10 steps to become a fashion influenza

So do you want to become a fashion influencer? This is one of the fastest growing niches for influencers right now, giving you plenty of opportunities to board. That being said, this is a very crowded market and it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to manage it at the top. But please don't let that deter you, it just means there are many fashion lovers out there to compensate your audience.

If you really want to do it as a fashion influx, you have to be extremely passionate and willing to put in the hard work. Sounds like you? If so, we are here to help you start your flu career with our 10 step guide below.

1. Do your research

Look at other influences and what makes them so good. You don't do it so you can copy what they do because it is a safe way to fail as an influence, but this is to give you some ideas and inspiration for how to put your own stamp on the fashion influx game. It can also be helpful and inspiring to read their stories. Most will have a website that describes who they are and how they kicked their lives as influences, so check them out.

2. Select your channels

We all know how powerful social media can be to grow your successor, but you can't dominate multiple platforms – at least at least. So when you start your influences journey, it is best to choose a platform to update daily and stick to it, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You can have one or more platforms running in the background, but it is best to choose one to focus most on your attention.

3. Find your niche

It may seem strange to say "find your niche" when surely the niche is fashionable, right? But with so many influencers in this room, you have to do something to really stand out. That is why it is a good idea to find a smaller niche in the fashion industry for you to focus on. For example, environmentally friendly fashion, underwear, shoes, ethical clothing or budget fashion is about doing something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

4. Be creative with your photos

In the same way as above, you must be creative about the pictures you take – especially when Instagram is your core platform. Nowadays, it seems that everyone can take a sharp photo with their smartphone, so you have to think carefully about how your pictures will be different. Once you have decided on your creative and unique style, stick to it and it will be your signature.

5. Write like crazy

Now, it's important, you can't post once a week and hope to be an influence. In today's digital world, we usually get updates, news, gossip and entertainment 24/7 so that people expect regular updates, otherwise they will quickly be disconnected. Therefore, it is important that you send regularly, especially when you start, to build your audience.

6. Engage with your audience

Don't just add your content and leave it at it. Address your audience in your captions, use the right hashtags, respond to their comments and follow them back. Engaging with your target audience is to get them back to your profile, which is what makes them want to follow you, so keep an eye on those who comment and enjoy your things regularly and get involved in them.

7. Collaborate with other influencers

When you start building a sequence, it may be a good idea to work with other influencers, especially if you already know some of them. This can be as simple as meeting and sharing pictures and updates of your two together. It can also mean that you collaborate on a project, share freeware, so that the other can take over your account for the day or share the content.

This can be a good way to engage your audience, especially those who follow both. Plus it turns out that you are part of the influenza group, you already know others in the field and they are happy to work with you.

8. Keep it right

Don't build a fake life for yourself on your Instagram or Twitter profiles. People love authenticity, they don't just want to see your perfectly polished pictures that make your life look perfect and 100% wonderful. Because reality is life is rarely perfect and sometimes things go wrong. So give your audience a chance to see how long you were at the shot, if something went wrong if there were any fun or surprising moments.

Sharing them on your stories, blogs or tweets can be good for showing the real one, and allowing them to enjoy the end product of your beautiful photographs – it gives you more depth, the person behind the camera.

9. Don't just focus on the numbers

Of course, you want your followers to like and like going up, but getting together in these figures can make you feel frustrated and upset. Instead, it is best to focus on producing really good content and continue to share this. You can use your analyzes to watch when you get the most commitment and who it comes from, but don't let these other numbers get you down. Keep sharing good content and engage with your audience and these numbers will increase naturally.

10. Stay positive

Finally, a fashion influx can be tough. Some days it may feel like a fight, some days you will be sick about editing pictures and sometimes you will try new styles and it will not work. But it's important to remember that it's OK! It's often about trials and errors until you find the style that works for you. The most important thing is that you stay positive and continue to try, as this is what puts the real influencers apart from the rest.

Written by Stuart Cooke, Blog Editor Inscripture.com personal jewelry and fashion accessories.

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