Beauty moment from EXO's "Tempo" video you may have missed

Just like Chen sings in the opening line "Tempo", EXO's brand new single, "I Can not Believe", the Korean boy group has returned with new, catchy songs to bless our ears. Yes, EXO is back, OK. (Unfortunately, I had to.) After taking about a year of focusing on other projects, nothing left for the group's fifth studio album, Do not break my tempo, with Lay in tow. As expected, I've looked at "Tempo" over and over again to discover the best beauty moments since it was released this morning.

Although the hair and makeup of the new music video are not as bold and experimental as the asymmetrical, spotted look of "Power" or "Electric Kiss", "Tempo" has sparkling colorful details that deserve recognition. Here are 13 remarkable beauty moments from EXO's new music video you may have missed and how you can experiment with some of them yourself.

1. Baekhyun's Bright-Gold Highlighter

Is that the trophy woman I see? The inner corners of Baekhyun's eyes, as well as his cheekbones, appeared to be dusted in the happy shine of the beloved Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter shadow for several scenes throughout the "Tempo".

2. Chanyeol's silver-to-black hair transformation

The music video begins with a shaggy, black-haired Chanyeol. But during the rap's soloscenaries he reveals a silver-gray dye job, when Chen begins to ask him. Do not ask me which hair color is my favorite, but. I rely on the fifth.

3. literally everyone Lip Tint Lord

Okay, identical lip color on all EXOs can be creative lighting, but I would like to think that their makeup artists swept the same strawberry-red shade on each member's lips. (And I need that too.)

4. Kai s Red Brow

The tail on Kai's right brow was dipped in the crimson in a flashing and it was not-it-for-you-be-probably-distracted-at-his-abs-moment. The rest of his makeup was kept relatively simple to let the colorful arc take my stage. You can easily recreate the look by brushing Kat Von D 24-hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade in Scarlet.

5. Chen Mullet Moment

Although Chens Mullet is not my favorite styling choice, I can not help but appreciate the big picture of his appearance. The screen in his hair co-ordinates the shadow used for his smoky eye against a T. It resembles his monochromatic appearance from "Blomstringsdagen". Perhaps for EXO's next music video, he will try a matching makeup and hair look with a bright color.

6. Xiumins Winged Liner

A delicate line of black line was drawn along Xiumin's eyelid with small tabs in the outer corners of the eyes after a bronze shadow was washed on its lid. If this is already your everyday look, yes, it only got EXO's approval rule.

7. Chanyeol's Magenta Shadow

Instead of darkening Chanyeol's eyes with a shadow that could be found in a nude palette, they saw other EXO men, reached their makeup artist for a colorful palette and mixed a bold magenta shadow along its lash line. The vibrant shade was contrasted with his blue-blue colored contacts. You are sure to find a similar shadow in the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette, which recently won a Best of Beauty Award.

8. Kai's Mullet Undercut

When the dancer debuted his mullet-meets-undercut at the Paris Fashion Week in September, the interesting pair of hairstyles did not make sense to me. However, I respected it. The Mullet Undercutting was more sensible when it was gelled up in its most trubable form under this scene in "Tempo" with its refined 80s wisdom.