6 new pharmacy products for glowing skin and makeup-free makeup

new pharmacy products

There is nothing like the thrill of shopping for new ones beauty products. No matter how crowded our top shelves, cosmetic bags and bathroom drawers can be, there is always room for another must. However, shooting is not as realistic – or smart – to keep this addictive habit.

Just because we love self-care and pretty makeup, doesn't mean we want to go away to get a villain after the next, mmmkay?

That's why we love some pharmacy papers. Cheap as in: We can stock up on products and still have money left. Not cheap as in quality. On the contrary, these affordable bargains are just as performance-driven and impressive as their expensive companions, just not so, well, expensive.

See, the beauty products of the pharmacy that we are obsessed with right now:


Beauty bloggers are surprised by L'Oréal's new serum that packs a major anti-aging punch. With 10% pure glycolic acid, there is no skin problem that this small vial cannot handle. Dark spots? Bye. Wrinkles and fine lines creep “where shouldn't they be? Away, gurl. So will your skin structure, lighten your tone and make your treasures for you. JK at the last, but seriously … that's fine. In addition, it is formulated with soothing aloe, so it is non-irritating, despite its high concentration of alpha-hydroxy acids.

glowing ground

Flawless coverage plus the highest level of sun protection? Now you speak our beauty love language. Maybelline really nailed it this summer with this hybrid foundation that cakes, comes in 16 super-saturated shades and still images feel light – not heavy AF on the face. Check out our full review of this one.


Green tea is the gift of skincare ingredient that continues to give, when it comes to updating a thirsty face – and reducing inflammation. This oil-free mist is loaded with it, along with vitamin B, so you can take care of yourself in the air (it's TSA-friendly), or just when you're feeling a little dry. It also helps to calm acne puffs and can be used under or over makeup.

The weekends are coming and that means one thing: Turn on the sparkle. Everything that glitters is fine by us, whether it's gold – or hot pink. Drag these diamond-esque, metallic lipsticks over your fave lipstick for an iridescent effect that is always particles.

This new vegan and cruelty-free toner from Bliss is part of CVS's Clean Beauty Initiative, which means it's empty for parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde donors. And it gives more room for the good stuff: celestial watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid to strengthen your moisture barrier, witch hazel to soothe stressed skin and bark bark to claw back at enlarged pores. Ideal for morning and night, it leaves you up to date and helps absorb excess oil.

Weather sweaters require campfire vibes and lip balm to follow. Eos' roasted marshmallow flavor smells divine and is super creamy on your belly thanks to nourishing cocoa butter. For a super glowy look, dip the conditioner on top of your cheekbones.