4 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Natural Hair

We all have the days where we need some variety and versatility for our favorite natural hairstyle.

If you visit my site, Natural Hair Rules.com, you know that my favorite natural hairstyle is Twist Out. It is simple and works for any length of hair.

You can see my whole natural hair routine here.

I have been to this natural hairstyle since I first became natural now that I have been natural for over 10 years. You can see pictures here.

Two Twist Twists and Twist Out are the perfect natural hairstyle for work, fun and everything in between.

You can rock them in a small chignon or bun for a few days. When you're ready to take them down, it's like having a completely different hairstyle.

Video: Twist Out | 5 styles in one

Before we jump into different Half Up Half Down Natural Hair Styles we can talk natural hair products.

My favorite styling product is EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Defining Cream.

More product recommendations for moisturizing and styling are available here: http://www.naturalhairrules.com/best-wash-day-products-type-4-natural-hair/

Half Up Half Down Natural Hair Style

This style gives the illusion of a side pony tail or puff. You make a great tuck and roll that begins in the front and ends the center of the back.

If you really want to be stylish, you can do the same on the other side for a quick protection style.

4 Rainy Day Natural Hairstyles Half Up Half Down

Banded or Back in front

Use an elastic headband to gently push the hair back. In the least possible humidity, my hair becomes an afro. An elastic headband is perfect for keeping the frizzen in the air.

Here are the black elastic headbands that I use.

4 Rainy Day Natural Hairstyles Front Branded

Pineapple with a scarf

The pineapple with a scarf is not just for bedtime. It's a sweet way to protect your hair from the elements. And it doesn't matter how long your hair is. A designer scarf is the perfect accessory.

Pineapple with a scarf | 4 Rainy Today's Natural Hairstyles

Twisted Front

This style is very similar to that Half Up-Half Down Hairstyle. You should throw and roll the front edge or crown area on your hair. Or if you prefer a twist or a twist, they are also perfect for this style.

Use a pair of bobby pins to secure any hair remaining. I stick and pin to the middle. Click here for scattered bobby and hairpins.

Twisted Front | 4 Rainy Today's Natural Hairstyles

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