3 signs that your skin is dehydrated

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Skin drying is one of the main reasons why your skin looks matt and lacks the fresh and glowing appearance. This is a common mistake not to understand what your skin actually needs. For any immediate download, make sure you turn on a good hydrating serum. Furthermore, some signs indicate that the skin is dehydrated. Some are quite obvious and some are not so obvious or you may not notice in your work. So, let me list them for you.

3 signs that your skin is dehydrated

Feeling Stretchy

Your skin feels stretchy and this is the universal sign that your skin is dehydrated. Our immediate reaction is to slather on a body lotion or a moisturizer and drink a lot and lots of water. As fun as it sounds, drinking water hardly helps with dehydration of the skin. It only helps keep fluids in the body. And body lotions are just a temporary solution. What you actually need to do is deal with the deeper problem with why is your skin lost the ability to maintain moisture.

Darker skin

Most people take a dark looking skin as a sign of tanning. You should look especially at the colors of your lips. If they look more prominent and darker than usual, it's a sure shot sign that the skin is low on water. In fact, it is also a sign that the body is low on fluids, so you turn some water and turn on a hydrogenating serum and you can see the difference immediately. But the question remains – why?

Dare on the skin

This may not be for everyone but mostly for people with extremely dry skin, it is quite easy to see the skin's scales or textures more prominent. Note this next time you wash your face or showers. Your skin becomes bulky and if you do not come with a moisturizer, your skin's structure will instantly appear for fifteen minutes depending on the climate and your body's ability to maintain moisture. Again, the answer is simple – slather on a lotion.

The Common Marine Hyaluronics

Now the question remains – why your skin is dehydrated?

Remember my post on lipids? Well, lipids are the natural barriers on our surface that are responsible for maintaining moisture in the skin. Due to age, lifestyle, pollution and environmental impact, these lipids can lose their ability to function effectively and maintain moisture to keep the skin full. In fact, interestingly one of the main causes of dry skin is difficult water. Did you also know that your medications are another reason that your skin is dehydrated and dry, in which case there is not much you can do.

To avoid any damage to the skin's lipid layer, it is recommended to fill fatty acids in the body by nutrition, moisturizes the skin immediately after shower, uses mild detergents and avoids hot and long showers. If you feel your skin has become too dry lately, it may be because you do not exfoliate it enough. To avoid this problem, try dry brushing!

But more importantly, in order to address the issue of protecting lipid protection for the skin, it is important to feed the skin with the vitamins, especially the B complex and the application of current hyaluronic acid and vitamin C that keeps the skin hydrated for a long time. Regular application of the products improves skin quality and skin's ability to maintain moisture.

So what's your favorite hyaluronic acid serum and vitamin C serum? Share the comments below!

Until then, Ciao.