Andrea McLean shares heartbreaking news on Loose Women

Andrea McLean left the Loose Women panel and the audience emotional as she shared heartbreaking news lives in the air on Friday.

Opens on the day of the day shows the 49-year-old showed that her beloved dog Jackson had gone a few weeks ago.

She said, "I can not believe it, my dog ​​Jackson died. Well, I did not think I would be upset. It happened a few weeks ago. He was a big part of our life. A dog is a family member. & # 39;

Talking with tears explained mum-of-two what the adorable mutt had had on her life and revealed that he had been "the man of my life."

When she presented her four-legged friend to her husband Nick Feeney – with which she linked her last year – the presenter acknowledged that it had been an important milestone in the couple's relationship.

Explain, she said, "I was with Jackson longer than my ex-husband. Draw your conclusions! When he [Nick] first came to the door, I was like, I hope they continue. "

She continued: "Literally, when Nick entered the door, the time stopped and hearts came out of Jackson's eyes. Barry White played music. He fell in love with him, Jackson followed Nick around. He died in Nick's arms."

After the show, the proud pet parents took Instagram to pay tribute to his loyal companion.
Sharing a delightful video of Jackson and Nick tied together she described the hole his death had left in his heart and family.

"Our home is not the same without him. The veranda is not the same but him, it looks empty." He is so sad and our hearts are broken. "Peace, my wonderful Jackson."

The fans rushed to comment on the post to offer their condolences.

You wrote: "I've just heard that I'm so sorry for your loss. I still miss my Ellie. It was 8 years."

Another added: "I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of Jackson. Our pets have such a special place in our hearts that is hard for everyone to understand and their loss leaves such a big hole. Think about you and your family x & # 39;

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