10 things that women with 4C hair should know

10 Things Every Woman With Type 4c Natural Hair Should Know

If you like me and have 4c hair, these 10 tips will change your life!

Well, maybe not your life, but it will certainly make your 4C hair so much easier to work with.

Looking back, I wish I knew this information because it would have made my transition to natural hair much easier.

Use these tips and transform your 4C hair's health and manageability …

1. This is true for most natural girls, but especially for 4C ladies you never comb your hair when it is dry. When you do this, you ask for crimes in general, not to mention a tough time even getting through your hair.

It is best to comb damp hair but if you like to style your hair while it is dry, always put in a product that gives you lots of slip before combing.

2. Avoid using small tooth combs to remove 4C hair. This is just asking for it! Always use a wide toothbrush or even try to detach the hair for a more gentle setting. Like these: Anne Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb or Bass Wooden Brush.

3. Try not to use brushes on 4C hair at all. For new natives it may sound fun, but yes try to eliminate your use of brushes. Brushes rip and pull on the hair, causing breakage and breakage.

If you need to use a brush for the edges or your neck, rarely use a brush. Brushing will thin your hair out so quickly; every time I see someone brushing their hair it makes me cringe a little. Girl you lose so much hair that does it all!

4. Wash nos may not be for you, especially if you like curl definition. For many 4C ladies, this "shortcut" will not be the route you want to take. If you have no definition is cool with you, try by all means!

However, prepare for massive shrinkage and matting with your 4C hair.

You may be better off doing a faux wash n & # 39; as I outlined here.

5. You do not need to do anything special for 4C hair when folding. Put your hair in a sloppy ponytail or very large swirl, the goal is just to prevent the hair from being fed.

If you go to bed with bare legs, overtime, your hair will become dull, tangled and the end result will be rupture.

6. For some of us, wet styling just doesn't work on our 4C hair! In fact, it can cause jams, carpets and severe shrinkage.

When you first air dry your hair you get a more elaborate result for your style and there are less tangles to handle.

7. You can use water to moisturize your hair. The trick to using water on 4C hair is 4 does not saturate it; easily spritz it!

You will find that sometimes using the product all week is not enough. In some cases, you may need just a touch of water to restore balance.

8. Choose 4C-friendly hairstyles that you can stick to for at least a week and that don't require lots of daily styling. The less you have to manipulate your 4C hair the better.

Lately my puff has been my go to style, as I simply moisturize when needed and go. I loved using Puff Cuff.

9. Do you have a problem? My head seems to be the driest and kinkiest structure. If you can relate, the best way to deal with this is by applying more moisture and conditioner in this area.

Also try to turn off the heat in this area and use a lower setting when using it to avoid dryness.

10. Balm is your friend! Try to deepen your hair at 4C as often as possible. This helps with moisture problems, plus it improves the manageability of the hair.

Some good conditioners for 4C hair, which I recommend are:

Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner

Carol & # 39; s Daughter Black Vanilla Smoothie

OBIA Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner

Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee

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