8 baby accessories I couldn't live without

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Robyn is my second sweetheart, and to be honest I am much more interested in making life easier this time and a little less inclined to think about things than I was with Denis.

It works? Let's go with it.

She is happy and I am, so hopefully we will not go too far wrong.

The difference with your other child is that you make all the small child traces with another child on the stage, who was already full time before their siblings were born. At least my son was Denis; he was two and a half when his sister was born. So, everything that makes things a little easier is good with me, as long as it's not bad for anyone obvious.

When Denis was small, I was much more concerned because I had no idea what I was doing. Now I have a little more of a clue about what is useful and the large amounts of accessories that simply become messy. I have also discovered some new baby accessories this time (see sleep pod!) Which has proven a worship service. I used to think that video monitors were way over the top, but now I can't believe I ever did without them.

Here are eight things that make my life with Robyn (and Denis) just a teeny bit easier.

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