you ask? Because the attire starts bottom instead of the top. Which means that night blister changes will be infinitely easier, and the child will be comfortable.

7. Multi-purpose tires ($ 35)

This is the Nursing OG, but if covered nursing is not your jam, it has various other uses. These caps are soft, well-built and are available in different colors / patterns. Our advice: Use this cover as a car-safe protection. It can also be used as a basket cover, which will be useful when your baby is getting older.

8. Sassy Development Bumpy Ball ($ 11)

This fun toy is designed to excite your child's minds with its bright colors, unique shape and rattle-like function. It is small enough for the child to keep and carry, and helps her develop fine motor skills at a young age.

9. Jump Hop Stroller / Car Seat Toy ($ 10)

This is a good portable toy that vibrates when the handle is pulled. It's visually interesting and a big distraction for your baby, whether in her car seat or in the stroller. It's perfect if you take a drive over the mountains and through the woods to the grandmother's house.

10. Owlet Cam (From $ 149)

This is a gift that is more for you than for children. Owlet Cam is streaming high quality video with night vision and two-way audio directly to your smartphone via a secure, encrypted WiFi connection. It also integrates seamlessly with Owlet Smart Sock.

Did we miss something? What do you get your baby for this holiday season?