Amiri Spring Summer 2020 – AMDMode

It's the morning after Woodstock & # 39; 69. The sun crosses the Catskill Mountains as the final glow in Jimi Hendrix's torchlight Fender Strat floats in the wind, but still fuels the common spirit created over these three crucial days.

The Spring Season 2020 season represents a folkloric correspondence with Woodstock's collective ideals, encompassing a mindset of peace through togetherness, love and a deep connection to the heart of nature. We gather between a palette of earthy tones and pastel skies to pay tribute to the original guitar heroes while igniting a new representative. At one time louche and decadent, the release of Summer of Love echoed the relaxed tailor-made modern stage costumes, where the design is modernized – slender to a high-flare ankle. Crochet technicians speak to crafts, while ornate peace lilies bloom over silk bombers.

From beatnik to bohemian, this sonic journey expands through rich suds, velvet and desert tones. Custom-made jacquard roses trace women's long-line skirts, and silk stitches are created with a unique double weave to create an exquisite tie-dye effect. As sunset pressure informs a sense of optimism and moves along with transcendent psychedelic flowers and starry skies, large duffel bags as well as a range of leather shaft options similar to guitar bodies and string drums are introduced – suggesting a nomadic lifestyle while always feeding your own mantra: rate. Particularly prominent is a patchwork motif that evokes Navajo blankets and symbolic of the global influences that activate the house codes. Love Pearl Necklace conjures up Jim Morrison and romantic sheer kaftans Janis Joplin, along with original hand-brushed images that are approved in collaboration with the Jimi Hendrix farm.

For 50 years, Woodstock is still a constant symbol of countercultural freedom, humility and friendship – values ​​reflected by the Amiri family, whose hard work and kinship make up the brand's backbone.