3 reasons why I started to dry my natural hair

For a long time I was against heat, except that I use a hood dryer for deep conditioning treatments or sat for 20-30 minutes to help set my hairstyle.

I rarely ironed my hair or dried it. And even when I do, I'm glad I've never experienced heat damage in the 10 years I've been a natural. (Here are five ways to prevent heat damage).

Not using heat made me aware of some of the common myths associated with heat and natural hair that you can read here.

In the past, I considered going natural as a much needed break from my heaters. When I was relaxed, I was a slave to my hairdryer and flat iron. I had a Saturday ritual for shampooing, conditioning, drying and ironing my long, thick hair. I can't tell you how many hours you've lost because of this process.

Rocking a wash and walking was my motivation as I transitioned.

Before I discuss the reasons why I started to dry my natural hair, let me give my disclaimer. I might dry my hair once every two months. (It's like a 30 minute to hour process.) I also live in Nevada with very dry heat. Blow drying your hair too often here would result in lots of breakage (more harm than good).

It is very important to use a professional device when drying natural hair. I have used cheap hair dryers with comb fasteners. They get too hot, too fast and don't cool down fast enough. This increases your chances of heat damage. Chi Deep Brilliance Low EMF Hair Dryer is what I have been using for the last 3 years and recommend.

The comb bracket is strong and will not break or melt after just a few uses. This is also important as it slides through the hair with little or no break at all. The heat controls also minimize heat damage. I have not experienced any heat damage at all.

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Here are the three reasons why I started to dry my natural hair

It gets rid of the worst knots

The thicker and longer your hair, the more tangles you have to fight. Throwing hair seems to wrap and tie around individual strands of hair that create nasty tangles. Sometimes the only way for me to get rid of the stubborn tangles was to heat stretching my hair with a hair dryer. I could really get in there and remove all the knots without breaking. It also helps to minimize single stranded knots (SSK).

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Versatility in hair styles

With heat-stretched hair you can achieve a variety of styles like this or this and this. It is also a good way to minimize and in most cases almost eliminate shrinkage. (See 5 ways to minimize shrinkage)

Easier detangling and break-free maintenance

We have already discussed that this is a good way to eliminate tangles. This makes it possible to reduce the time between the washes. Minor tangles can also mean minor crimes. This does not mean that you can be careless or that you do not have to handle your hair with care. Not at all. It is just a little easier to manipulate the hair and with less risk of breakage. Remember that the hair is less fragile when dry.

Products used

Eden BodyWorks Hisbucus Honey Blow Dry Cream
Olive oil and coconut oil

Are you blowing your natural hair? What are some reasons why?
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