7 things you need to help your child through cold and flu season

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When the cold weather continues and news reports claim that we are looking for a long white winter circulates online, it also means that the winter germ continues to fly left, right and center.

Although things such as breastfeeding and keeping your child's vitamin intake can help fight some nasty bugs, the cold and the flu are often inevitable.

Medication is not always necessary, but there are some products that can help relieve your child's discomfort whenever they need it most. Talk to your pharmacist to check if it is good to use these with any medicines your child takes or if they are appropriate for your child's symptoms and make sure you read the labels and follow the instructions:

Olbas oil for children

When all your children need to rest and sleep, but their blocked nose prevents them from getting something, olive oil can help your little one to breathe more easily. Suitable for infants over three months, Olbas oil for children releases natural vapors that work to relieve blocked noses.

Calpol Steam plug and night lamp

Another product for overload tonight is Calpol Vapor Plug which also serves as a night light. The plug is easy to use and when you have completed the plug for the plug, more can be purchased separately to plug in.

Snufflebabe Vapor Rub

Snufflebabe inhalation vapor can help you call your child with soothing oils. The ingredients are mild enough to use on your baby, but you may find that they are surprisingly effective.

Premium Nasal Aspirator

When your baby is full of cold, most unpleasant symptoms are caused by the build up of mucus. By using a mild nasal aspirator to remove the blockage, you can relieve some of the discomfort for a short period of time. Although it is not the nicest job and worth it if it helps to relieve your child's pain.

Calpol Saline Nasal Spray

If you are looking for as many alternative products as possible to help the child to cool, try a nasal spray designed to loosen your child's mucus, which means that it can not be blocked and cleansed.

Kleenex Balsam Pocket Packs

Tissues! It may seem that of course, but choosing a soft tissue to save your child's sensitive skin from getting dry and irritated is very important.

JOLIFILE Mini Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

When your baby is ill, the addition of moisture to the air can help if they have dry sinuses that can be caused by dry indoor air. This mini Jolifile dim humidifier is not only practical, it's also perfect for your child's room and has seven byte lights to suit your mood.

What do you do for a product when your child has a cold or flu? Tell us in the comments below!

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