8 best acne patches that cure pimples overnight

Now that everyone and their grandmother are obsessed with sheetworms, another K beauty novelty pops up everywhere: acne patches. Instead of pop and pick your spots, hit a pimple patch on top of it. Unlike spot treatments, stickers do not leave your skin dry and spotted. Most are small circular hydrocolloid bandages, which means they absorb fluid from the strain, explains Debra Jaliman, a government dermatologist and assistant professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City. You know it works because you can see the process happening. The clear patch turns white and expands. After a few hours (or a night's sleep), peel off it and the skin where your sitting is once flat and become reddish-free. Acne stickers also have the added benefit of blocking you from picking your pimples, says Elizabeth Tanzi, founder and head of Capital Laser & Skin Care and associate clinical professor at the Department of Dermatology at the George Washington University Medical Center. (Personally, I am grateful for the benefit of them alone.) This is the key to "picking a pimple increases the inflammation and can slow down the healing process," adds Tanzi. The risk of scarring and infection also increases. With all this in mind, I rounded some of my personal favorite acne patches.