40 best game tracks – best holiday music all the time

In no special order, except no. 1, which is exactly where it should be.

1. "All I want for Christmas are you," Mariah Carey

The Gold Standard for Girls, "Everything I Want for Christmas is You" can give you a holiday mood within the first five seconds. You could hear this in mid July and do not even be angry with it.

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2. "Christmas package", the waitresses

The timeless story of a sweet looking at the checkout.

3. "Merry Christmas, Good Holiday", * NSYNC

It's physically impossible not to throw your head to it every time it comes to a Starbucks in December.

4. "Drummer Boy," Justin Bieber feat. Busta Rhymes

Unfortunately, every other person who has recorded this song, but Justin's tag is far from the biggest version offered (and the only one containing a verse where Busta Rhymes sends holiday to their Twitter followers).

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5. "Christmas in Harlem", Kanye West feat. Cyhi the Prince and Teyana Taylor

A modern classic. In 20 years, your children will hate it as much as you hate when your dad puts on "Wonderful Christ".

6. "Last Christmas", Carly Rae Jepsen

The Original Wham! The version is also good, but it's just so hard to resist that scissor.

7. "What Christmas Meals To Me", Stevie Wonder

Two and a half minutes of pure holiday pleasure.

8. "8 Days at Christmas", Destiny's Child

Destiny's Childs Christmas Album, also the title 8 Christmas Days, is an undervalued gem, but this track stands out for its oh-so-2001 list of Christmas presents: dirty jeans, a diamond ring and "a gift card to get my favorite CDs".

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9. "Frosty Snowman," Ronettes

Ronnie Spector's new Yawk accent makes the word "Frosty" sound hundred times cooler.

10. "Santa, tell me," Ariana Grande

Ariana asks Santa for something that really means: an idea of ​​whether a man is worth her time or not.

11. "Quiet Night", Sharon Jones & Dap-Kings

Sena Sharon Jones adds soul and turns to an ubiquitous standard.

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12. "My only wish (this year)," Britney Spears

It is a travesty that the world has never received a full Britney Christmas album. (There's still time, Britney!)

13. "Sleigh Ride" TLC

Only TLC can make a sleigh ride in the frozen cold sound sexy.

14. "Jingle Dem Bells", RuPaul feat. Big Freedia and Ellis Miah

If only bouncing had existed when James Lord Pierpont wrote the original "Jingle Bells".

15. "Christ is here," Vince Guaraldi Trio

Guaranteed to fill people of all ages with uncontrollable nostalgia.

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16. "Everyone knows Clausen," Hanson

snowed was okay okay? Do not fight with it.

17. "Santa Baby", Eartha Kitt

What's true with Santa if he can not give you anything extravagant?

18. "Mistelten", Ginuwine

Like "Pony", but for the holidays.

19. "I wish it was Christmas today," Julian Casablancas

What started like a joke on Saturday Night Live is now a new classic perfect for those times when you can not stand a single game of "Winter Wonderland".

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20. "Pretty Paper", Willie Nelson

Best consumed when you struggle open, you indicate that your mom has spent hours like perfection.

21. "Christmas in Hollis", Run-D.M.C.

One of these times you can say "iconic" and mean it.

22. "Hard Candy Christmas," Dolly Parton

There's nothing like a weird country song to get you in the mood to hang out with your family.

23. "Christmas Song", Ella Fitzgerald

You do not even think you've heard this song a thousand times when Ella Fitzgerald sings it.

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24. "Ribbons and Bows", Kacey Musgraves

Kacey's Christmas album just came out two months ago, but this nice melody does what all good holiday songs should do and get stuck in the head immediately.

25. "O Holy Night," Mariah Carey

Yes, there are two Mariah Carey songs on the list, but Mariah Carey is distinguished by Christmas music. In smaller hands, this song is a melodramatic hit, but Mariah and her safety score make it a truly religious experience.

26. "Christmas (Baby Come Come Home)", "Darlene Love

One so emotionally effective that you will be tormenting for your child to come home even if he is sitting next to you.

27. "Have a nice little Christmas," Cat Power

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A wonderful, discreet interpretation of a holiday radio.

28. "Rockin" around Christmas Tree ", Brenda Lee

It's really the only way to behave around a Christmas tree.

29. "Santa Claus Comes To Town", Jackson 5

The jazz hands throw themselves in the air.

30. "Scrooge", Muppetsna

It's hard to choose just a song from Muppet Christmas Carol (the biggest Christmas movie of our time, no arguments), but all those born in the 80's can tell that this is the most likely to inspire a drunk song length at the annual holiday. Should you be dumped this season, it will also double as an excellent breakup song.

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31. "Catching Ole Santa Claus," Loretta Lynn

Santa Claus is basically just a home entrepreneur who steals food and lets his scooter go all over the shipyard. Loretta Lynn gets it.

32. "Break up Holiday", Dude York

Christmas is all fun and fun until you have to watch your ex on a holiday party.

33. "I do not care about the winter sun," Beach House

It's just a Christmas song in the sense that the lyrics are about snowflakes and there are jingle bells, but that's all you really need, right?

34. "This gift," 98 degrees

The gift is six, right?

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35. "Joy to the World," Earth, Wind & Fire

The most dance-inducing version of this song ever recorded.

36. "Mistel", Justin Bieber

There are too many Bieber boys, nobody ever said.

37. "Take Me Love," John Legend

TBH, John Legend's entire Christmas album, A legendary Christmasshould be here

38. "Santa Claus Comin" to Town ", Bruce Springsteen

Enjoy seven minutes of uninterrupted holiday joy from your father's favorite musician all the time.

39. "Chipmunk Song (Christmas is not late)," Alvin and Chipmunks

Long before * NSYNC was Alvin and Chipmunks-the adorable animated singing trio performed under the direction of his human Dave, who kept everyone in line.

40. "Rudolph the red nose," The temptations

Do you remember the purse order? Let the Motown group take you back.