Baby's First Thanksgiving Giveaway – Owlet Blog'

Jennifer Verweyst

Can't wait for my other grandchild to arrive !!'

Althea Bartlett


Kate Grimm

Great giveaways.'

Linda Bartlow

I think this is one of the greatest things ever invented'

Brie Nicks

I'm waiting for my second child. The past year has been very difficult for my family with both my parents experiencing medical problems. My hubby and I have taken care of them and got us financially stressed. With Christmas and newborns this will be an amazing blessing!'

Cadence padilla

Such a beautiful idea to give away for the holidays'

Roseann Celino

Thank you for this giveaway for our expected little moon coming in April 2020!'

Georgianna Faircloth

My daughter is pregnant with her first child. She really wants the stocking for our little Eli which will be next April.'

Ashley foster

Yes thank you!!'


Would be a blessing to win this …'

Chris Miller

We would love to win with our newborn on the road.'

Lindsey Miller

Would love to win this giveaway for my girl in March!'

Lydia Kim

We have the Owlet stocking and we love it! Hopefully we can be the lucky winner!'

Megan Alcedo

1st mom to be! I love everything you do!'

Chloe Figueroa

Would love to win!'

It gives us peace of mind'

Katie Valdez

Wow great products, would love any of them!'

This would be a fantastic surprise to win these products.'

Susana Guitron

Absolutely love all brands – mom of 5 with a 6mo old baby! Dreaming of winning !!!!!'

Abby Larson

Everything I ever wanted for my new girl
Coming in April!'

Alyssa Martin

First time mom because of thanking and being so in love with all these products – would use every single one and would promote socially!'

New mom and love it !!'

Ashley Master

I would love to win this! Our baby is 12 weeks old now (actual age), born prematurely (6 weeks) was born not breathing, and has spent most of his life in the hospital between NICU after birth and then two PICUs stay at APNEA! He just came home two days ago. This stocking would be a lifesaver, literally. Not only the sock but the bouncy chair would help relieve his severe reflux.'

Baby due in February and as the holidays approach, baby will be here before we know it! Winning this would help our little fam so much 🙂 Fingers cross and good luck to all new mamas'


Thanks for the opportunity to win!'

Carley Fleck

We get our first baby in April! This would be wonderful to win and really help us a lot!'


As a mother, the first mind is worth its weight in gold!'

Kelli Cameron

Become a new mom in May !! And would love the bite that Owlet offers for baby!'

I would really appreciate winning these amazing products. It would be a great help to me and my family. My boy could love mom more if I win for him :).'

Justin Dean

Grateful for the peace of mind that Owlet provides!'

Julia Watkins

I am the first time mom and love Owlet and the peace of mind it brings! Thanks!'

Loved our Owlet with our first. Now that we expect our second, we plan to use it every night on this one too!'

I would love to win this amazing giveaway!'

Rachel Nuzzetti

Would like to win this!'

We will be having our first child in Jan 2020, and it would be a blessing to win these!'

Love the Owlet stocking!'

Shelley N Brown

How can we find out if our contribution has been submitted? That's not to say I went in.'

Shelley N Brown

This would help us get some rest at night !!!'

Angie harward

Oh my God!! We love the owl stocking. I never slept when our first child was born – for our second we bought the sock and it has made the difference! I can sleep! Which means I'm a much better, funny, happy, energetic mom. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us get the sleep we need so we can love and enjoy the baby scene !!
Would love to win some of these amazing prizes !! I have a nephew in the way that I would love to gift a stocking too! Thanks for the opportunity. You are the best!'

Mandeep kaur

Love the owlet so far would love to win for my newborn'

Melissa the Bastian

I would really love to win this'

Would like to win for my boy !!'

Kelsey L

The owl looks fantastic. I will be a mom and would love the safety and security that the owl would provide. Thanks for the opportunity'

These products are amazing! Every mom should have them!'

Courtney Beville

I used the sock with my daughter and it helped calm my new parents concerns. I have recommended this to so many first time moms for the same reason.'

Great products, wouldn't get any sleep without the owl!'

Jennifer abreu

I would love to win.'

Lindsay Lesperance

These are great prices! We would love to win for our little guy, Rory!'

Sophia Rosa

Would like to win these for my little boy!'

Veronique R.

The owl gave us so much relief from anxiety and stress. We can't thank you enough, I've slept so much better, and surprisingly so is our baby! Thanks.



would love to have this to our first child for that extra sense of security'

Brooklyn Smitherman

Would like to win all these products for my daughter.'

Alexis Joshi

Expect my first baby, a girl, in early March. Would like to win Owlet for tracking my girl and know she is okay!'

Jenna Spalding

All these would be great to have for my sweet boy who is ready to go over to his daycare / cot !!'

Jennifer Ortega

Love the peace of mind that my Owlet stocking gives me.'

Brea Coan

We would be so grateful to win and get the peace of mind that comes with the owl stocking and comb. Plus all the great other products!'

Would love to win this for my grand baby!'

Anderson Velásquez

My new girl is coming. I would like her to be as safe as possible.'

Julia Segura

These articles would be very useful for my first grandchild 😉'

Miranda Wilkerson

Would be so blessed to win!'

Kailey Tirabassi

I would love to win these for my friend!'

Kayleigh Nemitz

Would love to win!'

Priscilla Ruiz

We have had a tough trip with our precious little one. Born with a heart drum and breathing problems, the owl is a must have for us. We would be honored and blessed to have any of these products.'


Expect first baby! Would love the peace of mind the owl stocking offers!'

Tanycha González

Thanks to my birthday, this is the first Thanksgiving of my baby Kayden, ten doses of nacido ❤️'

Kelsie Higgin

I would do anything to win this for my baby! Owlet has changed my life in more ways than one!'

Rachael Bennett

Choose Me!'

Veronica H

Would love to win!'

Illiana Ny

Love that this gives me peace of mind in the middle of the night!'

Ashton Akers

I'm Ashton and I love our owl! Such anger! Thanks so much!'

Having a premature baby has helped my husband and I to get some sleep when we get to sleep lol'

Adrian Gonzalez

Owlet has helped us take care of our girl who arrived 6 weeks early. I highly recommend them for peace of mind and best care for your little blessing!'

This would be a nice win'

Krystal Vargas

This will definitely help us when our 3 week old baby comes home from the NICU to prepare us when she gets home. Thanks
NICU family in need ‍‍'

Bella Vega

This will definitely help us when 3 week old kari comes home from the NICU for my sister Krystal Alexia to prepare when she comes home with newborn baby.
NICU family in need ‍‍'

Matt Seaman

Love the owl. Rest your mind.'

Maria soto

I just know about this wonderful thing and I would love to win, good luck to everyone'

Brenda Alaniz

Would like to win'

Melissa Carter

Just had my first baby! Would like to win this for her!'

Amanda McEldowney

Winning one of these AWESOME awards that are beyond my family's budget would be a surprise and blessing!'

Marisa Turner

Would like to win my first egg care products'

Marisa Turner

Would be ecstatic to be able to own my first egg care products!'

Karen Sierra

Cool stuff.'

Karen Sierra

I would like to enter the giveaway'

Rikki tall

Love this'


Mom to be'

Nikolette Sumwalt

I come every day now and would love to win!'

Megan Weddle

Baby # 3 on the way! Would love to win some things for new baby!'

Mandy kaur

Would definitely love to win for my daughter who comes home in a few weeks from the NICU'

Mynell Upchurch

Would be a blessing to win! ♥ ️'

Would like to win this for my baby coming home from the NICU this month'

Clara Losse

Owlet Smart Sock + Cam

Owlet Dream Lab Subscription

4moms highchair

Solly Baby $ 250 Shop Credit
Fawn Design $ 200 Shop Credit

Saranoni $ 200 Shop Credit

Bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 bouncer'

Liz Ballard

I would love this. I'll have my baby in June'

Nancy Rodriguez

Baby must have!'

Brittany Johns

Yay! What a fantastic payout! We love Owlet! I had nerve damage in both legs after my first child was born and I couldn't walk for a while. I had so much anxiety above all the anxiety that comes from being a new parent. The Smart Sock was a LIFE CAREER! It allowed me to finally let myself rest and just focus on healing and working through my PTSD. Unfortunately, our Smart Sock stopped working when my son was about 15 months old (I think maybe my boy broke the sensor by hitting his foot really hard on his cot; he's a wild sleeper!), So this package would be amazing! Good luck everybody!!'

Jessica Patzke

I am coming in February and would love to try the oven and share with my mom to be friends!'

Carissa Duncan

We have heard so many great things about the owlet and would love to win some of these items for our little boy coming in March! Happy Thanksgiving!'

Joniessa Mindrup

We have used the smart stocking and loved it. Now we expect a surprise baby after removing almost all the equipment and would love to try the comb as well.'

Christy M

We had such peace of mind knowing our son was safe. We recommend Owlet to everyone we know. We are adopting our second child so this giveaway would be an absolute dream!'

Sherry Perry

Would love this for our girl in March !!'

Ashley Adams

Oh my God!!!! Such amazing things !!!!!!!!!!'

Alicia S

My first granddaughter will be here in June 2020 … I would love to win and surprise my son with these amazing gifts!'

Regina Reagans

Bought one for my first grandchild and my second grandchild is using it right now. My third grandson is coming in April, so I ordered one for her too. Peace of mind for me and their parents.'

Jennifer Peralt

Hi I'm Jennifer, I will be the first time mom becomes & I love the owlet products and can't wait to use them'

Nicole Gladfelter

Owlet was a lifeguard with my first little one. Great peace of mind. Would love more product opportunities with my other child growing into me now!'

Arianna Broderick

Would be blessed to win these kid-friendly things – I have some in my family, I would love to gift some of these items too! Share is caring! In April, heard great things about the stocking!'

Near Kalumbwe

I need a baby monitor'

Payton Anderson

Looking forward to being able to win some amazing things! Thank you for giving us the opportunity.'

Love our smart sock taking care of our cute boy who sleeps !! My wife and I absolutely love your product.'

Ashlee Fox

First time mom here! I know I would sleep much better and my anxiety would take a break with the owl and watch over my little one!'

Tamika P.

Would love to win!'

Giving me peace of mind while my daughter sleeps would be amazing! I always wake up every hour to make sure she's okay … I think I would get much better sleep and be able to relax more and know that the owlet would warn me if something went wrong … I would love so much to gain.'

Lucretia Maroney

The owl stocking has been the best I've bought. It has given the family peace of mind.'

Ashley Morris

This would be a dream come true for this mom to be single mom this world is expensive and it would ease my mind so much at night'

Monaliza Almeida

This would be fantastic! I can only dream of being able to have them for my girl who is 2 months!'

Kathleen Stewart

I bought this product for my daughter and would love to win an extra unit to have in Grand & # 39; s house!'

Love the Owlet!'

Lucretia Maroney

We love the peace of mind the owl stocking has given our family.'

Cindy Orse

My first grandchild was born three weeks premature. My daughter would love this. We just talked about this yesterday. Having the peace of mind with what this does is fantastic. Thanks so much for the chance to win !!.'

Amanda Tharp

I am so grateful for this chance to win! We expect our first!'

Barbara Hebra

The owl has given our family a mind
Thanks owlet
Grandma in peace'


Would like to win for our child coming in April!'

Love our owl sock! Perfect mind for our preemie! ❤️


Have been thinking about buying something like this for my girl because she is a tummy in the bedroom and it always scares me, I just want a calm.


Have been thinking about buying something similar to my girlfriend since she is a tummy in the bedroom and it always scares me.'

Anna Grooms

Would like to win for my baby to come this spring!'

Cassie McCetary

Would be a fantastic thing to win !!'

Absolutely love the peace of mind that has come with owning the stocking and camera! I have recommended it to every new or waiting mom I come across.'

Lori Thompson

Would love the extra mind the owlet provides. Would like to win this for my first grandchild!'

Elvia A Duran

Would like to win all this for my girl girl'

Joy Bush

My daughter is 6 months pregnant and after going to her Dr. for over 3 months she found out that her health insurance did not cover maternity. This would help tremendously,'

Laura Wagner-Zalesky

These are good things'

yana willson

Would really appreciate to win either prize so good thing!'

Alexus Espinoza

Expect my first child in about a month and have heard amazing things about your products !! Would be blessed to try them ❤'

It is well worth the money for the peace of mind it gives you. We use it every time the child sleeps. We still use it and she is 14 months old. We will use it until soch no longer suits her.'

Jeffery Queen

This competition is so cool, my wife loves the owlet and everything they are about.'

Good product!'

Pilar Luna

Would love to be chosen! Our baby was born earlier this month and the owl would be perfect, especially during the sick period.'

Monica Veatch

We would love to win!'

Jennifer Wade

Would love to win this giveaway! Feeling it would change my life <3;

Ryan Fuller

Would love for you to win this;

Clarissa D

Would like to win this !!!;

Destiny perry

You don't understand how much I would appreciate these. Two children are coming;

Yubdely pelaez

Thank you for the opportunity to win these amazing things for my new boy in January 2020;

Sammie P.

On the way to having my fourth child and he will be my first to have his own room to start. It would be great to have peace of mind knowing that he is good when he sleeps.;

Shannon Harrison

Win baby, win !! We loved the owl with our son! Now we are on our way to our second child !!;

Nicole Wright

Thanks for the chance to win!;

Monica Fisher

Love Owlet cam!;

Sandy Jones

Just bought the sock for our new 4-day grandchild! So excited! Our daughter and father-in-law may now have peace of mind knowing that this helps her! Would like to win them more things!;

Ashlee McDaniel

Would love this for my baby hotel coming in March;

Rebecca Vigil

I hope to win!;

Melissa Enevoldsen

The owl stocking and camera are fantastic and have definitely reduced my anxiety and improved my sleep! I wish I had had it for my first.;

Tracy Tadlock

Would love to win these products for our grand baby in May 🙂;

Daniela Dieck

Great gifts that our child could use!;

Willy Alvarenga

Would like to win this for our boy!;

Hanna Shareef

The first child is on the way. Would love to win any of these items;

So happy to meet our baby who is expected in February! I know she and I would sleep better with these great prices!;

Raven Brewer

Have our first boy in February! Would love to win this !!!!;

Gabrielle Chesley

My son was a prize so many unexpected things came up! Would like to win these to make it easier! ☺️;

Debra Crider

My daughter just had her first precious boy. He is only 3 weeks old now. I would love to win a prize for her!;

Choose me pick me! I would love every single one of these!;

Kendra burchett

The owl gives us so much more peace of mind when our baby sleeps. We would love to win!;


This would be good;

Anna Kotlarz

Best ever. I can sleep peacefully at night.;

Just had my baby girl, would love to win these products !!!;

Kaitlyn M.

Would love, love, love to win these for my first born girl and feel calm.;

Already have the camera and it would be good to have the stocking as well!;

Shelby Warnock

This would be extremely useful in so many ways! Keeping my first baby safe is such a priority for me and these items are top of the line safety and security!;

My baby was born with two congenital heart defects that have not been repaired by heart surgery about 6 weeks ago. I bought Owlet and it has led to my anxiety because I know my kids are oxygen and heart rate is good! A great product, just wish I had brought the camera too (I already have an oricom);

Baby due in February! Would like to win !!;

Gustavo Mota

Feels good to sleep with the owl that keeps me up;

Kerry Arthur

Första bebiset börjar mars 2020. Skulle älska och uppskatta dessa föremål för den lilla! ♥ ️;

Cadey Duffield

Älskar mitt barns owlstrumpa. Vi använder det varje natt! Så tillförlitlig;

Dannyel Jackson

Skulle gärna prova dessa produkter !!!!!;

En av mina vänner hade sockmonitorn och jag ville direkt! Jag förväntar mig och skulle gärna vilja ha några saker för när baby kommer hit!;

Kristie Spaans

Vilken fantastisk present! En mamma kommer att vara oh så tacksam för detta!;

Skulle älska lite sinnesfrid när mitt barn sover!;

Elizabeth Van Horn

Vi har en mycket snäv budget och att vinna skulle vara fantastiskt! Du har fantastiska produkter och är ett fantastiskt företag. Tack för att du ger oss en chans att vinna en av dina produkter.;

Som ny mamma är jag så tacksam för möjligheten att gå in i denna giveaway. Hur som helst lyckliga helgdagar!;

Stephanie Lambert

Vi älskade vår smarta socka för baby nr 1 och kan inte vänta med att göra det igen för baby # 2!;

Cathy Bohan

Skulle verkligen älska att vinna dessa för min flicka.;

Leslie Nativi

Skulle verkligen älska och uppskatta något liknande! Min baby och jag förtjänar detta!;

Tiffany Miller

Det vore fantastiskt att vinna, min 3 månaders gamla kunde definitivt använda saker!

Leslie Nativi

Skulle verkligen älska och uppskatta något liknande! Jag känner att mitt barn förtjänar det här, det här får mig riktigt upphetsad lol;

Noel Sipes

Skulle vara så hjälpsamma och ge oss sinnesfrid hela tiden.;

Jennifer Molloy

Moving baby to his nursery soon and would love to be able to have the security of the owlet sock!;


This is a great prize giveaway!!! The piece of mind from your products would be amazing.;

yenyleidys arteaga

love it;

Such a cool giveaway! Fingers crossed we win!;

Adrienne Pederson

Would love this;

Erika Hayes

We would love this for our baby coming in April!;

This would help us out being so far away from family! Thanks for the opportunity!;

Would love to win this bundle amazing prizes!!!;

Anja Thiessen

Thank you!! Love these products!!;

Tina Borg

Would love to win this prize pack for my little one, he has a heart murmur so this would give me soo much peace of mind knowing his oxygen levels;

Kristie Wagner

Would love to win these items for my grandson due.;

Evelyn Rankin

I know everyone is posting here that they would to win but my truth is that without winning me and my fiance are looking at doing without a lot of useful baby needs as we are due in 4 weeks and we just purchased a house for our little Gracie!;

Tracy Lopez

We love the Owlet sock monitor!;

Courtney Sutton

It would be so nice to have these items for our second baby. We already have an Owlet sock and camera for our first and the peace of mind has been priceless.;

Heather Fronk

Did not have one for my first baby, but would love to have one for baby #2!;

Brittany berardi

We love owlet! The only think that allowed me to sleep in the first 4 months.;

Our little man is due in 3 weeks! Would be a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas gift!!;

Katie Head

I am so thankful for our Owlet. It gives me such peace of mind. I was gifted with ours and would love to give one to my new nephew;

I would love to win this!;

Karisa Dubuque

Awesome giveaway;

Brooklyn Simmons

Would love to have this for baby next year!!;

First baby on the way!!;

Arturo Villatoro

Hi, im a first time parent, Im from Honduras, I´m a pediatric intensive care Dr, don’t know where to start, all of my years studying of all the bad things that could happen to a baby even when they are sleep, having this knowledge put some stress on me even before my baby was born. I look in the internet and youtube how to have a better care for my baby, so I came across a video of the Owlet sock and it was similar to the monitor we use in the hospital, with alarms if the saturation or cardiac frequency went down The Owlet sock has given us so much peace cause we can rest during the night between breast feeding, and during the day we can track of our baby´s vital signs.
We are really thankful to the Owlet Sock;

Candace Merritt

My son is a heart warrior(TOF), he has had two heart surgeries and the last one was an open heart repair. Insurance denied us a pulse ox for home use, so I would be crazy if I didn’t have his owlet to track his oxygen and heart rate. I know this is not to be used as a medical device, but we would have to invested almost $2K in a hospital grade monitor out of pocket. The owlet bridged the gap for us. It allowed us to have an affordable way to insure he was too hypoxic. I can say the readings are pretty accurate when compared with the hospital units. It helped me be able to sleep at night.;

I love my owlet sock! Would love to win this for my baby Gabriella.;

Nadia De La Rosa

I just got our Owlet today I’m so excited to use my baby was born with a few health issues and I’m hoping that this gives me a little peace of mind while I nap lol I would say sleep but I’m not sleeping with a newborn right now and because her health we would love to win and try out the other amazing products.;

Leanna Chiasson

Wow! This would be an amazing prize.;

Teala Johnson

Would love to win these items for baby boy, I could really use them!!!;

I am literally sitting in the labor and delivery room with my daughter waiting for my grand daughter to be born.I would love to win this.;

I know I’m not going to win, but it still fun to try.;

1st time mom…love trying all the new and high tech baby gear!;

Karen Seabolt

Id love to win the owlet sock for my daughter. She is due in February.;


Looking forward to trying this out on our first born!;

Amber Cook

I am a first time mom, I had a baby boy 11-11-19! I absolutely love being a new mommy and would love to win this prize package and have extra piece of mind with the sleep sock…such a clever idea! I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving already!!;

Miriam Reznik

We love the owlet! It’s a revolutionary product. We’d love to win the items!;

Ana Conedera

Hello!!! I bought the sock and it was a terrific tool to monitor baby’s vitals for those first weeks of life for our baby. Best brand ever. We’d love to win to get the opportunity to use the owlet cam for our next baby.;

Would love to win these great products!;

Nikki Welsh

I would love to win this! The owlet causes me to stress less which is great!!;

Tamela Thigpen

Would love this for my granddaughter…her dog broke her owlet.;

Marisa DeLosSantos

Love to win this;

Kerry Grover

It had been a game changer for us! The ability to sleep easy when the baby is sleeping is worth every cent!;

Evgenia Stanton

I love the app, sock and camera. Having a newborn brings your stress levels to a whole new place, this product really helps me to be more calm and takes some stress away from us. What a wonderful gifts! Happy thanksgiving;

Would love to win dor my newborn!;

Camille lai

This would be awesome!! We absolutely love the owlet sock!! Can’t wait to win the other owlet products!!!;

Bianca Koymen

I love my sock owlet !!;

Love the peace and comfort the owlet offers! We would love to win!;

Michelle Velasquez

I have had numerous pregnancy losses and the peace of mind these products bring would allow me to rest easier at night. Thank you for the opportunity to enter in the contest for my upcoming delivery.;

Brittany Harley

My rainbow baby was premie and I was able to come home with a piece of mind thanks to the Owlet! I would love to gift this giveaway to my sister for her first little one!;

Gabby VanLuchene

Would love to win for our new addition due February 1st ❤️;

Holly Kapsa

This would make me very thankful : );

Dessie Neely

Currently expecting and would love to have a monitoring system to help keep me calm when my baby is resting;

Look forward to use this cool gadgets!;

Hayden Peterson

We love owlet!;

Lexi Brown

The Owlet sock is incredible and gives our family so much peace of mind. We would love the opportunity, to experience the other great product the Owlet have. Money is tight so winning this would be a true blessing!;

Brian Walters Jr

Baby Brooklyn expected to arrive in February!! Her and mommy would be excited to win!;

Natalie Breece

Thank you for putting my mind at ease and enabling me to sleep knowing my babys safe!;

Gretchen Berrios-Siervo

Due in March! Would love this bundle to help with our bundle!


Jessica H

I’ve recommended the owlet sock to everyone I know!;

Odyssey Swiatkowski

I would love to win this for my rainbow baby girl due in March. I would love to have the piece of mind of having the owlet sock and cam bundle to monitor my little one.;

Jessica sorto

I would love to win this!!!!;

Jenna Brennan

Would definitely love to win this! My Christmas Baby would love some presents from Santa!;

Delsy Romero

Remembering all those sleepless nights with my firstborn, how much I could have used the owlet sock and even camera ! Now expecting my second so I’d LOVE to be able to win these prizes ! 🙂;

I love the Owlet!! Definitely the best purchase for my new little baby girl.;

Kasey Arabie

We would love to win!;

Shanele Sturgis

We love our smart sock and would love the cam as well as all the other goodies!;

Heather White

Love our owlet and the peace of mind it brings! Happy thanksgiving!;

Paula Jedrey

Hoping for a win!!!!;

Shirley Teran-Guzman

Super excited for the opportunity to win these amazing products. We have been looking to get this item for our babygirl. Who ever wins these products will be very lucky to have such high quality products for their beautiful little one. Best of luck to everyone and thank you for making such great products.;


I would love to win this product for my baby. We’ve built such a beautiful nursey for her which she doesn’t sleep in. I constantly worry that something will happen to her and I wouldnt react in time(although I’m a light sleeper) and I believe owlet will give me the peace of mind I need.;

Lynn graham

Would love to win for use for my grand baby.;

Ashleigh Slack

I’ll be a new mom in March and i am completely obsessed with the owlet sock i know it will ease my stress at night at least a little bit I’m terrified of sids;

Amy Donato

I have heard amazing things about the owlet products from other mom friends and would love to have the piece of mind for my own little one arriving in March, especially after my cousin lost her first child to SIDS.;

Constance Tackett

This would be great jus had a new great grandson on Halloween day this would be great for him.Thank you for this opportunity and good luck everyone.

These are wonderful and very useful items that would be great to have. Thank you for the opportunity to win!;

Heather Diehl

Unexpectedly gained a 3 yr old and a 5 month old! Hope to win!;

Kaity capener

Dream come true if we won this giveaway! So amazing!;

Alyse Martin

This would be awesome to win for my 3 month old son. I already have the sock which saved his life already. But the high chair or other prizes would be great.;

Would love these items!;

Brittany Morris

In love with Owlet! Best products on the market. We adore our sock and have had so many more nights full of sleep and confidence because of it!;

I would love to win this! I have used owlet sock with my children and expecting another one!;

Rebecca Owen

This would be amazing!;

Jessica L

We were recommended the owlet sock by my sister in-law and are so glad we purchased it as it allows us to sleep a little easier at night.;

Nikki Fish

Could use these for our first born!;

Rebecca Waters

Would love to win this for my baby, that piece of mind would put us at ease! And give us our sleep back !;

Would be so blessed to win this! As we have a baby on the way & my husband is about to get deployed!;

Catherine Gaunt

Would love to win this for our baby coming in May <3;

Sasha Richard

I have the owlet sock for my preemie baby boy whom was born at 30 weeks! Two months in the NICU was the worst thing we had ever been through! We stay strong and stuck by his side! He is now 6 months and still wearing the sock a night doesn’t go by without him having it on! I love it and it helps us sleep at night knowing he is being monitored by the sock! An amazing product I recommend it to my friend and she bought one also! We would love to win the high chair.;

Danielle Armstrong

As a NICU nurse I always recommend these to mamas. As a new mama myself having the camera and the sock is just what I need to have peace of mind when I go back to work next month. Glad I have them!


But the dream lab would be nice since he is the worst sleeper ever.;

Brittney Doty

would love to win this!;

Sierra Autrey

Baby Willow coming Jan 16th;

Jolene Horting

We love our Owlet, it gives us such peace of mind.;

Sabine Bell

The Owlet helps me feel so much better about my babies safety!;

Valerie Price

As a first time mom, the owlet sock for my newborn has been AMAZING. It gives so much piece of mind and let’s my mind rest a little bit. Thank you for making this amazing product!;

Valerie Price

As a first time mom, the owlet sock for my newborn has been AMAZING. It gives so much piece of mind and let’s my mind rest a little bit. Thank you for making this amazing product!;

Briana Griffin

This would be so great!;

Rachel Behymer

We LOVE our Owlet and have been wanting to pair the camera with it once our daughter transitions into her own room. We would love to win this!;

Would love to win so can keep tabs on the little one!;

Michelle Allen

Hi! I’m about to become a mom for the first time in March, and I would love to experience the Owlet monitor and other products listed in the giveaway. Thankful for companies like Owlet that want to help new mamas out.;

Aaron Acklin

Hope we win;

Haley R Kalas

All of these products and companies are incredible. I have been going back and forth in my mind on whether I can afford them all. It would be amazing to win one of these products, let alone all of them. Thanks for offering such a chance.;

Vilma Cepeda

Would love to win these for my baby due on December 6, only couple a weeks more.;

Vilma Cepeda

Would love to win these items for my baby due on December 6, only couple a weeks more.;

We love the peace of mind the owlet gives us as first time parents I don’t know how people make it without the owlet sock! Would love these gifts.;

Mandi James

We would love to win the owlet, we are currently doing fertility in hopes of a bundle of joy soon, we did fertility with our twins who are now 2 years;

Chelsie Gersen

This is amazing!! Due with baby #2 December 8th and this should be such a blessing thanks so much for the chance!;

Catherine Seid

Would love this for my daughter coming in march!;

We love the peace of mind the Owlet offers us! Would love to win!;

Krystal Vargas

My baby girl is 3 weeks old, she’s in the NICU,we’ve been here since she was born, we’re here because her body isn’t getting the oxygen it needs and this would really give us that peace of mind!;

Kathy DelliCompagni

Would love to win these items for my baby!;

Oh I need!;

Rhonda Owen

My twin grand babies coming in 2020 need owlet care!;

Eric Bartoszak

I’ve read great reviews of your products I’d love to try some out for our brand new baby coming next week!;

Catherine Seid

Would love to try these with my baby girl coming in march!;

Daisy Belman

Would love to win this, especially the Owlet devices! What a piece of mind it would be!!;

Ashlee Smith

I would love to win this. I am about to be a new mom in January and I would love to be able to have some piece of mind with owlet!;

Maggie Kolesik

I would love too win this for my son! Thank you!;

Laura Hall

I would love the owlet sock for my new baby!;

Danielle Niese

Love our Owlet and have looked into the camera to go with it! Happy Thanksgiving!;

Nicole Abraham

Our family loves our Owlet and the safety and peace it provides us!!! Winning this wonderful giveaway is an added bonus we would be thankful and grateful for! Thank you for this opportunity!;

Jillian Butler

Love my owlet sock!


Would love a chance to win thank you so much;

Thanks for the opportunity to win some cool stuff.;

Aubrey Finch

Thankful for a product that keeps my baby alive and safe.;

Would really Appreciate winning either price such a good cause!;

Karen Smith

Awesome prizes;

Justine Sedillos

Hello I’m a first time mom i heard so much great things about owlet products. Hope to win. Thank you;

Elizabeth Hutton

We are having our first child and it’s a baby girl! And we would love love love to win!;

Crystal Stahl

As a new mom of a one month old this giveaway would be fantastic to win!;

Ashley King

I have a new baby coming and so does my brother! We would love to have peace of mind with these gifts!;

Raelyn Janes

What I wouldn’t give to win these! As a first time mom I have had people recommend these products since I found out I was pregnant! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!;

Kalen Hamlin

This would be amazing to win. As a mama of 7, anything ALWAYS helps;

Would love this bundle with my other baby I got little sleep just being up all night worrying if my baby’s breathing;

Brooke Kohl

Cant wait to use my owlet!;

Jennifer Gajda

Would love this for my baby on the way!;

Just had my first baby about 3 weeks ago and these things would help us out so much and make us feel safe!;

Rebecca Bedoy

I appreciate the opportunity to possibly win these products. Thank you.;

Janelle Smokowicz

I purchased the owlet for my sister
Who had had her child at 34 weeks. This product has brought peace of mind to the parents and me.;

Love the piece of mind the Owlet offers us at night while our little guy sleeps!;

Ashley Deaver

Would be so excited to win!;

Kendra Southwell

I appreciate this opportunity;

Cortnie Rocconi

Hello there! I am a first time mom and got hit with the bang of “Hey, IT’S TWINS!” Identical girls! A lot of complications on my end and had to deliver 7 weeks early. I decided then to order the socks and I LOVE THEM!! Beyond peace of mind for my preemie babies!! I would love any of the items!! I am a single mom, so every bit counts! Love the Owlet!;

Adrian Dillavou

I’m so excited to enter to win these products for my 3 month old.;

Amanda Holland

I appreciate this opportunity!;

Haley Baker

Would love to win any of these prizes! Just had my first child in April and we struggle
On money with only one income and a stay at home mom. Praying!;

Owlet brings peace of mind to parents.;


I would love to win this for my sister as she will become a new mommy in January and I would love to surprise her with a special gift.;


Thank you for this. Whoever wins it will be happy and most importantly useful for the baby.

It’ll give me peace of mind as a first time twin preemie mom and a mom with a twin having severe ARDS;

Lindy Nelson Wifler

Love ALL these products!! Would be overjoyed to win!;

Alexa schoen

I would be so grateful to win this for my sweet baby!;

My wife and I have a handsome 9 month old son, and a beautiful baby on the way, to be born in June. This would definitely come in handy while our newborn to be is in her own room, knowing from a room away she’s safe and sound while mommy and daddy spend some time together.;

Britney Morgan

Hope to win;

Michelle carley

Expecting twins due feb 9. Would love to win the owlet;

Awesome gear for baby;

Ashly Armstrong

I’m so excited for these products!;

I love owlet! I am able to sleep at night only because of that.;

Karice Thompson

I would love to have for my baby girl we have had a family history of sids and the monitor would be of such great use;

Shelby Bragdon

Weston Thomas will be here in February, would love the peace of mind that Owlet offers to first time parents like me.;

Irene Zoulis

We would love to win any of these items! Amazing brand and company! Fingers crossed (and toes );

I am so excited about this product!;


Would love to win this prize!;

Tiffany Myers

I would LOVE to have one of these monitors for our little one! Winning this would be an absolute blessing! We don’t have the funds to have one. I’m a anxious first time mommy! My little one was born at the very end of August! He has a murmur (they said it will eventually fix itself) but that doesn’t stop me from worrying! We are moving into a new home next month and having a monitor like this would be awesome so we can put him in his own room without worry!;

Carolina Barrios

Baby X is due Jan 29, 2020;

Tiffany Myers

Would love to have for my little one! I’m a very anxious mommy! When we move into our new home I would love to have a monitor to ease my mind when he moves to his own room!!;

Nicolle Vogt

I would love to win! Baby girl is due in beginning of March!;

Baby Zayn due March 26th!!;


Have a new baby girl granddaughter 6 weeks old and love your products!;

Carrie Hughes

My daughter is expecting twins in March 2020. So excited to become a grandma to a baby girl and boy!!;

Trevor Bikhram

Piece of mind, the sock is amazing we can sleep at night knowing that we can depend on the sock to alert us if there is a breathing or heart issue with our newborn;

Faith Davis

I love the Owlet sock. As a first time Mom I was told I’d wake up often at night to check on my baby boy to see if he is breathing. I have such peace of mind with the Owlet sock I sleep through the night. Thank you for such a wonderful product!;

Elizabeth Lewis

Not only would this be an absolute blessing, but this would be a great start to having all the baby essentials!;

Alley Bell

First baby due soon! Already have some Owlet products and would love to win a few more;

Megan Schmitz

So excited to try this out;

Tessa Perez

I just had my baby girl, Luna. We would love to win this!;

Christina Gammon

I would be so thankful!;

Macy Tomlinson

I love my owlet and how it gives me peace of mind everyday!;

Christine Myers

Would love to win. My baby came in September, but I am a wreck about transitioning her to her crib. Would love all of this to make me feel more confident not having her by me.;

Amanda J

Would love this for Christmas gift for the twins!! Love the smart socks;

Nikita Folen

Would love these products for our precious daughter;

Ivanna Melesi

I would love the Chance to win!;

McKayla Buchanan

Baby #2 due September!;

Marissa Bright

Baby girl is due in March! I would love to have this for her.;

This would be amazing to get.. especially as he gets older and is trying new foods..;

Erin Wada

First baby due in March. Would love to win!;

Geri Gura

Third owlet baby due in June. Everyone should have an owlet. Peace of mind.;

Karrie Kokensparger

I would love a smart sock to have a better piece of mind during the night!;

Lindsey Simms

So excited for baby’s first thanksgiving!;

Sarah Miller

Wow I would so love to welcome our Christmas baby with these gifts!! Love the owlet products!;

Ashley Beyer

Love your products!!;

Andrea Albrecht

Just thankful for a product like this.;

Crystal Mejia

It would be a blessing for my baby to receive these items;

Hannah Jacobs

1st Baby Arriving March, 2020 and have the Owlet package on my registry!! Would love to win this package!;

Amber Goens

We love owlet and would be ecstatic if we won a prize for our 6 week old baby girl, Kathryn.;

Kelsey Hartnett

Best product;

Melissa M

Would love these products for our family of 5 and children to come!;

jennifer Schachter

Have a new baby girl, 3 weeks old and love your products!;

Jennifer Gunstone

Just had twins. Momma bear would love all these nice things.;

Haley Wemhoff

Baby number two on the way! Will need this regardless!;

Brittani Beaudet

This is amazing!! I am expecting my first baby and I LOVE the owlet products and would be so excited to win this! Yay! Thank you!;

Kelsey Hartnett

Love the owlet!;

Therese Suarez

Our first baby boy is due in December! We’re excited to use the owlet (whether we win it or buy it!);

Jennifer E Fox

I’m a single mother with 3 kids. Unfortunately Luke’s father is of no support. This would be a true blessing.;

Andrea McVey

We have three boys. Our youngest is 4 months old, and we’re planning to have more children in the future! This giveaway would be a dream to win!



First time mom due in December!;

We love this company already. We have a baby that will ne born early due to me having complications and this will ne a life saver and will help this single momma out so much!;

Excited to try these products! They sound amazing! This is my first baby and being a first time mom is scary, would love to be able to have some piece of mind using any of these products.;

Nicole Barry

We are expecting our third child in April and are currently considered Hugh risk- so this would be an amazing win for us;

Ashley diaz

Thank you for giving us peace of mind to get some rest at night. We’re excited for baby’s first thanksgiving!;

Deborah Loftus

Grandson #3 due Thanksgiving week! We purchased Owlet for each of our sons and their families. Thank you for such a wonderful product.;

Vanessa Barrie

2nd baby is due in 5 weeks!! This would be an amazing gift!;

Brianna tremlett

Hoping to win this for my sister! Her son has a heart concern in the anatomy scan of her pregnancy recently and I know this would give her peace of mind when he’s finally here.;

Kayla Williamson

Our first baby is due in 6 weeks and the Smart Sock is a must for my peace of mind! It would be awesome to win it!;

Stephanie Gallegos

My baby will be 4 months & this will be an amazing gift for him to use 🙂;

Amy Kissell

My daughter is having her first child soon and she saw these while surfing the web one evening and has been wanting to get one. I would love to win one of the owlet socks for her!;

2nd baby on his way in 10 weeks! Eek! We are not prepared so this would be Ah-mazing!;

Tisha Capello

First baby due in March – this would be such a help!;

Deandra Vargas

I would love to win this gift my baby is a premature baby born at 24 weeks will hopefully be coming home on Saturday and i would love to have a piece of mind with him I have gone through so much him him 10 surgeries and other things I would greatly appreciate it.;

Ashley Martin

Having our first baby in January! Would love to win!;

Trisha Arnold

This would be absolutely amazing for my first babe who is due in Feb! I’m thankful as it is but this would be GRAVY!!;

Savannah Morgan-Kelly

Hi! My name is Savannah. We have a 3 month old baby girl named Emmalyn and she is our precious rainbow baby. We had a miscarriage while my husband was deployed so when he returned we began trying again for two years and then we found out on Christmas Eve of last year that we were pregnant again! Emmalyn sleeps with her rainbow sock every night and after a few night time choking spells during her first month here, I realized the true importance of having the owlet sock and cam! It literally saved her life. Even if we don’t win anything I just wanted to let the owlet team know how grateful I am for their products! Thank you so much!;

Hey Savannah! We are so glad to hear your little Emmalyn is doing well! Our team would definitely love to hear more about your story. You can share it here:;

Nikki Thompson

Have been wanting an owlet for in preemie son who is nicu currently. Have been looking to get one for when he comes home. This is my 1st Preemie baby and to be honest I am quite terrified for him to come home. But at the same time I want him home with his family. Being separated from my other two sons have been hard on all of us. As well as not working currently to make sure all 3 of my boys are taken care of.;

Mandy Wheeler

This would be a dream come true!;

Janise Janikowski

We LOVE our sock and camera! I sleep so much better with it!;

Yvonne Cortez

We are having our first born this month! Having an owlet sock would put alot of my anxieties to rest! All of the either stuff would be helpful too! Lol;

Ali Dunaway

We’ve loved your products and would love this gift! It’s the last few things we need for baby arriving soon!!;

Benjamin Rechter


Alanna Leijon

Would love to Win and try out these great products!;

Melinda Fuller

This would be such a blessing. Wishing good luck to all who enter.;

This is amazing;

Tiffany Abernathy

I would love the owlet products in my home once baby is born for constant peace of mind.


Ali Dunaway

We’re expecting our first boy in January! I’ve used your products in the past and have LOVED them! I would love this gift to use on our newest addition!;

Brittany Huntington

1st time Mom!;

Kay Timbreza

Excited to receive this product. Babies are so precious.;

Miriah Cherry

Our second baby due in Jan 2020! Would love to win a prize!;

Kathryn C

We are having our first baby in 10 weeks and this would give us first time parents some piece of mind. <3;

Markel Henderson

We have a second child due in just 8 weeks ! This would be an amazing gift to win

Ive already donated my socks $ monitors to families in need. I will continue to do So. I am an overnight nurse. I’ve been praising Owlet products left to right.;

Clint mccoy

I have a 14 month old daughter with twin girls on the way this would help my military family so much;

Dasia Jones

I would love to get the giveaway, I would be soooooo happy! Im a first time mom,and I always wanted Fowler products. Y’all have sone amazing things.


How exciting! This would be amazing for our first baby!;

Riley Vargas

Hoping to win one for my best friend! This has given me soooo much peace as a new mom and I want to share!;

Amber Emminger

Looking forward to using these products with our 7 month old ! This would be an amazing gift to receive!;

FTM with a 3 month old and I really wanted an owlet and baby monitor. I don’t have any of these items so it would be so nice to be able to check in my little one without having to go into the room. A high chair also would be helpful as we get ready to start solid foods.;

LINDSAY Ackerson

We’ve got our first baby due in 10 weeks! We’d love to win this 🙂;

Ashley Kirkpatrick

I’m a first time mom. I’m having twins. My husband and I are very excited but also nervous. We have been doing a lot of research on your product, the owlet sock, monitor, and camera, and it has stellar reviews. It definitely looks like something that would certainly give us peace of mind. Thank you so much for creating it.;

Mary Raffa

Amazing giveaway Thanks for this opportunity!;

Carrie Pels

Baby coming in 8 weeks and I can’t believe how much baby stuff costs! Winning this will help so much , you have no idea.;

Laura Diaz

I love Owlet!;

Amanda Craig

Love it!;

Amanda Craig

Love my owlet sock!! If I win I will give this item to my best friend for her rainbow baby due in April!;

Miranda Anderson

Appreciate the opportunity to win!


1st Thanksgiving;

Christina Hargrove

We are quaking with excitement to meet our little miracle in March!;

Danielle Romeyn

Looking forward to using these products;

Sarah morris

I have a 5 month old daughter, this would definitely help us with Christmas shopping!;

It would be so great to win this contest.;

Julie Franchett


Michelle Owens

My Owlet gives me peace of mind!;

Cheyenne schlueter

Hi! I’m Cheyenne and I would appreciate winning this giveaway so much because it could help me & my son out majorly!;

Danielle Romeyn

This would be a great Christmas gift bundle for our new baby!;

Haley Logan

Would love to win these products for baby boy due in February! #LoganLittle;


I am expecting and have been following and reading into the sock + cam. Friend of mine just had a little girl and said she loved it!;

Alyssa Hardin

What a great opportunity to win some amazing products. I know my son and I oils be so thankful to be one of the lucky winners. This is my baby boys first holiday season as he born Sept 13th due to emergency csection. He is a happy and healthy two month old 🙂;

Tiffany Shiloff

Awesome sauce;

Matthew Skutnik

We’ve been wanting to get one of these!! We had a baby girl who was 6 weeks early and spent 15 days in NICU and we want to be able to keep a closer eye on her than usual with this!!;

Jacqueline Derenne

We absolutely LOVE the owlet sock and cam!! We recommend to anyone we meet or know who is having a baby! The peace of mind you get is truly incredible!;

Tiffany Shiloff

Love it;

Alexis Schwartz

This would be an amazing gift for my new 5 week old baby;

Sokluna Douk

I don’t have the money to get it;

I would be very appreciative for the owlet smart sock. My nephew was born a month premature and has been in the NICU for over a week now so that his lungs can mature and get stronger. His stats have been great last few days, but I know it would give my sister peace of mind to know in the event of his O2 levels dropping at home, that she would be alerted.;


Would love to start using this product when my baby arrives!;

Would love to start using this product!;

Angela Owens

I would love this for my granddaughter Tatum born 11/7/19;

Elisha BERRY

I have my first grandbaby and couldn’t be more excited my daughter has researched the best products to ensure child safety and would love to won these items;

Ashley Diehl

Planning on purchasing an owlet for peace of mind. There’s a family history of heart conditions on the father’s side and this product is perfect to help monitor that in our soon to be newborn’s little heart (due Dec 26th). Excited that this product even exists!;

Kira Jenson

I’ve heard such great things about owlet and can’t wait to try them!;

Alexandra carusiello

I really need to win this :(!!! I have not a lot of money and really wanna have these products for my new baby due in March;

Josh holt

Camera works good;

Joshua Wiseman

My wife and I have heard nothing but great things about this product. With our first child on the way, we very quickly added the Owlet sock + cam to our registry;

Arie Foti

Our firstborn, sweet Gianna, passed away from an unknown cardiac defect. We are now blessed with another sweet girl, baby Lucia. My husband Nick and I would love to be considered for any of these wonderful and potentially life saving products.;

Jessica Hockett

I can’t wait to get my Owlet!;

Jordan Wolgast

Love our owlet! Would love to win this;

Christina Dupont

Hoping to win, all the prizes look awesome!;

Love Owlet!;

Haley Logan

Would love to win this for baby boy #LoganLittle!!;


We would love to have and use the owlet products for our newborn baby girl Charlotte!;

Joana Escaray

Please pick me!;

Justine Engman

I would love to be the winner! My babies deserve nothing but the best and this is definitely the best! Thank you for putting on this giveaway!;

Lost first baby because I went into cardiac arrest and ended up needing a pacemaker. Turns out I have a generic heart disease, which next baby will have a 50% chance of inheriting, so owlet sock and cam is a must ❤️;

Kristiana Beauchamp


Christina Hernandez

I would LOVE to win this!;

I’m very happy with owlet care. I’m everyday watching my baby everywhere;


We would be so grateful to win such an awesome gift!;

Gabrielle Gordon

Currently pregnant with baby number 3!! Would love to have an owlet for him!;


We purchased just the Owlet for our grandaughter and it has really given our daughter peace.;

Julio Chavez

Father of 2 and love the Owlet!;

Tosin Onibiyo

This will be amazing to use for my son after seeing the most amazing reviews about it. I hope I win and I can’t wait to spread the good news of this product;

Marian menendez

THank you so much for this.;

Jenifer Jasso

I ‘d love to be one of the Lucky winners. I LOVED OUR OWLET FOR MY BABY;



Tayler Smith


Yadira Bonilla

I love being part of the owlet familia !!
It brings so much peace at mind when going to bed at night . Now with baby #2 on the way I need to get myself another one !!;

Samantha McAulay

Would love to win, we have newborn twins!;

Samantha Patterson

This is my first baby! I am due in March 2020 and would love to welcome my sweet baby boy with these goodies!;

Ashley St John

You’re brand makes our family feel secure knowing our little one is safe with your excellent products!;

Thanks for being part of the Owlet family!



Emily Baker

I LOVE my owlet and my family sleeps better knowing it’s keeping an eye on our baby boy! I need the camera 😉;

Alyse Renzi

We love owlet!! Has given peace of mind.;

Pamela Cunningham

love owlet.


I love the owlet!;

I’m Kay I used owlet socks with my nicu baby gives me such a peace of mind.;

Kathleen Dickson

Not sure how to enter since I don’t have Facebook or Instagram.;

James Joo

Awesome product;

Chelsea Campbell

Yay! Love all these goodies!;

Julia Faith McIntosh

So exciting! The owlet has been such a lifesaver!!;

Qurrat-ul-ain Gul


Summer Reed

I would love to win any of these great products for my baby girl!;

Morgan Townsend

We loved our owlet sock for our first baby! Now we are expecting our second in April!;

Amy Nisson

Baby on the way;

Ashley Dowling

Hi! My names Ashley and I’ve been wanting to try the owlet since my baby was born (she’s two months old).;

Deonna McLeod

Would love to win;

Margaret Radana

I’ve heard a lot about owlets products. It had a lot of great reviews.can’t wait to win some of its products.;

Christian de la Campa

I’m having twins in January …. so it will be nice a 2×1 (so I will need to buy just one with the free one hehehe);

Amanda Harvey

I really hope my sister can receive this for her baby;

Samantha Reid

Would love to win!;

Kelsey Rider

I love Owlet!;

owlet is a revolutionary way to give parents a peace of mind and ensure a peaceful rest for baby;

Sandy Loberstein

Happy Thanksgiving! Maia was born in the beginning of November and is looking forward to spending her first Thanksgiving with her friends and family!;

Amiee Ingram

Would love to win the Thanksgiving Give away. We are not financially blessed enough to afford an owlet but love the product. Our best friend gave birth at 29 weeks, her sanity was returned with the owlet. She was able to sleep knowing if anything were to occur the owlet would notify her. I am so very thankful for the technology and the relief she was given.;

Katie Bass

I love our smart sock! Hope we win this bundle. It would be absolutely amazing!!;

Sarah Murphy

Would love to win;

Would love to win this!!;

Mary Pellegrino

Entering to win;

I’m excited about my twins arrival! This would be a great start.

Very happy with Owlet. Helped my wife sleep more relaxed at night knowing we can check on him at anytime while he’s asleep.;

Donna carter


becca o’sullivan

Thank you;

Tina McGlasson

Thank you;

Kelly Banyas

Love the owlet sock. Would love these prizes as well.;

Katie Copenhagen

Owlet makes everyone have a peace of mind;

Brad Jacobsen

We will all sleep more soundly knowing our new Grandson has the Owlet Monitoring sock.;

Adriana Cavazos

I would love to win.❤❤❤;

Aaron West

We love using our owlet sock.;

Elijah Alexander

I sure would not mind winning this giveaway;

Brittany Scarborough

Would love to win! I’m expecting my first due in March!;

Alexandra Ambrosio

This sounds amazing! My baby could really use the owlet cam for our peace of mind!;

Armani Stillwell

I love the owlet sock and would love to gift it to another mom in need before her little baby arrives;

Briea mccullough

Due in January would use all of these products happily !!!;

Becca O’Sullivan

Thank you!!!;

Bre Snelson

Would love to own a sock+cam to have a peace of mind.;

Amanda F Knowlton

I do love the sock and the features it comes with. The cam has some issues but I simple restart usually fixes it. Definitely a good buy.;

So excited!;

Jaclyn DeLeon

I hope I win! We could use more baby items this holiday!;

I really love the sock and cam definitely want for baby #2;

Metral brandon

Baby due in January 21. New mom and love you guys products. Pick me. Plus I’m a blogger.;

Crystal Law

Giveaway entry;

Lucia Swager

Enter to win prizes;

Anna Papageorgiou

Love our Owlet!;

Savannah morehead

Praying I win this so I can have some peace of mind once baby is home I have family members who have used owlet and it was their saving grace.;

Jenna Malone

Would love to Win!!;

Nicole Sedillo

Would love to win!;

Hannah Hampton

Having my first child and would love to have all of this.;

Layah Hickerson

Hi I’m layah and I’m so excited to use the owlet monitor and sock monitor on my baby boy once he gets here!

Hoping to win owlet sock + cam!!;

Ruchi Patel

Hello! I have been following your company and hope to win so I can try it for myself!! The success stories and peace of mind provided are amazing!!;

Becky Ball

I would love to win this for my daughter!;

Jessica Morgan

Would love to have this. I’m on baby number 2 and it would be perfect to win this!;

Alisha Noonan

Hi I’m alisha! I’m an angel mom and a mom of two loving daughters! We are currently pregnant with our rainbow baby and hoping to win this amazing offer;

Susan Petersen

Having a new grandchild in January would love your products;

Michelle Schmidt

Love our owlet!;

Crystal King

This would be good to help out our finances too!;

Jamie Pennell

As a fostermom, I’ve used the owlet device with a preemie NICU infant and I have lots of feedback and ideas for improving the features. I think it’s a wonderful addition to our nursery and I look forward to seeing new models released in the future.;

Ginny Mae Stansberry

I am grateful for my Owlet sock!!;

Jamie Dawley

Would love this!;

Rose Morgan

Love our sock. Never slept better with a newborn.;

Cynthia Williams

I’m interested in this!!!;

Leandra Vaus

I love my sock. Helps me sleep better at night knowing she’s ok.;

Nick ulrich

Love the sock. It’s helped sleep soooo much.;

Chad Austin

Love the owlet!;

Christian Danielle

I’m really interested in this product because after loosing three babies and finally about to have my rainbow baby this product would soothe most of all my fears of loosing another baby.;

Brook Davidson

Hi! My name is Brook Davidson. My husband and I are going to be welcoming our son Grayson in April.;

Alissa Huff

I love my owlet;

elizabeth salmon

Can’t wait to win!;

Jenny Urry

This would be such a blessing for our new little one coming in a couple of months! I love Owlet so much. For our second baby (3 years ago) I decided to get a used Owlet sock, I believe it was the first generation sock, and it saved my anxiety comparing to my first baby experience. I recommend Owlet to everyone!;

Thanks for being part of the Owlet family!;

Amanda Palazzolo

We just finished our 2nd round of IVF and are due in May with our first baby!;

Donna Watson

My daughters 1st baby and I would love to gift her with this peace of mind. I sure would have loved this when she was a baby.;

Brittany Smichnick

I am expecting a baby boy in March 2020. This would help my partner and I so much since we are continuously saving for the baby and a house all at the same time. We would truly be blessed if we won this.;

Rebecca Brown

Love this!;

Lauren reed

I’d love to win this for my second baby!;

Jessica Lazo

We are having a first baby and learning of all the new gadgets and all the expenses that come along with it. We would love to win an owlet for peace of mind especially since our baby will be born in the winter.



Would like to enter your thanksgiving giveaway;

Kimberly Robinson

My family of 6 soon to be 7 Dec 22nd with baby #5 recently moved to our new home Oct 4th from the family promise shelter in glassboro nj on Ellis street we spent the whole summer there and before that we struggled to stay afloat this would be a blessing for our surprise baby gender #5 … I have proof if needed;

Jadie Eischen

Would love to win!;

Julie Stolt

I love the peace of mind I have when my baby is wearing the sock.;

Meagan McSheffery

I would love to receive this giveaway for my very FIRST baby arriving in March 2020!!!;


Would love to have the new owlet cam!;

I would love this for my baby boy due beginning of April , definitely want smart sock and camera;

Hi my name is Nayive finally after have a miscarriage two years ago and try since January get pregnant and finally now I have 10 weeks pregnant I hope I will wing;


Love this!!;

Melissa Wilson

I really would love to win this. It would provide me more piece of mind.;

Melissa Wilson

This would be an amazing bundle to have for my son’s first Thanksgiving. It would be a huge blessing!;

Hope I can win!;

Nicole Ashley

Would love to win this!! We are expecting our first baby and have nothing yet;

Julie Winn

Baby girl wants to Winn;

Kenya Luthi


IvyEllen Wilson

I’m a new expecting mother terrified as can be about how people afford being a mom. I’m so nervous and so winning would bring such a peace of mind knowing I could save some of the money on food or diapers and pamper the baby with these amazing products!!;

Enter me to win !;

I have the sock monitor and I can’t wait to use it on my newborn baby girl.;



My husband and I love the owlet sock. Since our baby was born with apnea episodes and helped us keep track and make sure she was breathing;

Pls add me;

Emily Sienkiewicz

Yay!! I just got rid of all my baby things and see have baby 4 on the way! This would be such a huge blessing.;



First off, thank you for this amazing giveaway and second, this will be my first baby and Id love to keep him safe with your amazing products!;

Avery Blakesley

I am giving this to a dear friend who is having her first baby;

KiahLyn Langston

I would absolutely love this for my sweet baby girl on the way! This would help my husband and I out so much!!!!;

Brenda Clark

I’m so excited!!;

CallieJo Schillinng

We had the chest owlet that snapped onto the baby’s clothing for my daughter and it allowed for us to finally relax and sleep when she slept instead of worrying on if she would have another breathing episode. Five years later and we are having another kid and it would be great to have something so we won’t have to worry if something like that would happen with our next little one.;

Jordan Powell

We would love this giveaway for our first holiday with our little rainbow baby! She’s our miracle from above and we’re so excited to be spending our first Thanksgiving with her by our sides!;

I would love to win something! I have 2 under 2 boys 🙂;

Rebecca Brown

Would love to win!;

Crystal Clark

The owlet sock is such a great idea!;

Makayla stack

Entering giveaway hope to win;

Kate Bolintineanu

We were some of the first to try the original Owlet and were so happy to have it after our son came home from the NICU;

Amanda Peed

My newest little bundle was born in June after an emergency that could have taken his life! He is probably my last baby and that makes him even more precious 🙂 I have the old owlet but it no longer works through my phone for some reason and would love to replace it with the new one. The old owlet smart sock helped me save my little girls life the one time that we got a red reading and hate that I don’t have one that works.;

Hey Amanda, our team would be happy to look into the issues you’ve been experiencing. You can reach them at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST.;

Nikki Schwarting

I would to try these items Ive heard such amazing things on these items!;

Marcela Christofferson

To win this gift would be simply amazing for my little one on the way!;

Whitney Lanham

Would love to win!!!;

Sarah Howells

We love owlet! It has significantly reduced anxiety with our first baby. I’d love to gift this to my sister in law.;

Mackenzie Shrewsbury

Very interested ! My baby girl due in April !;

Katelyn hatch

I love my smart sock gives me peace of mind;

Donna Carter

Super excited to try these products;

Brittany Shaughnessy

First baby due Feb. 19th 2020!! Having a little girl;

Kelcie purser

Would love these for our first baby due in 2020!;

Karen Tucker

Any mother would be lucky to have these amazing products My daughter has 3 babies under the age of 3 I nominate her Nichole Tucker;

Tania Moreno

I love owlet!;

Vepra Avdimetaj Selimaj


Jennie hutto-cook

Absolutely an amazing product!;

Candy Rosario

Hi, I’m Candy and I really love your high quality baby’s products!! #loveowletteam;

Rachel Olivia Carter

Due in early March with our sweet baby girl, Olivia Janie! Her older brother and sister are completely over the moon to meet their baby sister and kiss my belly every morning when they wake up. Their curiosity and love for a little person they haven’t met yet has made this pregnancy (our last) more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. This holiday season I am thankful for my incredible kiddos and unicorn of a husband that seamlessly covers down on our kids when my work schedule is trying on the family dynamic. Thank you owlet and team for blessing families with this beautiful gift around the holidays!;

It would be such a huge relief to be able to have an Owlet Sleep Sock for our second child, due in April.;

Candy Rosario

Hi, I’m Candy. And I want to win this giveaway because my baby is almost 6 months and we are needing the high chair. I’ll be forever grateful!!!;

Nice to see baby products that can keep babies safe;

Hello! I’m due with our second child in April. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia with our first little girl and she was delivered at 35 weeks. I also developed anxiety and was very concerned about her as she slept. An owlet sleep sock would have been such a saving grace. Having one for our next baby would be amazing!;

Leslie Buentello

Need this!;

Jazmine Gutierrez

Would love to win! Cant afford the stuff i wish i had for my baby boy.;

Alexis coffey

I would love to win as I am having my first baby soon❤️;

Brittany Bowman

I would love to win this giveaway for my sweet rainbow baby;

Cindy Hernandez

Would love to win these for my baby;

Tracey Toney

I have bought owlet for my two daughters that have a baby in the last four months. The best baby gift anyone could give. I also have a preemie starting my daycare soon as hes out of nic u. I have told the par er not as bout it and she bought it also.;

Leah Ramey


olivia onorati

this is an amazing give away, thank you for offering something so special ♥️;

Sara Haugen

Thank you;


Hi! I’m Lorraine and I would love to be a part of Owlet family;

Carly Aho

I loved the first Owlet with my son. I cant wait to upgrade to the Owlet 2 with my soon to be daughter!;

Tiffany Snow

I am due in May and would love this for my baby. I think a mother can feel safer with these products and I think it is great that these companies can give a peace of mind to mommies.;

Danetra Edwards

Our baby will be here soon and we are happy to have the comfort of the owlet!;

Charisa Middlebrook

This is my first born and it would be a blessing to receive these products!;

Rebecca Larson

Got my owlet sock in the mail last week and I love it! Hope to get more products soon!;

Ali Aberle

Love this sock and we want more kids so we need it! I am always recommending to everyone we know. I can’t say enough good things about owlet!;

Crystal Kindig

This giveaway would be such a blessing;

Kelsey Price

Thank you for the chance!;

Tamara Geroy

This would be such a blessing for my grandbaby coming doin.;

Linda Miranda

Due with baby boy very soon and would be ecstatic to win this!!!;

Chassity Stiltner

We love our owlet sock would love to try out the owlet cam 🙂;

Olivia Schrock

I would love to win and Owlet monitor! My daughter suffered from severe reflux which cause choking in her sleep. My son is due in March and would love to have peace of mind!;

Julia Segura

Ready to use an Awesome product for my 1st grandbaby;

Amanda kilson;

Mara Peters

Owlet products makes myself and spouse so much more comfortable sleeping at night knowing our precious child is constantly being monitored.;

Dacie Randall

I really need this so bad for our second coming baby!!;

Chyenne Carter

Hi I’m Chyenne and I’m a new mom that loves the Owlet Sock. It gives me a peace of mind while my little one is sleeping. My mother had a daughter that died from SIDS, so up until the sock I barely ever would sleep.;


I would love to win! Just recently married expecting 02122020
Love your products;

Amanda Carey

I would love to win this! I have a newborn with a heart murmur and this monitor would give me peace of mind at night;

Olivia Holt

I would love to win I have wanted a owlet so bad.


Entering giveaway;

Brandee nadauld

I love owlet. I need my own for when I tend my grandkids.



I hope I win



I hope I win. This would be life changing;

Mara Peters

We love Owlet products and it makes my family feel so much better coming home with newborn babies.;

Leslie Fisher

I would love to win. Owlet gives parents peace of mind;

We love our owelet! After losing our first baby unexpectedly the owelet gives us peace of mind with our second


Owlet gives parents peace of mind. I would love to win;

Tiffany Tureson

Would love to win!!;

Vanity Loftis

This would be so great to win. We lost our owlet sock and camera in a fire a month ago. Along with everything we own. Our preemie would benefit greatly from this!;

Holly Young

Baby Young #1 could really use all these safe options! I know I can trust the Owlwt brand name!