Ashley Tisdale has a Pink Bob Haircut Now and the pictures are incredible

If you've forgotten the glory that's early, let me remind you of one thing: Ashley Tisdale was the unofficial queen of trends. Dresses over jeans? Made it. Shrink and feather hair? Were There Various Small Plastic Necklaces, Wallets, Earrings And Belts? Breathe it. So it's no real surprise that Tisdale chopped and dyed her hair pink last night, to experiment is by nature. The only real Surprise is how shockingly different she finally sought.

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Tisdale first revealed her hair change yesterday at Instagram, sent a photo of her new hairstyle (a blunt angled bob) and hair color (a light, peach pink). The caption on her photo? "The voice in my head made me do it" – a not so bad nick to Tisdale's new song with the same name.

Although her new hair most likely looks like a simple cut and color, it was actually the creation of four different people: The Colorer Dom Forlet, which dyed her blonde hair pink; hair extension expert Violet Teriti, which strengthened the Tisdale volume with some subtle extensions; Hairstyles Buddy Porter, who turned his crooked lob into a blunt, angled bob; and hairstyle Justine Marjan, who added waves and smoothness in style.

So, you know, evidence that the whole "it takes a city" thing is actually very, very correct. Marjan made a second photo of Tisdale hair later in the evening, this time with a side piece and soft, drilled waves. "Who's up for pink ??? Watch 2 today for Ashley Tisdale," she wrote, adding that she was using a Ghd Platinum + Styler to "get the perfect wave + texture in short hair".

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And yes, clear it's still Ashley Tisdale-I do not say she also has a face transplant and grew a third arm-but for someone who has had signature-blonde hair for the better part of all her life (or, more precisely, the better part of my memory), her new look is definitely a new one.

And honestly, I love it. I never painted my hair anything outside of her basic brunette, but now I have an intense itch, turn pink too. So BRB-I need to find a firefighter crew and live my best 2018 Tisdale life.