3 morning rituals for a big day

How to wake up in the morning, morning rituals
Who would not want this view from its window or balcony? Image Courtesy: Saif Selim via pexels.com

It is recommended to cultivate rituals instead of habits to make them a part of your lifestyle. Rituals have a holiness in relation to those where habits are more effective and thus easier to break. Morning rituals have a big impact on how your day goes and how you feel.

Getting up in the morning is a chore for most people. Even half of those who are forced to get up early in the morning make it because they have no choice and spend their morning in an almost robotic way. Well, to be sincere, most of us live the same way too. There is hardly any joy left in simple daily routines, even less to set morning rituals.

So no matter what time you get up, it's imperative to have a good start to the day. I tried to set these morning rituals and they help me wake up and set the tone for the day. It may be you can give them a try and then decide if they are your cup of tea or not. I still do not follow the morning religiously but when I do, I always think my day went better and I spent the day in a happier sense of peace.

3 morning rituals for a big day

Wash my face, brushing, dental floss and oil extraction

This is the first thing I do in the morning. Nothing raises you like a splash of water on your face in the morning. Brush and dental floss. A fresh breath always helps. And if possible, try oil pressure at least twice or three times a week to reap its benefits. Along with all that, blink your teeth wide in the mirror and smile! You can try on confirmations for the day or for yourself.

A hot cup of green tea

Brew a perfect cup of green tea or any drink you love. And while you're sipping it, perch on your balcony and plan your day. Remember all you do so you do not forget something important and cut them down. You can later use it as a checklist and see how much or how little you achieved.

Make my bed

This is one of the most important of the morning rituals. While the hot cup of green tea brews, I stop making my bed. A clean and built-in bed makes the house look cleaner immediately and if things are not in place, you should start. Making the bed has also been shown to have therapeutic effects and it adds to the tone because it is the first task you finish. And it makes your room and bed inviting later in the night without effort.

So, these are some morning rituals that I like to do. No exercises or meditation. Of course, if you do, I would definitely suggest meditation in the rituals, but then you can always customize your set of morning rituals. Just do what makes you feel good and not something you want to avoid like going to the gym or the zumba class that I could never keep track of !! Being unable to complete what you are giving gives you a weaker moral for the day.

Nevertheless, there is one thing I would like to do. Take a walk in nature but it requires great commitment to dress and drive to the park not far away. So it may be a day or a task to do for the weekends. Do not forget to share your set of morning rituals.

Until then, Ciao.