Andrea McLean is broken down in tears on Loose Women

It may have been a lightheaded episode of Loose Women yesterday as the panelists celebrated Halloween.

But for Andrea McLean, things took a rather dark turn during a therapy session, which was a pre-recorded segment that broadcast on Wednesday's show.

She exercised some burned regression treatment – a technique used to detect events from your past life. The purpose is to try to detect disturbing things that may affect your health in your present life.

But when Andrea went in for her meeting, she seemed to reveal a very worrying past – which, although she did not consciously remember, reduced her to tears.

When she began to explain where her mind had taken her and what she could see, she described an interesting scene. She said, "Blue sky, sand, sandals, it's very hot. It's like in the Middle East or somewhere.

"No, we are very poor, we keep animals, goats. I'm married, he's very rich, yes."

As Andrea passed on, she discovered a devastating moment in her former life.

She said, "We have no children, help my family, we send money to them and help with the village, build real homes. I have charity – we are building schools, I want to help girls do what I do."

"I'm in America now, I'm in New York, everyone is very smartly dressed and it's 50's. I have little dogs, my husband thinks they're a nuisance but I like them, they're my children."

Then she burst into tears, revealing: "I'm in bed and he's gone and I miss him. He's gone for me and I want to go with him." – Apparently, referring to a dead man.

Back in the studio, Andrea confessed that the therapy had left her "insensitive" – ‚Äč‚Äčeven though she did not fully understand.

"It was much longer that I was untruthful. I've never done anything like that. I'm quite open, what I saw, I do not know – but I felt overwhelming grief talking about this person who was so big person in my life I cried and cried. "

It's no surprise that it was a scary experience for the 49-year-old who just recently married her husband Nick Feeney. The couple knoted at the end of last year, with all her loose women colleagues in attendance.

Later in the ghostly Halloween specialist, the Loose Women ladies discussed what their plans are at an apocalypse.

And according to Andrea, the best place to go should zombies invade us is a golf course – but why are we still not safe!

The panelists were also dressed in their finest Halloween equipment – with Andrea dressed as Morticia Addams, from the Addams family.