7 Sincere beautiful Glitter looks perfect for your holiday

About Halloween is a girl once a year can dress like Regina George does on Halloween and nobody can say anything about it, then the holidays are the same as glitter. During the festive season we think it's acceptable to bathe in glitter, let's be real, nothing more than a glittering red lip shakes, especially when you're under the mistletoe. To make you look as festive as you know, here are some great glitter inspo you need to recreate. These looks are to-die for …

Is there anything more festive than a glossy gold glitter cover? We do not believe. We love this bronzed goddess vibe! We would handle it with a ton of highlighter, and of course a red lip.

We know that the view to slaying a glitter lip can be a bit scary but we promise it will put your smile on fire!

How: For the perfect glitter lip, start applying a matte base color so that glitter glue can stick to it, like Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes, $ 20. To make sure it does not fall out, dust around the lips outline with some clear powder. Then gently apply a thin layer of glitter glue with a flat, angled brush (our favlim is NYX Professionals Makeup Glitter Prime, $ 7), then gently press the glitter on the top. Pour away the excess transparent powder and finish with a setting spray (mouth closed!). If full blend is too much, then we have the perfect fuss for you with our new Huda Beauty Metallic Power Bullet Collection, which gives the illusion of pure glitter without touch or gritty feeling – you're welcome!

If you want to embrace a more grown glitter look, this atmosphere is perfect. The combination of brown and gold shimmers is so rich and warm, making it an ideal look for your office party.

Why limit your glitter location to your eyelids when you can add a touch (or much) spark to your pout as well. In some way this look works perfectly; It still looks sophisticated than sassy AF. We screen this for our NEW lookbook state! Occasion, NYE is the name of our wonderful red Metallic Power Bullet Lipstick, $ 20!

We are so obsessed with this look, the thick glitter adds some big couture vibes to this smoky eye!

This stacked glitter line look gives us great ice queen vibes. We love the storage effect that adds to drama drama.

This smoky eye is sexy AF. The intense black shadow creates such a wonderful contrast to the glitter. Another potential look at NYE, for sure.

Let us know what favor you see in the comments below.