6 ways to help the baby sleep all night

Sleep is such a big subject for new parents, who quite often try to survive on very little of it. I know I'm trying to do all I can to encourage my boys to sleep well all night, but it's important to remember that sleep can be interrupted for various reasons. There may be things like dental care, unhealthyness or even developmental milestones. This is one of the reasons why each child and their sleep patterns will be different. When my firstborn, Harrison, slept all night when he was four months old, I definitely found a shock to the system when my second son started waking up every hour, but fortunately this phase did not last long.

Here are six things you can do to help your baby sleep all night:

Create a consistent evening routine

Help your little one know what to expect when it comes to bedtime. We try to hold on at the same time in the evening to take a bath, followed by a drink of milk, a bedtime story, lots of hugs and then it's time to sleep.

Have a relaxing hot bath as part of their routine

Products like ASDA Little Angels Bedtime Bath have relaxing lavender and chamomile smells to help your little one to unwind.

Boil for a cozy story time

This helps your baby to relax before bedtime, helps to develop a love of reading and is the perfect excuse for a little snuggle.

Put your baby in a diaper that will be running through the night

Diapers with & # 39; + & # 39; according to their size means they are extra absorbent, so it is perfect to use during the night.

Give them a security object to help with separation anxiety

First, it can help if this has a familiar smell, so try to sleep with a muslin or a little teddy before giving it to your child to comfort them.

Let your child try and settle to sleep before they intervene

If you put them in bed when they are tired but not quite the sleep, they should learn to take care of them if they wake up during the night.

Watch this video to see some of my best tips for getting the baby to sleep all night. I hope you have a good night's sleep soon.

Do you have a favorite tip I do not have? Let us know in the comments below.

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