Bath & Body Works publishes 40 new smells for the holidays

Whether it's scents of sharp pine, baked gingerbread, candied peppermint or anything else that completely takes you to the holiday, prepare to be transported. Bath & Body Works launches 40 new smells all over the world, available now and one straight up Happy The amount of them is a holiday theme. (As if the beloved brand was seen in that department in advance. Pshaw.)

That means there's really something for everyone, whether you want to dive right into the wreaths and carols and Yule logs or take things a bit slower with respect for your girl Thanksgiving. Stop playing Christmas music all you want, but it's no harm to relieve you of your daily routine with one of the new bodywashes. The Holiday Traditions collection comes back, featuring classic Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, and Twisted Peppermint, and new additions like Spicy Gingerbread Swirl.

The four tend to speak for themselves, but there are additions in the Winter Dust collection that you need to smell for yourself, like Snowflakes & Cashmere, Black Chamomile Sleep and Sparkling Nights. Black chamomile Sleeping calming mix of bergamot and chamomile oils promises relaxation and a rare moment in a busy season, and even the description of Sparkling Nights has my mouth to water: a "fresh mix of ice pear, pure fresia, sugared coconut, sandalwood, and white musk. "

Plus, if you hope to have a holiday glow into your home and skin care panel, the brand also releases a range of new smells in its roomy, nice candles, such as Fresh Sparkling Snow, Cherry Frost, Peppermint Brownie, and Cinnamon & Pinecone. And as if this wealth of wealth was insufficient, Bath & Body Works even hit a worldwide new scent as they assure that long-term fans are like nothing we ever smelled. It is called In the Stars, and it is described as "a warm, sparkling blend of star flower, sandalwood mussel, sugared tangelo, white agarved and brilliant yellow."

Is someone else in head-to-toe goosebumps? I do not want to talk too early, but if the stars play their cards correctly, they can be next to the previous Bath & Body Works fixtures like cucumber melon, sweet pea and plumeria, making it the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season.

The new and friendly smells are now available at

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