33 Easy Party Makeup seems to wear the holiday in 2018

Some say it's the after party that really matters, but for makeup lovers it's just about pre-party. In-between party (aka the party itself) is just half of the fun. Being ready is an event that is entirely personal, and those who go out – like the red carpet-boring crowd – really go out, as you can see in the BTS movie. For the rest of us civil, festive season (which we are in if you have not been warned) we finally get the chance to play with the bold and sparkling palettes that spend most of their time sitting untouched behind you the beauty box. An evening event is an excuse to get rid of experimental glam (not that you really need one), and if you're the kind of person whose regular makeup M.O. is more on makeup makeup spectrum, the holiday gives the perfect opportunity to test sparkly shadow, bold lipstick or any combination of the two. Just call it friendly competition with the festive decor.

Just if you needed a reason to answer yes this holiday party invites, there are 33 of them – bookmark this party party inspiration page to plan your beauty look through all your festivities. If it's a bust at least you can practice your smoky eye skills. Even if you are not glitter makeup or red lipstick type, there are plenty of metallics, mattes and brights for you to work with. Browse through this list with excellent party makeup look, as each one has become red carpet famous and celebrity-approved.