4 beginner tips before you start exercising

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Working regularly is usually high on New Year's solutions that people fail to achieve. For me it just goes back to the list every year and then I manage to fall off the trolley every time. Here are my four beginner tips before you start exercising daily.

I am not an athlete by nature or have ever been involved in one's medium physical activity so when I start exercising I am a beginner. My physical fitness journey is pretty much limited to a yoga class, some zumba classes and six days of trying out at a gym.

Just like a healthy living, exercise is part of your daily routine and not just a style to come and go.

Now that I am in my 30s and have gone through my share of health problems, I strongly believe in improving endurance and immunity as a motivation for beginners rather than the usual weight loss goals. In my journey towards physical fitness, I have learned the importance of the following things and would like to share some important points to note before you start exercising regularly.

4 beginner tips before you start exercising

Where do you want to train?

The first question for you to decide is where do you want to start exercising. You would like to go to a gym, take part in an activity, go for a walk in the park or start exercising at home. Another factor here would be the physical activity level you are already used to in your life and your current endurance.

If you have already been a runner, it is natural to keep running again. If you like sports, it's a good start to join a team of like-minded people. So decide what you want to do or start with at least for the next two months and how often you can accommodate the activity in your daily routine.

Get the right exercise equipment

Often, an underestimated factor in wearing the right clothes and accessories is extremely important in determining how good your fitness routine is. You would need a separate wardrobe from sports bra to pair of socks and shoes. The reason is that these clothes are made of lycra and polyester to make sure sweat does not stick to your body.

They allow your skin to breathe and sweat more as you continue your exercises. They also allow flexibility in movement during your workouts. Investing in the right clothes is a huge motivation. Even when you plan to workout at home, you need to make sure to switch to your exercise equipment.

Also allow knee protection, elbow, yoga mats and other accessories to make training easier and comfortable and prevent injury. Never exercise with bare feet unless you do yoga that must be done on a yoga mat.

Customize your daily routine to fit into your workout

What is the best time for your workout? Some like it in the mornings and others can't do times until late in the evenings. Mix the exercise routine seamlessly into your daily routine so you don't feel the stress of making time for it. Sometimes you have to make a conscious effort to make time for yourself.

This helps maintain a healthy work-life balance. Improving your bedtime habits would also be extremely useful in the long run for a healthy lifestyle. Go to sleep and get up at the same time every day to create a routine. Try to exercise at the same time every day. If this is sometimes just not possible, make time for it later or earlier in the day.

If you like to work out in the mornings, make sure you are out of bed an hour before the workout. Switch to your exercise equipment and have snacks before your workout. Boiled egg whites, half a banana, some nuts and dates are all great practical options.

If you decide to exercise in the evenings, make sure you have snacks before the workout on time and do not overdo the evening snacks, reach the gym at least fifteen minutes before the workout, and switch to your exercise equipment. Plan for those days when you can't get out of the office on time.

If you plan to workout at home, create a separate workout room or space where no one would disturb you. The space should be well ventilated and airy. Store your yoga mat, work out accessories, a bottle of water and a napkin nearby.

Ask a friend to join or join a group that monitors your goals

Last year there were too many walk-a-thon challenges happening around. It was enough for me and my friends to take regular evening walks. When they came over, our daily walks went after dinner. Then we decided to swim or work out together or play badminton. We were successful for a few days and again tracked everything. Finally, we went to the rehearsal sessions at the gym together.

It's always good to have someone to join you when you start exercising as both a motivational and control factor. In addition, your companion should be one who can encourage you not to be lazy instead of the other way around. Create small and achievable fitness goals and supplement it with the right diet. Eating well is an important part of your fitness journey.

These are some points I learned on my rather short fitness trip. Before you start exercising, make sure you start the right routine and make it part of your lifestyle. Increased endurance and resilience keep your motivation high and help you push yourself further. Always remember to pressure yourself enough and not hurt your body during the process. Good luck with your fitness journey.

What tips did you follow in your fitness journey?

What is your best advice for someone to start their fitness journey? What is an important fact that you should know before you start exercising? How did you practice part of your routine? Share your mantras in the comments below.

Until then, Swathy.