5 NEW wonderful shades of melted shadows

Huda Beauty matte and metal melt shadows

I am so happy to show you the new nuances this spring Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows Collection! These are literally the easiest way to make eye shadow and a complete game changer, whether you are a makeup professional or a beauty beginner When we created this product, we really wanted it to be your key tool that would allow you to be more creative and have fun without rules.

These five new shades are so dope and so sexy. They are basically colors for me in our first and second drops we created some really bold colors and these are more muted, essential shades that are perfect for every day. I also love that the skimmer formulas mean you can absorb glam by creating a cut or dramatic look, literally in seconds it's crazy how easy these are to use.

Our double ended melted shadows have a killer, highly pigmented matte shade at one end and a fantastic metal shimmer at the other end. I love making these makeup on the road so fast and easy, so you can create Insta-worthy looks in minutes.

This formula lasts all day (literally), and it's so easy to use that you can apply it wherever you want; in a penthouse or while you are at work. Mix it up or build it up to give you as tough a look as you are.

The new melted shadows:

Huda Beauty matte and metal melt shadows

When we created this collection, I was inspired by & # 39; glitterati & # 39; and the decadent lifestyle of It-girls and the Insta-glam squad. So I wanted the names to be playful and sexy and represent the exotic scenes, cool drinks, glamorous clothes and the extravagance of glitterati. Our five new shades are absolute staples, and they are perfect during the colder months, with hot and spicy copper shades, plums and icy purple and cashmere taupe.

Request row & slow jam – Put on the songs and have fun with this beautiful cool toned, light pink shade that plays so well with this cool, bronze, rose gold shimmer.

Revealed: 5 NEW wonderful shades of melted shadows

French Lace & Diamond Drip – Perfect for the trend of 2020, this dusty pastel lavender shade with pink undertones makes the perfect statement. The beautiful mat is perfectly balanced with a purple shimmer that glows with iridescent glitter.

Revealed: 5 NEW wonderful shades of melted shadows

About $ Robe & Penthouse Suite – Stay in and dial it up with this smoky, olive-taupe hue that is super sophisticated, and glam it up with this sexy cool-toned antique gold shimmer.

Revealed: 5 NEW wonderful shades of melted shadows

Cinnamon Toast & Hella Honey – This warm spicy brown mat is an essential hue and dives like crazy when it's side by side with this fiery, burnt copper skimmer with warm gold tinsel.

Revealed: 5 NEW wonderful shades of melted shadows

V.I.Pink & Million Dollar Deals – This sexy plum rose with warm pink undertones will make you feel like the ultimate boss. Paired with a warm berry shimmer with silver and magenta tinsel, this is a tough combo.

Revealed: 5 NEW wonderful shades of melted shadows

All you need to know about the melted shadows and how easy to use them are:


Whether you're running around making million dollar deals, partying in French lace or relaxing in your cashmere skirt, we wanted these formulas to last through everything!

The Matte Shadow: The matte formula is saturated in pigment, so you can quickly apply it for instant drama, or you can easily blend with your finger or brush. The formula dries to a waterproof, powdery finish, which has oil-absorbing properties so it stays in place without fading or wrinkling for 12 hours! The Doe-foot applicator makes the application simple, while it also has a defined edge so you can use it as a lining as well.

Tip: You only need to use a small piece of product because it is super pigmented (3 dots on the lid) and then blend it with your finger or brush immediately.

The Metal Shadow: A sparkling formula with a quick-drying finish so you can apply and go in seconds. The small brush-like applicator makes it super easy to get creative, whether you want to make a quick tinsel, paint the lid like a pro, create a cut in seconds or get creative with graphic tinsel – the options are endless.

Tip: The gloss is intense and it dries quickly, so I like to add a small amount to the lid and then quickly mix it with a small brush over my lid. Wipe the excess off the brush for a tinsel liner and slide it along where you want to add drama.

Shop the entire collection of melted shadows here or check out all our application tips for melted shadows here. Let us know your nice new color combo in the comments below and check out the first two drops of melted shadows here.