7 Highlighter Tips That Will Change Your Face Completely

If there is a beauty mantra we live by it is there is no such thing as too much marker. In fact, we do not limit the spotlight to our cheekbones, we use it everywhere from our lips to our eyes to our body. It's our not-so-secret weapon, and when applied strategically, the highlighter can completely transform your face while enhancing your glow game. Here are our pro highlighter tips and hacks:

Tip 1. Create different markers and textures

Before we get into the professional tips, we will cover the basics: tones and textures. There are three common structures; cream, powder and liquid markers, all of which give a slightly different finish. Cream and liquid markers often have a softer, more natural finish compared to a powder, which tends to be more dramatic. To strongly poppin highlighter, first use a cream or liquid highlighter, then top it with a highlighter powder on top with a fan brush.

When choosing a lighter shade, choose one that is about two to four shades lighter than your foundation. If you have a nice complexion, the color tones look super pretty and for the olive and deeper skin tones the golden and bronze shades look divine. Our Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Collection offers a fluted highlighter for every skin tone: pink sand beaches for light to medium skin tones, golden sand beaches for medium and tanned skin tones, and bronze sand for tanned to rich skin tones.

Tip 2. Mix the spark plug in your foundation

To take your foundation from a matte to dewy finish, blend in a little cream or liquid highlighter – it makes your skin look so radiant, we're obsessed! Apply a few drops of liquid highlighter or cream to a blend palette – or to the back of your hand, and then blend in with your foundation. Once it has completely blended, apply your foundation as usual. We love using L'Oreal Glow Amour Glow Boosting Drops, $ 15; they leave your skin looking soooo glowy!

Tip 3. Use the cursor to make your eyes look bigger

To immediately make your eye look bigger and more alert, apply a light marker powder to the inner corners of the eyes to open them. You can also put a little on the middle of the lid to make your eyes run. Finally, apply the highlighter pen to the brow bone, directly under the tail of the eyebrows to create the illusion of a raised brow.

Tip 4. Make your own marker powder

Why set your makeup with a regular setting powder, when you can customize your own to give yourself a big glow-up? By taking a small amount of shimmer powder like L'Oréal Shimmerista Highlighting Powder, $ 15 and combining it with some loose setting powder, you create the ultimate glowing setting powder. Mix the powders in the lid and then dust your new formula over the face to set your foundation as you would normally do. Be careful with this shimmer, as a little goes a long way.

Tip 5. Combine your highlighter and setting spray

One of our fave notches all the time is to combine the beauty of spark plugs and setting spray. The end result? Your skin has an amazing glow that stays in place all day. Start by spraying a generous amount of setting spray on a beauty mixer and then dipping a cream spark plug. Soak the infused mixer all over your face, start with the areas you usually want to highlight and then press the excess to lock in your look and add a dewy glow everywhere. Our go-to products for this are our Resting Boss Face Setting Spray and the cream spark plug from our 3D Highlighter palettes.

Tip 6. Use the highlighter pen on your Cupid's bow

By adding a little shimmer to your Cupid's arch (the upper center of your lips) you create a subtle lift and make them look fuller. We love to use a champagne-toned highlighter and apply it with our fingers or a small brush along the cupid's bow. You can also add a little in the middle of the lower lip to make it look fuller.

Tip 7. Use the highlighter pen all over your body

When we said we were not limiting, we were not exaggerating. We apply markers all over the body! Daily we dust a little on the shoulders and decolletage to achieve the sun-kissed glow. But for full glam, we sometimes mix a small amount of liquid bottle or powder in our body lotion. We are so obsessed with this notch that we created the ultimate all-highlighter for our body, our Huda Beauty NYMPH, $ 49, it creates a crazy glow that blurs flaws and adds a fantastic, sun-kissed shade to the skin, and it is available in three shades.

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