6 Great features at Owlet Cam

The brand new Owlet Cam gives you the opportunity to hear, talk to and see your baby from anywhere! Owlet Cams smallest and versatile design is designed for parents who want flexibility, in almost any space. Its magnetic base gives parents the opportunity to put it anywhere and easily adjust it so you always see your baby.

Features at Owlet Cam

Owlet Cam allows parents to see important details about their baby during the day and night. Check out some of the many features that Owlet Cam has to offer below:

HD Video

Stream HD 1080p video from anywhere through Owlet App on your smartphone.

background noise

Sound from your child's room plays in the background while using the phone for other tasks.

Secure encrypted WiFi

Only those you choose can stream images from your monitor's secure connection.

Two way sound

Talk to and calm your child from anywhere without having to enter his room.

Room temperature sensor

Check the temperature of your child's room through the Owlet App so you can be sure that the child's room is not too hot or too cold.

Integrates with Owlet Smart Sock

Connect with Smart Sock for detailed health insight! You will be able to track your child's heart rate and oxygen levels while running video and audio to your phone. Read more about Owlet Smart Sock + Cam-bundled here.

With Owlet Cam you can rest easy at night so you can be a parent your baby deserves during the day.

* Keep in mind that Owlet Cam itself does not track your child's heart rate and oxygen levels. When paired with Owlet Smart Sock, parents will be able to see their children's heart rate and oxygen levels while saving live video.