After 90 years old aunt, is your hair still okay? ‖ College students’ prevention of hair loss

90 After the old aunt, your hair Okay? ‖ College student anti-hair loss guide


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When I washed my hair at home two days ago, I was surprised to find that I had a lot of hair on my towel. My heart suddenly shook and shivered. I quickly turned over the newly purchased conditioner in the supermarket and carefully applied it to my hair.

This has never happened before. My hair is actually okay, I have never been dandruff, and it is very soft. In fact, I rarely use my hair exclusively. But what is the most afraid of a girl with a small amount of hair and a small amount of hair? Hair loss!

So I am looking for information madly, now I want to share the anti-hair loss skills I know.

How do you determine if your hair loss is normal?

What is the cause of hair loss?

Does the soil method such as “Ginger Scalp” circulating on the Internet work?

What behavior can cause hair loss?

What is the correct way to wash your hair?

The anti-off technique is presented to you!

Read together to answer your doubts.
90 After the old aunt, is your hair okay? ‖ College student anti-hair loss guide

1. What is the cause of hair loss?

Some experts pointed out that excessive study and work stress is an important cause of hair loss, but sleeping badly, eating spicyly, and dyeing three bad habits are the main causes of alopecia.

Chengdu Business Daily reporter interviewed Zhang Shu, a doctor in the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, West China Hospital of Sichuan University. Regarding the cause of hair loss, Dr. Zhang gave the following statement:

1 Hair loss is a normal metabolic process

“After encountering hair loss, don’t panic, we Everyone drops 50-100 hairs a day, which is a normal metabolic process.”

——Shu Shu, a dermatologist at West China Hospital, Sichuan University

Normally, hair How much is determined by the number of natural hair follicles. Moreover, the hair follicles are as non-renewable as the eggs, and the hair follicles disappear, and it is impossible to grow longer. Therefore, if more than 100 days fall off for more than two to three months, it means that the hair is out of normal and needs treatment.

Don’t delay, getting medical treatment early is the most sensible choice. When the hair follicle disappears, you can’t regret it.

2 There are three types of hair loss

“Alopecia can be divided into normal alopecia, mechanical alopecia, rest period alopecia, pathological alopecia and so on.

——Zhang Shu, a dermatology doctor at West China Hospital, Sichuan University

3Mechanical alopecia and rest period alopecia can be relieved

” Hair loss is too tight, pull hair caused by force, etc., is a mechanical hair loss, such hair loss generally does not lead to hair density below the normal range; long-term fatigue, stay up all night or mental stress leads to poor rest, resulting in the immune system Hair loss caused by injury is alopecia hair loss.

For such hair loss, you can adjust your mood, improve your work and rest, and eliminate the factors such as staying up late, tired and other hair loss factors.”

——Sichuan Zhang Shu, a dermatology doctor at Huaxi Hospital, University of China

4 pathological alopecia needs treatment

“As for pathological alopecia, androgenetic alopecia is common. It is usually caused by innate factors such as heredity and is irreversible, and can only be relieved by treatment.”

——Skinology of West China Hospital of Sichuan University Doctor Zhang Shu

5How to determine whether he is normal alopecia or pathological alopecia

“The key is to look at the appearance, depending on your actual volume There is no obvious reduction, once you feel the appearance of obvious changes, you should seek medical advice.

Do not try the ‘Ginger smear scalp hair growth’ and other earthwork, ‘Paula stop’, ‘Minodol’ Such as anti-detoxification drugs, absolutely can not be used without authorization!” “At present, the global treatment of hair loss is limited, there is no particularly effective ‘Shenfang’.”

——Department of Dermatology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University Doctor Zhang Shu

6How to protect hair from detachment

Zhang Shu suggested that “the water temperature should not be too high when shampooing, you should gently rub the scalp with your fingertips. The temperature should not be too high when blowing the head, avoid blowing to a certain scalp all the time; when using products such as hair gel, pay attention to its shelf life and avoid direct contact with the scalp;

Watch the head sunscreen in summer (wearing a hat, Hold the umbrella, etc., and pay attention to ventilation; the hair should not be too tight, less scratching the head, less dyed hot. If you have to be hot, you must ask for the medicine to be separated. A little further.”

——Study of dermatology doctor of West China Hospital of Sichuan University
90 After the old aunt, is your hair okay? ‖ College student anti-hair loss guide

2. What kind of behavior Will cause hair loss?

1 pulls the hair

If the hair is too tight, it will cause hair loss and will make the hairline recede. Wow, imagine the street. The flower girl of the head of the Qing dynasty, the picture is too beautiful, I am a little scared. It’s not good to edit the dice, too, not too tight. It is best for the hair to be able to stick without it, so it is necessary to tie it up.

2 Squeeze the hair

The beautiful hat is a must-have item for girls, but don’t wear a too tight hat! The hat is too tight on the scalp, squeezing the hair roots, it is also very easy for you to take off! Take off! Take off! of.

3 improper use of hair dryer

We often choose to blow dry with a hair dryer after washing, then which file do you use? Hot or cool? Gale or breeze? Please choose: Breeze, cool breeze, and blow away from a distance. Too hot will make the hair dry, too much wind will accelerate the loss of hair moisture.

Think about how I used to use it before? After touching the hair dryer, no matter what the three seven twenty-one blows, I have done something, my hair, the owner is sorry for you. Oh, regret it.

4 Sunburn.

In combination with Dr. Zhang Shu said, we will find that it is not good to expose the hair. Usually, the girls go out to wipe the sunscreen and protect the skin. But sometimes you just forget that your hair needs to “stay cool and summer”?

5 days and nights, eat spicy, frequent dyeing.
90 After the old aunt, is your hair okay? ‖ College student anti-hair loss guide

3. How to wash your hair is good for your hair?

1 comb your hair before shampooing

Don’t mess with your hair and knead your hair in the water. Put it in clean water and wash it off to remove some dust.

2 Water temperature: 38°-40° is better

You can debug yourself and find the temperature that suits you, but it is usually 38°-40 ° is more suitable for shampooing. It’s too cold to wash, it’s not too hot.

3 Direction of the hair: Follow the direction of hair growth,

This will not cause the scales to lift up. The epidermis of the hair is made up of many small scales that are called hair scales, which actually act as a protective layer.

4 Now wash your shampoo and apply it to your hair.

The amount of shampoo is usually a dollar coin in your hand. According to the amount and length of the hair, it can increase or decrease by itself. Add water to gently foam until it is applied to the head for cleaning, then rinse off. Remember not to wash the shampoo directly on the head, so it is easy to cause the shampoo concentration in the scalp is too high, and long-term, may form the sequela of abnormal hair loss.

So I probably understand why the amount of hair in my back socket is so small, and I am so excited.

5Do not scratch your scalp with your fingernails and gently massage your scalp with your fingertips

When washing your hair, wash your hair with a circular circle. Massage the scalp on the fingertips to promote blood circulation. Remember not to scratch the scalp with your nails. This action can easily cause scalp injuries. Oily scalp should focus on cleaning hair roots, dry scalp should not be washed for too long, so as not to allow shampoo to contact the scalp for too long.

How long is the shampoo time?

The shampoo stays on the scalp for one to two minutes. For too long, some of the shampoo Chemical ingredients can irritate our hair.

7 Wash the shampoo on your hair with warm water

If it is not clean, there will be residue, which may cause scalp allergies. Too hot water can damage the scalp and cause water loss.

8I recommend the use of conditioner

95 After the old aunt, I have already tasted the bitter fruit that I don’t like to use conditioner, and advise you to be good. Hair care, love yourself.

9 Dry your hair with a towel and let it dry naturally

It’s also a wound with a towel (although I use it every day), it is recommended. The towel is dry and then air-dried. You don’t need a hair dryer to use a hair dryer. It is really necessary to use a hair dryer, as described above: breeze, cool breeze, away from the point.
90 After the old aunt, is your hair okay? ‖ College student anti-hair loss guide

4. Some misunderstandings about hair loss awareness

1 “Washing hair loss every day will cause hair loss”


It is normal to drop some hair when washing your hair. The shampoo itself does not cause the hair to fall more. It just lets the hair that has been ” laid off” leave the scalp.

——This is a comprehensive “China University of Communication Student Association” WeChat

2 “The scalp is too oily, which will lead to hair loss”


The oil from the scalp is derived from the sebaceous glands. The secretory function of the sebaceous glands is mainly controlled by androgens, but it is also affected by the environment, temperature, humidity, etc., and there is no causal relationship with hair loss.

——This is a comprehensive “China University of Communication Student Union” WeChat

3 “Xieding is a man’s patent”

Not .

Men and women will appear to be thankful, but men are more common. The male topping showed the shift of the forehead hairline and the development of the head to the baldness in the later stage; the females mainly showed the hair loss of the head and forehead, and the hairline was not affected.

-This is a comprehensive “China Communication University Student Union” WeChat
90 After the old aunt, is your hair still okay? ‖ College student anti-hair loss guide

5. So you know how to prevent hair loss? ?

Less staying up late, eat less spicy, less dyed perm!

Don’t pull, don’t expose yourself, don’t use your nails!

Wash your hair properly, pay attention to your hair care, or take your diet.

Amitabha, I am compassionate,

Less “making”, early health.

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