11 quotes showing that preschool children are kings and queens of sass

You have no hesitation in hearing about the tree line and the company. Both nicknames are given to preschools that act a bit too much like going at 15. There is a good reason – as I have discovered twice.

Do not get me wrong, the "horrible tweosna" can be quite upset as a parent, but at least two years old, you know where you stand; Sobbing often in your hands in the middle of the supermarket while your child is lying on the floor that screams. There is usually no meaning with them; they are only two. Reasoning comes a little later.

Preschools but … they are something else. They understand much more, and they can be wise and cunning. sharp and sharp.

Some four-year-olds have all the sass of a teenager.

08.10.18-Frances T-sassy preschool children

The mine has actually perfected the art of rolling my eyes on an excerpt and dramatically whenever I ask her to do anything ever.

This weekend after I kindly asked my children to clean at least a dozen times, I did the classic empty threat (my bad)Clean up your toys! I will not ask you again! "

My daughter, who totally ignored the threat of threats did not even hit a blow before she responded "Good, I do not like it when you tell me to clean up " and immediately went back to play.

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Two cute caucasian toddler girls playing with puzzle pieces on the floor in their preschool classroom. The puzzle pieces are colorful and the preschools focus on the task at hand.

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It's not the only time she completely burned me.

Her: "I want to be a hairdresser when I grow up!"
Her brother: "I want to be a builder and a superhero! What do you want to be when you grow up mom?"
Her: "Do not be stupid. She's grown up. She's just a mom!"
Me: *Crying in my tea

My friend Katie was up all night with her pre-school child and cried this morning because she was so tired (we have all been there). Her little girl walked in to her and said "Mom, you'll just calm down!".

In a similar creek my friend Clare had been up all night with her sick child, as when he discovered that she was swinging at 11, she said: "Turn off the TV from the mum, if you go to sleep then you're tired so it's going to bed for you."

Okay Love. Bowl.

Shot of a little girl who refuses to eat her broccoli

Here are some other corkers from my friends:

"I said a rude word and my almost 3 year old told me "Maybe you should sit on the step mummy to say that word, you are a very ugly girl". "


"A few years ago, I took my four-year-old granddaughter to the farm and said, "Oh, see Olivia, bebisko!" She turned to me with a deep contempt and said "They are called calves, aunt Clare". "


"When I said that we needed to move on to my three-year yesterday, I was reliably informed "It's not just about your mom!" "

Well, it told you.

An unhappy little girl playing with a doll.

"Yesterday we went for a walk and my three year old said to me: "I would appreciate it if you were to hurry!" "

Must have learned somewhere

"Me: "I have to inform the dentist that you do not brush your teeth properly."

Four years old: Yes, I'll tell the dentist you're a terrible mom. "


"I eat a bag with M & M… "Do not have too many. You can get too thick to fit through the front door."

Honestly against an error, these children.

"I drove my son to my husband's work. My son continued shouting from the back of the car, "Go to that track!", "Go behind the truck!" and so on. I told him to quit because I knew where I was going. He answered "You do not know where you go. Satnav knows where to go." "


Little girl throwing a tantrum hides in the bathtub

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