Anastasia Beverly Hills launches Dipbrow Gel – review with photos

UPDATE (March 10, 2019): Now that Anastasia Beverly Hills' long-awaited Dipbrow Gel is officially available, I couldn't leave you hanging with just the five pieces I originally wrote to let you know about the upcoming launch. A boiler product three years in the job deserves a proper review, and a correct review you will now get.

Ironically, I have never used Anastasia's Dipbrow or the Tinted Gel brand – the two products that essentially merged to create this new formula. I have always been more of a pen person when it comes to my boilers, which I am not entirely unhappy with on their own. They definitely exist; I can even go as far as calling them satisfactory. But some things – that is, photos of my boilers before I force them in the 90s, the thrift of the inner hair and how the foundation somehow always makes them brighter regardless of how carefully I apply it – have made me reach pens to make them see a little fuller and deeper.

Both pomade and toned gel have always scared me, so of course Dipbrow Gel also did. As soon as I saw that it promised the pigmentation of a pomade with the spoolie application of a gel, I thought I would have zero control over the situation and would easily be wrong for Groucho Marx. Anyway, I was a beauty guard, "Anastasia, take the wheel."


Marci Robin / Allure

Of the 11 shades available, I went with Medium Brown. Although my hair is quite dark brown (and a little purple right now), Medium Brown made me the most because of his stylish undertones and my mild skin. I twisted against the tube, I brushed it against my hand and found that the liquid y parts of the formula were separated from the pigment, so I pumped spoolie into the tube a few times to make sure it was sufficiently mixed before it was carefully closing in on the interior part of my left forehead, wearing hair is most sparing.

The instantaneous intensity made me nervous – I'm used to pulling white tips, one at a time. But when I well angled the coil so that it met with my forehead bottom it became easy to fill in glosses. And even when I felt I was going a little too hard, I only had enough time to mix it with a clean brush to make sure it looked exactly how I wanted it before it dried down to its long lasting results. And I didn't even have to go in for more product to darken the rest of my forehead – which I had brushed up to get a better look at each hair – to create an even look.


Marci Robin / Allure

The fact that it got really nice when my hand practically shook with bait tells me that with practice I get even happier with the results – maybe happy enough to even replace my go-to pencil.

Anastasia Dipbrow Gel is now available for $ 18, as well as several other retailers.

This story was originally published on February 16, 2019.

When Anastasia Beverly Hills was launched in the late 1900s, it was first and foremost a pen mark. Founder Anastasia Soare was known for her patented Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Method, and thanks to legendary products such as Dipbrow pomade and Tinted Brow Gel, she probably represented the beauty world's continuing obsession with eyebrows. However, the brand branched out in other types of makeup in 2014, and it has gone so well that Anastasia Beverly Hills has not launched a single boiler product in the last three years, although it is known as the arbiter of boiler beauty. But it is about to change.