5 fun ways to wear sandals this summer

With the warm weather settling down for a while, it's time to break out the sandals for the season. If you are a sandal lover you probably have some couples waiting to be worn already. If not, you are itching to buy the latest sandal trends now. Wearing sandals when the weather is nice is a great feeling.

You probably already wear your sandals at least a few times this summer, but there is still plenty of warm weather to enjoy. There are some fun ways to wear sandals that you may not have tried yet, and sometimes it can be exciting to shake up your wardrobe. Depending on your personal style, the options for what to wear your sandals taste quite varied.

Modern rules are always changing so sometimes it is good to look for some new ideas. Looking at your sandals and your clothes in a new way can breathe some new life into your wardrobe, especially if you have bored with your clothing choices recently. Here are five fun ways you should try wearing your viakix sandals this summer.

1. With cuffed jeans

Depending on the type of jeans you like to wear, the cuff legs can be really good in the summer. Although it is not nice if your jeans have a baggier leg, skinny jeans with cuff legs pair really well with sandals. You can choose sandals without heels and this type of look is excellent with uneven or regular sandal styles.

Remember to think about your overall silhouette. You probably won't love this look if your jeans aren't well fitted and look sharp. If you cuff jeans that are not as slim in the leg, you can risk looking tangled instead of cute and well put together. Dark wash or lighter wash are all good games but as long as they have the lean jean look, go for it.

2. Wedges and broad legs

If you talk about sandals and wide legs vs. skinny jeans, if you love your broad-legged jeans you won't be left out of fun. You can pair these jeans nicely with a pair of wedge sandals to look like you're having fun and still looking super stylish. Just make sure you don't pair thinner heels with your wide-legged jeans. They don't really have the same effect.

Broad-legged jeans and wedges look great together, so if you haven't tried this look yet, it's definitely time. Wedge sandals are a super comfortable way to add some height and prevent your jeans from pulling on the sidewalk as well. Wedges and jeans with wide legs will look like you want several times when you try it.

3. Maxis And Minimalists

Minimalist looks are super hot right now and sandals have definitely received the minimalist treatment as well. If you are looking for a sandal that is so uneven that it is almost completely invisible, you will be able to find that view. While strappy sandals look great with all the outfit options you can try, like pairing high-heeled strappy sandals with a mini skirt, they look especially good with maxi skirts.

Pairing a minimalist strappy sandal look with your summer skirts is a new alternative you may not have tried yet. Even if you've worn sandals with your maxi skirts before, the minimalist sandals out there this year are a whole new ball game. Shop the store and find a pair you love, and then break out the maxi skirts. Do not wait to try this look.

4. Off with short dresses

Short dresses have been popular for a while now and sandals look great with them even if you don't try very hard. They just seem to be a natural fit as they are both warm weather friendly options. However, if you are looking for some new inspiration for ways to pair a short dress with your sandals, you will, however, look for some sandals that line the whole way.

If you are not sure what it looks like, think ballet shoes but in sandal shape. There are lots of cute sandals out there that tie all the way up to your calf. It's the summer version of high boots and they look great with your short dresses. If you are a fan of fall weather because it means you can pull off your boots, consider this look. It is the best of both worlds.

5. Slides and cropped pants

Wear sandals have gained popularity so don't be surprised if you see them everywhere right now. Of course, how you pair them with your clothes is up to you, but think of this look to see your pictures look really amazing. Choose a pair of cropped trousers in almost any color (pastels and neons are both good choices) and pair them with a neutral image.

Your pictures will look good and while they may feel like they are playing the other violin if you have some bright colors in your outfit, they will still stand out. Since you can really show off your feet because they are not hidden by a longer border or skirt, your sandals will appear on full screen even if they are not light pink.


Wearing sandals is definitely one of the best parts of the summer. Knowing how to wear them makes them even more fun. Try some of the tips you've read here and see if the new look gives you a new perspective on your wardrobe. Maybe you will find a whole new look that you never knew you would love.

If you love the idea of ​​a tip you read about and don't really have the right sandals, it just means you have a good reason to shop. Maybe it's time to check out the minimalist looks you read about, or you just need a new wedge. Anyway, shopping for sandals may be in your future soon. Enjoy!

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