7 facts about bras that everyone should know

When we hear the word "bra", some of us just picture two cups that are attached with a string on the back, while some only consider it as a garment (which is true, though). Bras are so integrated into our everyday lives that we wear them day in and day out! And without a doubt, the main purpose of a bra is to give you lift and support. But gone are the days when it was just that. Now bras are definitely much more than just being an underwear. Some styles are designed to be shown to the world, while some can be teamed with your jacket or an open-front shirt for the elegant look. Available in different shapes and sizes, bra for women are also available in various types, including wireless, push-up, lace, copper, drawbacks, demis, balcony, strapless, convertible and many more. You probably just can't wait to get that voguish polka dot print bra, but there's a lot of information you don't know about this lingerie.

There are stories and unknown facts about everything, and bras are no different; even they have their story! Listed below are seven facts about brassierias that we bet you didn't know before:

1st After 15 years of empirical research, a French sports scientist named Jean-Denis Rouillon discovered that women who do not wear bras tend to have perky breasts on average. The researcher from the University of Besançon also found that compared to regular bra-wearers, those who became braless in nipples averaged 7 mm higher in relation to their shoulders. So go on your bras, ladies!

Source: Clovia.com.

2nd Like all other clothes, your bra needs to be treated with special care. Yes, you heard it right! So now that you know this, do not wash the nice and cute brassiere with the rest of your clothes. Wash them in a shorter spin cycle with less rubbing and make sure they are simply air-dried in the shade. That way, your bra won't lose its elasticity for a while.

3rd Your bra size can be changed. Wait what? And you thought you knew your bra. Tsk tsk, ladies! In 2013, a study was conducted that showed that women's bra size in the United States had, on average, increased from 34B to 34DD in just two decades. Who actually knew that bra sizes could be so complex? I didn't, and I'm sure you didn't either!

4th Today, women tend to choose bra according to cup size, whether it is A, B, C or D. But you will be surprised to know that it was not the same before. These cup sizes were introduced in 1937. But before that, these cups had nicknames such as challenge cup, coffee cup, egg cup and tea cup. Sounds funny, right?

Source: Clovia.com.

5th Ladies, your bra comes with an expiration date. I know, I know, that shopping bra can be really annoying, and you would love to keep the hot pink colored chika bra for a long time. But you just can't! Although you simply can't find the expiration date written on your bra or can be sewn on the fabric, they have one. They are not like your cool, blue-colored jeans that tend to get better over time. If you want them to last at least a year, give them a day off in between (don't we all need a relaxing weekend as well?). This avoids stretching of the fabric, thereby increasing the service life. Wash and store them carefully. But when you feel that your bra is not providing good support, understand that you have to hit the store!

6th Who doesn't like to have a wardrobe full of different dresses? But girls, your favorite bra might not be the right choice for the sexy LBD. The dress's neckline, fabric, back and color decide which bra suits you best. As if things weren't complicated enough! Different bras are designed for different shapes, so you have to choose bra that gives you a perfect fit, apart from going perfectly with your chic bodycon or cute t-shirt dress. Bra that offers full coverage will surely hold everything in place, but a balcony bra will surely give you a full, round shape.

Source: Clovia.com.

7th When we say sports bra, the main thing that comes to mind is that it is used in high-intensity workouts, low-intensity activities like yoga or when playing various sports, such as volleyball and football. But you may not know that there is a $ 1,000 sports bra that uses heat sensors to detect breast cancer symptoms six years earlier than a mammogram. Interesting, isn't it?

Now that you are aware of these small, fun secrets about your humble brassiere, make sure you use this information to actually help yourself find the best product for a better fit and unmatched style. Of course, our sweet and elegant bras never fail to surprise – just like your much-loved bosoms!

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