Apply mask to face every day? And eggs!

The total listening star said that the mask is used to maintain the skin every day, but the professional has to tell that the mask can not be applied every day.

1. You can’t make a mask every day

Over-care, hair follicles and sebaceous glands will become inflamed due to obstruction, causing acne and acne. To know that relying on the mask, it will have a burden on the skin.

Use the mask to apply the face every day?

2, don’t use “sleep mask” for long acne

The sleeping mask is generally semi-bright or perhaps bright gel texture. Suitable for sensitive and oily skin types. The preferred face mask for acne skin, because this type of skin is sensitive, if you want to use a sleeping mask, it is recommended to wash with water after 20 minutes of correction, to prevent blockage and close again to breed acne.

3, the mask should not be too cheap

Although it can’t be judged cheaply, there is no good food, but the best thing in the mask international is too cheap. Don’t touch it, if you don’t fear it, the more you stick to it… Fluorescent agents are not banned in the market, but the ingredients for doing this kind of work have no practical meaning.

Use the mask to apply the face every day?

4, skin care should pay attention to cleaning

The moment is constantly lost, the skin’s keratin is also piled up, not in time When exfoliating, just pay attention to apply moisturizing mask every day. It is like applying a layer of substance to the keratin that has not fallen to make it temporarily smooth. The result of hoarding is that the keratin will be thick and not transparent, and the skin is natural. Will also lose glory and become boring without vitality.

5, the mask can not be used for too long

If the time of applying the mask exceeds the standard, it will cause the skin to lose water and lose nutrients. It is wise to follow the instructions for use. If you are reluctant to throw away the remaining essence, you can use it in other parts of the body.