A mother’s gift for the upcoming baby, so warm heart!

1 A mother's gift for the baby to be born, warmhearted!

Remember to see before A report in Finland, when every baby is still in the mother’s stomach, will receive the first gift from the government.

This large cartons filled with newborn products are called Maternity Box. There are basic clothes for small babies from birth to 1 year old, from quilt clothes to diaper bibs to thermometers and nail clippers. The clothes also take into account the children grow fast, and the same paragraph is prepared with different numbers. Very thoughtful. In addition, there are small toys, game books, and condoms and lubricants for parents. It can be said that all aspects of family needs after production are envisaged.

After finishing these, share the first gift of the life of the parents who are ready to be born to their parents!

The most literary gift–a mother’s poem “You are my spring”

Before the spring breeze

I know, autumn You are brewing how to meet

You are full of strength

You are full of hope

Gently stretch your fingers like spring sun yang


Can you imagine?

How to surprise your parents

My angel,

I am ready for you

Pulling out the prelude to life for you

I boiled a pot of hot pot

Wait for you, slowly understand the joy of the world

Our life is like a boiling hot pot.

And this shop is also the first gift I gave you

I hope that you will stand in the spring.

Look at the plaque of Chengda’s small hot pot

You can see the way your parents come.

You can see your future direction

I can think of this late autumn season

The eyes we longed for

It’s like expecting that the flowers of the treetops suddenly open up

and baby,

You are my spring

The most real gift – the longest for your baby Life lock, gold lock silver lock (remind that when you wear gold and silver jewelry for newborns, you should pay attention to whether your baby has skin allergies and size problems, so as not to cause unnecessary harm)

Most heart Gifts – hand-sew your baby’s clothes, shoes, hats, quilts, etc.

The most important gift – the books that parents read when they were young

The warmest heart Gifts – a photo of a baby’s birth and Ma Ma

The most insured gift – child care fund and baby insurance

The most nostalgic gift – the clothes that parents wear when they are born ( Remember to sterilize)

The most popular gift – baby birth commemorative photos, hand touch, foot model, fetal brush, etc.

The most wonderful gift – the scientist dadby gave the newborn Gifts, microbial bacteria

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