After two loud noises! India’s new missile was launched into the air, but it was already a big gap behind China when it was successful.

two After the loud noise! ​​India's new missile was launched, but it was already a big cut behind China when it was successful.

B-05 submarine-launched ballistic missile successfully launched

The countries in South Asia include Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, etc. It is widely believed that among these South Asian countries, India has always been the seat of the boss. A few days ago, the Indian Navy succeeded in making a major event, which is said to make the future of India more unscrupulous in maintaining the hegemony of South Asia. However, things don’t seem so easy.

It is reported that the “two loud bangs” have been uploaded on the domestic “Smugglers” nuclear submarine recently, which means that the Indian Navy successfully tested the B-05 submarine-launched ballistic missiles twice. According to Indian media reports, as an important symbol of the super-military powers in South Asia, after more than 20 developments, India’s first self-developed nuclear-powered submarine-launched ballistic missiles finally formed operational capabilities. Some even commented that India will officially become one of the countries with the ability to strike the Trinity.

According to overseas news, the successful B-05 submarine-launched ballistic missile weighed 10 tons and used a two-stage solid fuel engine. However, its maximum range is only 750 kilometers and the payload of the warhead is only a few hundred kilograms. Prior to this, the Indian Navy also tested it several times, but at the end of 2017, it was reported that the missile failed to be launched underwater and was stuck in the launching barrel. Therefore, the success of this test, the Indian side should also be a big breath.

 After two loud noises! India's new missile was launched, but it was already a big cut behind China when it was successful.

B-05 submarine-launched ballistic missile launch Success

However, the world’s first generation of submarine-launched missiles has a range of 1,000 to 3,000 kilometers, and the range of the Indian B-05 submarine-launched ballistic missile is less than 1,000 kilometers. It’s rare. China’s military commentator Shao Yongling said that the 750-kilometer range is only equivalent to an entry-level submarine-launched missile. The Indian missile is far from the existing submarine-launched missiles in the world. After all, submarine-launched missiles can only achieve a certain range to ensure effective strike capability and deterrence.

Only from the perspective of the range, the B-05 submarine-launched ballistic missile can only be used for close-range strikes. At present, the range of submarine-launched missiles in other countries is almost over 5,000 kilometers, and some even exceed 10,000 kilometers. The range of the “Julang-1” submarine-launched missile that came out in China in 1988 was two or three times that of the B-05 submarine-launched ballistic missile. Moreover, once the launch fails, the missile will have an impact on the stealth performance of the submarine. It can be said that the submarine-launched missile with a range of 750 kilometers is of little value in actual combat.

Besides, because the B-05 submarine-launched ballistic missile has only one ton of warhead, the inside does not contain a ton of explosives, which means that the payload is only a few hundred kilograms, placed on the ground. There is no ability to destroy a few tens of acres of land, so the power is very limited, at best, it is an entry-level weapon.

 After two loud noises! India’s new missile was launched, but it was already a big cut behind China when it was successful. “inline=

India test participants after successful test Cheering and celebrating

China’s CCTV recently reported that although it is not an advanced weapon in terms of overall performance, it can indeed make India to a certain extent. “Preemptive strikes,” perhaps because of this test, India will show more military strength in South Asia.

There will even be an active participation in the promotion of the Indian-People strategy, while bargaining with the United States to increase the status of India in India-US relations. India’s “ambition” is indeed not small, but it only depends on the range of 750 kilometers, and it can only run under the eyes of the other side. The position is enough for the submarine to “must die”, but for India’s underwater nuclear deterrent capability. It is indeed a small improvement. ()