"Active" Skin Care: The Fitness-Inspired Trend

Sometimes you do not even know that you have a problem until the advertising world says it.

At the moment, terms like "high performance" and "athletic-appropriate" and "sweat-proof" on makeup and skin care products express everywhere.

The development definitely points to the fact that we as a society are more interested than ever to keep us in shape.

Aware of the dangers of modern sedentary lifestyle, we meet gym and try new training type.

But do these products solve a real problem, or just capitalize on a new marketing strategy?

Do we really need specialized ingredients and new makeup products just for training?

And, as a side note, are we actually more active, or just more enamored / bombarded with all #fitspo on Instagram?

I recently became curious and decided to do some excavation.

It turns out that it's not a simple answer to any of these questions … it's a bit of a mix!

Determined to get it sorted, but I have summarized the best information available.

Here's my quick guide to "active" skin care, so you can judge yourself if the latest products are right for you.

What is active skin care?

Lots of brands now develop new lines of skin care products for active women.

They are designed to be suitable for use before, during and / or after exercise.

The market behind the products indicates that they are intended to be thrown in your gym bag, while some even claim that they have "training-specific" formulas.

Hmm. It sounds a little fishy, ​​but I'm determined to keep an open mind.

After all, sweat-resistant and waterproof sound is a good thing for me, depending on the ingredients used to achieve these requirements.

Some of the brands that have jumped on the trend early?

Pretty Athletic sells "skin care products for active women".

(Let me tell you, what children's kids qualify for that time every day. But I do not think that's what they mean.)

They have introduced a series of five products named "Workout Glow."

Fairy. has a new active collection including "Post Workout Mist" and Clinique has introduced "Clinique Fit."

Thankfully, the thought seems less about looking glamorous in a gym sesh, and more about convenience and versatility.

Companies offer dust and cloths to help you remove makeup before or freshen after sweat.

Plus, waterproof mascara and exercise mop with SPF that you can wear before and during exercise, including other products.

Whats happening here?

The latest fitness crazy has converged synergistically with the emergence of Instagram.

Some say it really started 10 years ago when SoulCycle came on stage and made training and social and fun.

We definitely see a merger of fitness with social status here, with fitness influences that build huge impact on social media.

So, makeup brands are just riding the wake of a temporary fitness boom?

It's more than what I suspect.

Our concept of beauty as a culture is constantly evolving, and we now see a welcome change away from the glamor-shot style, perfect composite look and healthy skin with emphasis on well-being.

To be clear, the pressure is still some pressure, and a new beauty standard is still a standard.

But this celebration of self-care and residence activity in some way feels more in line with the authoritative messages we can get behind right now.

I suspect that beauty brands want to talk to us in a language we receive, and some of these products promote a streamlined makeup routine that actually fits on the move.

Of course, big brands will go where the money is and says that we will "go hard and glow hard" still feel a little demanding.

I do not know about you, but my #sweatyselfies will not make the cover Vogue anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the term "Athleisure" is mostly a market knowledge category, but for beauty businesses, it plays big nails in revenue.

As an industry, the Athleisure category commands around $ 97 billion in annual sales.

When Sephora took on the small brand Sweat Cosmetics a few years ago, customers responded, and that brand's monthly income increased rapidly by 560%.

New training-friendly products on the market

As I mentioned, Clinique Clinique Fit, and, e. has its active collection.

SportFX also has a range of exercise-specific creams and gels.

In addition to smaller brands Pretty Athletic and Sweat Cosmetics, new products appear in this category daily.

Here are some wide groups of products that you will find available:

  • Hydrating sticks and fog – These products take into account the risk of overheating because of daily exercise and let you rehydrate after exercise. They also help cool and calm redness and get ready to return outside the world.
  • Cosmetic wipes – These provide a quick and easy way to remove makeup, bacteria and oil from your skin before exercising. Important is that they try to keep your pores free and untouched when you work with a sweat, plus remove the risk of soreness or discomfort of makeup that goes into your eyes.
  • Sweatproof makeup – You have so much to choose from here and start with matt foundations that are designed to absorb sweat and oil as you exercise and move on to toned moisturizers, waterproof mascara and eyeliners. The good news is that much of the makeup that is meant to be worn while exercising (more on it below) includes SPF protection to move around in the outdoors and many companies keep it oil resistant.
  • cooling Worms "Reducing redness is the name of the game after training and many companies have introduced cool gels and masks to do just that. Not surprisingly, cucumber, aloe vera and thyme are popular ingredients. SportFx also has a cooldown primer and restores gel that calms and provides a makeup base in one. I also recommend iS clinical hydra-intensive cooling mask after your sweaty sesh!

  • After training powder – For wear after training, a word that comes up a lot is "mattifying". Clinique has a contemplated moisturizing moisturizer cream, but the one I can not recommend because it contains butylene glycol, a petroleum product and polypropylene, a plastic. You'll find neutralizing facial powder in this category that contains polypropylene, so I'm basically not a fan. But one that I recommend is Youngblood Anti-Shine Mattifier Oil Control Solution!

Sweat can be a double-edged sword

From a skin care point, sweat is definitely not that bad.

It flush toxins out of the skin, which is a good thing.

The problem arises when makeup and dirt already exist on the skin, everything is mixed with sweat and then sits on your face. Break-out City!

Add the increase in the surface value from your body warming, and you have basically created the perfect environment for bacteria to proliferate.

It's just what's going on.

So many of my clients have experienced terrible breakouts just after deciding to spend more time in the gym.

The guilty one?

Do not properly prevent the skin.

This is where make-up cloths with gently natural ingredients can be great if you're on the fly.

If you know you are in an intensive workout, clean makeup and clean carefully without using hard surface active agents to prepare your skin.

Personally, I love these Mirabella Wipe away Makeup Remover Wipes.

This way you can sweat work with the magic and carry toxins to the surface where you will be careful to rinse them after exercise.

Then you have many products to choose from to update and help the skin to recover.

Are these products right for your skin?

You must take each product individually and look at the ingredient list to know if they are right for you.

Some broad generalities I can do:

  • Be careful with products that promote health and fitness on the surface but have bad ingredients like parabens. You would be surprised.
  • Do not overdo it. Overall, if you keep it simple and use natural ingredients before, during and after the gym or a run, your skin will thank you.
  • do not forget sun block and hydration.

This is one of the things I see from some brands that promote active cosmetics that I really like … the emphasis on protecting the skin from the elements and gently cleaning so that the skin is not removed by its natural protection.

A big concern about this trend is that customers who have added daily exercise (large) clean up more often than usual (not good).

For sensitive skin, this spells for any kind of problem.

While they need to remove sweat and makeup, they must also leave the skin rest.

A solution to that problem? Training in the morning before makeup.

If you have sensitive skin prone to irritation, this is your best bet to keep you from bombing the skin with too much activity every day.

More advice on exercise-clear skin

Let me share this advice into two categories in the realities of life like a busy woman … ideal advice and advice from reality.

In the ideal world:

Make way for sweat to do its proper job and keep your skin clean after exercise.

As I said, it's the best way to avoid breakouts because you will keep your pores in order.

Before using calming natural ingredients, keep it light.

Soft detergents are best here, like mine Foaming pumpkin cleanser, and light serum with nutrients and antioxidants will serve you well.

For a light cover before you go out, BB creams without oil and with SPF are a viable alternative as long as you apply it to clean, exfoliated skin so that clogged pores are unlikely to be a problem.

After your exercise, apply soothing rosewater or other light fog and pat the skin dry to remove perspiration.

In the real world:

Maybe your gym is full of hot guys and it's a day when you need more than a light protection to experience your best.

Perhaps you're stuck on a workout and have to rush the door to the next meeting.

Perhaps you only feel better with a full face on makeup. It is okay!

In any event, use the water-based foundations and sweat-proof other products available.

The key here is to keep the make-up out of the eyes and keep the pores as clear as possible.

Blinc Mascara is a personal favor of me.

Use natural ingredients in advance and calming mouths after helping reduce redness and refreshment.

Just go as minimal as possible while you're comfortable.

And if you're going to shower and reuse makeup after training on the usual, keep your skin moist and choose products heavy on vitamins.

Consider adding a restoring serum to your night routine to help the skin recover.

Final thoughts

I think we all get the marketing message loud and clear – sporty is the new sexy, right?

I know I rarely stop moving during the day, does it count?

I think the more we focus on health and true self-care and the less we focus on social media-induced FOMO, the better.

Are some of these "active skin care lines" going into the image of taking care of ourselves and keeping ourselves aware of our health while we look good?

I think some people do … some help you keep things fast and easy. Some let you achieve a light and fresh coverage and be on your way.

It turns out that "training staff" is not always skin-friendly, but be sure to read the ingredients.

Choose products and influences that promote health over an insurmountable beauty standard, and I think you'll be fine, beauties!

After all, your skin is a natural extension of your overall health and well-being.

Treat yourself well and your skin will show it!

Are you applying skin care products before or after exercise? Have you tried any of these active skin care lines? Let us know in the comments!

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