1984 & # 39; Set Used in & # 39; Asylum can be very important

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I know we learned a lot more this week about Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) backstory. First, the first massacre in the camp was owned in 1948, when the camp was called Camp Goldenstar. At that time, Jingle's mother (Lily Rabe) worked as a cook and went full slasher when her other son died in a bathing accident. Jingles had to murder his own mother to stop the outbreak.

It's obviously heavy, but that's not all. In 1984, Jingle's mother's ghost convinced him that in order to protect his son from Ramirez (Zach Villa), he would kill himself to come back as a ghost. I know this is a lot, but I'd like you to ignore it for a second and jump back to last week's "section 100" with me.

Reddit user @ u / gmanz33 shared a screenshot of Mr. Jingle's home in Alaska that just happens to look exactly like Kit Walker's (Evan Peters) house Asylum. Could this be another important link between the two seasons? Is it yet another indication that foreigners may be playing in the next two episodes?


One commenter helpfully pointed out that while Jingles lived in Alaska in 1984 and Kit lived in Massachusetts in 1964, aliens could have moved home. Still, while most of the commentators wowed by the connection, some have pointed out that it is very possible American Horror Story team might just need to reuse the set.

They have a point, but I will say that AHS teams seem to be in contact between seasons seriously, and I personally hope that we could get a last-minute cameo from Evan this season (yes, I know this is very unlikely, leave me alone).