5 Indie skin care brands you need to know about

indie beauty brands

Who needs great beauty brands when these homegrown, healthy, ingredient-driven startups are so damn good? Meet five sub-radar indie companies we are so obsessed with; We do not mind sharing them. Unique formulas, yummy smells smell, cruel philosophies – and reuptake programs – along with sustainable packaging, puts them away from the rest, and it also helps their products to be amazing. In other words, do some space on your #topshelfie for a new audience of up and coming.

If glowing skin is what you're after, Glow Recipe is how to get it. As a hard-wearing K beauty care line developed by two industry veterinarians with over 20 years of experience, they only use the most qualitative ingredients in their highly sought after products. They also received three offers when they appeared on Shark Tank before they started, but declined everything and kept Glow Recipe self-financed until this day.

And giving back is high on the list of worthy reasons as well. Most recently they cooperated with charity Water on a social campaign to provide a Madagascar community with clean and safe drinking water. So yes, they do the most. They also do most of our skin, with best selling Watermelon Glowjelly Sheet Mask, $ 8, (which had a waiting list of over 8000 people at the launch and sold over seven times!) And new Avokadosmältsömmaske, $ 45. We are connected and you will be.

There are some addictive scents that you only encounter by chance in life, and Kai happens to be one of the most enticing. So much, they developed a whole skin care area around just this fragrance. An intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in exotic white flowers is what celebrities, supermodels and beauty editors (in the vet) are attracted to, but the real bonus is that it smells different to each individual. So you actually feel like you have a unique secret scent. In addition to its first Eau de Parfum, $ 76, Kai is also available in lotions, body tubes, rollerball oils and much more, and they just released a Kai * pink collection. Time to get involved

How is this a success story? At the age of 16, Isabella Löwengrip decided to start a Swedish skin care line based on consumer demand (as she decided to by the Instagram audience and her blog, which has a lot of 1.5 million readers!) And since then become one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the Nordic region. Fast-paced until this year, when she was only named Sweden's most powerful business woman from 2018. And her ever-growing collection – which already contains a lot of facial strains, serum, masks and dimmes – now has solutions for hair and body (like intimate care and self- , $ 41).

Before a brand becomes a commonly used household name, it must start somewhere, and young people to the people are just about to blow up. This "skin care for all" companies do not play dirty (AKA-mess with toxins), they are driven by scientific knowledge and superfoods (we speak greenery, spinach, green tea … all good things) and their simple and efficient product range has everything you need to get a flawless face forward. Our faves include Superfood Cleanser, $ 36, Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil, $ 44, and Superfood Firm and Brighten Serum, $ 62.

Magic is how we would describe herbivores in one word. What started as a good idea in a kitchen (as most success stories from India often do) have become a serious buzz-worthy phenomenon and it's just a matter of time before Herbivore reaches the iconic status of the beauty world. Gorg packing and active and raw natural ingredients are at the forefront of its mission list (think French Pink Clay for Brazilian Gemstones) and hero products like their Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil, $ 48, Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment, $ 58 and Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish, $ 44, must be filled in. So grab whenever you can.