Bedroom color schemes to lighten and lift your home

Add some life to your life (and boudoir) with a bold bedroom color scheme.

Want to wake up a sleepy bedroom color scheme with some bold color? Let's inspire you to add a light outbreak of block paint or patterns to your bedroom with our colorful bedroom sides.

Choosing a bedroom color scheme is important when deciding how you want your personal bolthole to make you feel. This can reflect a love of color, a love of bright colors, sumptuous tones or white and neutral.

1. Decorate with a peaceful green

bedroom color schemes

Photo credits: Lisa Cohen

If your design egg is natural pulled into a neutral palette for the bedroom, shake things up a bit with a shot of brilliant salvia green. Use an elegant rich shade of grayish gray on the walls of your bedroom to instantly warm the space and create a cozy, cocoon-like feel. If you do not want to connect with all-over-color, consider breaking it up with dumb white accessories and soft furniture, like this crisp white bedclothes – a safe and versatile option.

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2. Go to gold and metal

Go to gold

Let the Midas touch take over with golden accessories, fabrics and wallpaper. Give a decadent metallic schedule a periodic feel with an Art Deco-inspired dressing table, smartly paired with a modern mirror in a similar finish. Create a beautiful contrast with bright poppets of red and pink, set on pallets and accessories. This will really help lift the order and present an element of character and personality that fits a disco diva.

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3. Dare to be different with a dark color palette

Dare to be different

Photo credits: Adrian Briscoe

Give your bedroom a new, timeless atmosphere with a cool, calm and unified blue and white palette. Who says you can not use bold colors in country bedrooms? If you are a true fan of blue, you will love this striking bedroom. Use indigo and navy blue as if they were neutral and you will find that you can combine them with almost any color. Put in bold accessories and bold designs without a second thought.

If you want a calming feel for your bedroom's color scheme, the blue and white nautical shades complement each other beautifully. Choose subtly striped wallpaper for this theme in the coastal living room, combined with white linen and a navy blue woolrobe. Plump white pillows overlaid with pillows in contrasting shades of navy blue follow the theme of the coast through. Alternatively go to all white bedding and accessories, experiment with fabrics and textures that put in embroidered bedding, silk pillows and lace flash.

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4. Test trends

Test trends

Photo credits: Neil Mersh

Be sure to design trends when it comes to planning and prepping your system. Color is the easiest and most effective way to directly create a mood for every room in your home. Get it right and you can be on a winner. A well-thought-out theme helps you see you through from the beginning to the end when designing a room. Turn your room into a tropical hideaway that makes you feel like you're on a secluded island all year long. Combine multiple tropical tones to enhance a cool feel and add a hammock for a playful addition to a bedroom corner. Parrot print, warm pink botanical and sea blue walls contribute everyone to the theme, but a hammock is the true pièce de résistance in this amazing system. Trailing indoor plants also creates a jungle's feeling. Where could it be better for a place on me?

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5. Stick to a tested and tested palette

Stick to a tried and tested palette

Image Credit: Simon Whitmore

The gray-on-gray trend shows no sign of bleaching. Explore the many depths in this color palette through storage tones to create a system that looks coherent and considered. Use gray in both its palest and deepest incarnations to create a rich, contrasting look that is harmonious and coordinated. Add a welcome splash of color with light pink and white bedding.

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6. Go to an overall red

Go big

Photo credits: Simon Bevan

Take a color and do not be afraid to run with it. Choose dramatically, exciting red with its warm nature for a bedroom with a north facing position. Connect it with white to help tear it down just a little and be sure – make sure it looks modern instead of doing it. Give the space an exotic feel by inserting paisley crowds and lush textiles.

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7. Select complementary colors

Select complementary colors

Image Credit: Matthew Williams

Try blue and orange for an energetic, playful bedroom combination. It is a popular modern alternative. Inspired by a brilliant sunset, use these complementary colors as a safe fire to brighten your day. Include accessories and furniture in a similar palette to ensure that the system is coherent rather than chaotic. Finish the look with some paler pieces to give the space a modern edge that is alive.

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8. Play with combinations

Play with combinations

Photo credits: Dominic Blackmore

Add some bold color to your bedroom to spruce up it a little. It's not just about splashing any color in your bedroom, that's how you use it. Use this space as your inspiration and use a striking but unexpected and imaginative combination of yellow and pink to create an intensive schedule that looks rather boring. Set it against a white background so that the violent palette breathes life in a neutral scheme.

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9. Rethink pink

Photo credits: Tim Young

Create a sophisticated boudoir with an adult shade of pink. Delicate nude pink is an elegant shade that is perfect for a romantic feel. The underlying beige tone prevents it from being too gorgeous – make it modern by making it freshly painted on furniture and walls. Wide stripes on the wall add visual impact and also help keep the balance in color just right so it's almost half white and half-pink throughout the room. Stay back on the bold pattern, but add subtle texture with Jacquard bedspread and oversized clipped headboard for a relaxing and luxurious feel. Copper is an excellent complement to pink pink, as the cool stand lamp shows. A clear chandelier adds to the glamor without interrupting the color scheme.

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10. Work with warm tones and wood

Image Credit: Mark Scott

Wood is not just for rustic rooms. This elegant bedroom combines polished walnut, oak and birch with natural linens, textured woolen, soft gray walls and sisal floors for an adult and modern feel. Have an oversized headboard in walnut veneer to anchor the system. There are smart hidden shelves behind the front panel to hide the mess. Make the bed with natural linen linens, knitted throws and tactile pillows so that it looks inviting and feels cozy. Mix wooden lacquers like oak and birch for bedroom furniture and accessories – mitthonated forests like these work naturally together.

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11. Keep it coastal

Photo credits: Mel Yates

Create a quiet and relaxing bedroom in shades of coast blue and white. Take a subtle striped wallpaper as a starting point and use it on a wall behind the bed to make it the focus of the room. Use slimline shelves as main board to add customized storage for bedding and accessories. Linear the back of the shelves with a coordinating small-scale paper in a tonal shade of blue. Finish with crisp white cotton bedclothes with accent pads in the French Navy. Accessories with white ceramic, driftwood, pale basket and shell.

12. Wow with white

Photo credits: Tim Young

Simple but unevenly sophisticated, an all-white bedroom scheme like this just cheer glamor. Make an oversized lace pattern to the starting point of the room. With a bar of paper you can be bold with patterns – the bigger the better. Add a supersized headboard made of MDF painted white white for maximum shine. Attach floating shelves as bedside tables and add the hanging brackets to minimize redness. All-white bedding is a must for this look – just make it up with pillowcases, pillows and throws with string or crocheted details. Different textures are the key to making the system three-dimensional rather than flat.

13. Play with a tropical theme

Photo credits: Dominic Blackmore

Make a palette of super-loaded brights with black for an elegant tropical look in the bedroom. The oversized pattern on the bedding is attentive in this bedroom. The "look-at-me" design draws attention to the bed while other patterns are kept relatively low keys. Pick out key colors from the bedclothes to coordinate your color scheme, such as fuchsia pink on walls, pillow and throw, turquoise pendant lights and ottomans, made with simple black and white furniture. Finally, try creating a wallpaper panel behind the bed to frame the area. This subtle black and white patterned paper helps balance the impact of bright colors.

14. Go to a beautiful gray

Photo credits: Dominic Blackmore

Turn your bedroom into a luxurious retreat with a sophisticated palette of tin and platinum. While the appearance is extremely glamorous, the effect is easy to achieve if you retain similar tones in the room. Mix shades and tones of the same color, from dull tin to polished platinum. Begin with a statement bed, like this stuffed sleigh bed in a plush flute velvet. A glass chandelier hung low over the bed helps to draw attention and glare and glitter against all metallic tones around the room. Wear on the Luxe theme, with metallic wallpaper panels on both sides of the bed. Just hang a drop behind each bedside table, so even if it's an expensive paper you can get the luxury effect without spending a fortune.

15. Paper in patchwork

Image Credit: David Brittain

Try a patchwork feature wall to add characters to your bedroom. As for the bedroom, you want a calming color palette, especially with a busy effect like this, so soothing shades of duck, taupe and gray are ideal. Create the patchwork effect with squares and rectangles of toner-colored wallpapers, making sure each section is different from its neighbor – even if you have fallen for an expensive design, you only need one roll so this project does not need to cost a fortune. For a similar effect, you can use color instead of wallpaper. In terms of furniture and accessories, less are, so stick to simple shapes, rude styles and ordinary toning colors that will not compete with your wall.

16. Go to colored furniture

Decorate your room with pop-art inspired monochrome. Spots and stripes give great impact in this well-appointed room with beautiful period features. And as if the black and white patterns were not enough, a magnificent yellow bed raises the order of the superinspired. A curved shelf unit provides good storage, but is also excellent as a room divider if you have room for a separate relaxation or dressing zone.

17. Create a sunny arrangement with punchy yellow

Photo credits: Dominic Blackmore

Paint your bedroom in yellow if you want a system full of positive vibes. Give a room a bright, welcoming feeling with uplifting, mood stimulating primrose. Ideally, it should remind you of sunny days. Yellow and gray are a good combination and work very well together. As yellow inspires clear thinking, it's also a good color for a study area if you have space to add a desk. Enhance the definition of fast white and present designs in the form of geometric and chevrons for a crisp and modern finish. Hexagon boxes make a break from traditional shelves and have become paper inside for a decorative effect.

18. Mix your florals

Photo credits: Simon Bevan

Give your bedroom serious style points with an oversized headboard in a beautifully painted print. Florals make up the heart of this room and combine coordination colors to create an adventurous arrangement that binds perfectly, despite different styles of prints. A pink pallet, cold artwork and oriental-inspired hanging light make the space even more "wow".

19. Rough up the edges

Image Credit: Grow the edges

Color does not cover the entire wall if you do not want it. Paint halfway up for a slightly "regenerated" setting for decoration that works surprisingly well. If it's the artist's studio type vibe that you should do, try a smudgy mushroom effect between the two colors, rather than a perfect straight line.

20. Add a blue shade

Photo credits: Jan Baldwin

Turn your bedroom or changing room into something remarkable with a deep blue color on the walls. White floorboards and planks create maximum contrast, while black furniture almost blends in the background. Such a color would work throughout the bedroom, but you can also choose to paint a wall and make it with a wallpaper pattern that contains a corresponding color.

21. Say it high with striking patterns

Image Credit: Polly Wreford

Be bold and stylish with light red and a blend of patterns. A circular design on the walls has been combined with linear stripes on the floor mat, and their different shapes create a "contradictory" effect. There is a lot of pressure here and the key to this look is an absence of block color and the fact that the patterns are very white to allow them to breathe. White bedding and a black bed anchor the scheme.

22. Be bold with orange

Photo credits: Tim Young

Create an earthly landscaping with a rusty orange color. Combine it with pillows that have a similar shade in their designs. Leather accessories and wood furniture are ideal partners for this wooded bedroom and create a vintage movement. To stop the look becoming too dark, the floors have been painted white and the curtains are kept bright – we love the super-cut stag design. Alternatively, create order in the room with custom storage and streamlined shelves for essentials to avoid the mess. And if you like the look of natural wood, a bed with a big wooden head will look very effective. Mix walnut, bacon and birch with natural cotton cloth in shades of taupe and white, and finish the look with sisal and woven carpets for a wonderful natural look.

23. Try subtle color injections

Image Credit: Catherine Gratwicke

Clad wood walls as a warm and rustic alternative to white color. It's not a color as such, but it places a lot of interest in a system – and let's face it, not everyone wants to experiment with superbrights. Here are the color hits of throw and pillow. Plants are perfect for shining, adding beautiful greenery to this natural space.

24. Anchor your system with bedding

White bedroom with colorful bedding and anchor decoration

Photo credits: Damien Russell

Decorate your bedroom with color super simple by adding drama with striking bedding. Go to luxurious fabrics in different shades of blue and your space does not need much more to experience it. Keep walls and floors bright white so that the rich colors stand out to their full potential. Complementary red accents and decorative wall decorations like the anchor here make stunning finishes.

25. Link in total comfort

Image Credit: Katya de Grunwald

Plan a color scheme that best suits your personality. Your room does not have to be light to affect. This dressing area has a subdued palette, but a striking mural with oversized pink flowers ensures it is far from "blending into the background". A monochrome chaise makes this room a lounge in comfort, giving interest without stealing the show.

26. Make a splash

Image Credit: Sean Myers

It's not just about splashing any color in your bedroom – that's how you use it that counts. Here, soft and sensitive color storage shows that blue and green really can be seen … The hair color technique surrounds has made a drag on the interior of this beautiful wallpaper and is perfect for light-colored systems, which adds a softening effect and adds a new dimension to your space.

27. Bring your flowers inside

Photo credits: Dominic Blackmore

The bright and bold botanical wall painting is clearly the main focus of this pretty stylish bedroom, but it's the instant accessories that change from flouncy to amazing faster than you can say "change the lamp please!" A black metal bed adds a masculine touch that is the perfect balance to all florals.

27. Select your color palette

Photo credits: Simon Bevan

Combine multiple tones of a color for a sophisticated way to decorate. This schedule contains everything from the Palestinian to the darkest aubergines. On the back of the bed, a super dark shade gives a strong contrast to the brighter colors, which makes the system not too sucked. A geometric bedspread in blue tones keeps things close to the color wheel and adds a modern kind of pattern.

28. Live up with lime

Photo credits: Debi Treloar

Introduce geometric style in your bedroom schedule with a striking headboard. In this room, the entire patterned furniture is kept in control by painting the walls in a solid background shade that is slightly darker than the fabric. Blended with cool white accents, the diamond's geometric design jumps out for immediate impact.

29. Take a monochrome approach

Photo credits: Mel Yates

Add some consistency in your bedroom with a striking wallpaper. The gray tones marry perfectly with the soft blue bed, while the rugged bedding reflects the appearance of the wallpaper. Other than the bed, the room has been minimized, with a floor lamp, rather than a bedside table and separate light. A wallpaper like this must be the center of attention, after all!

30. Fancy with florals

Image Credit: David Brittain

Fancy a fresh new look in the bedroom for the spring? Why do not you say it with flowers? The beautiful yellow-flowered wallpaper is the star of the show in this bedroom. Teaming it with handsome shades of gray, tones the entire schedule down and prevents the paper from becoming overwhelming. Keep other patterns at least and go small-scale instead of big ones, such as gray damask case and herringkasta. Balance the bold walls with simple, streamlined furniture, such as customized main board, regular side tables, and stuffed Ottoman.

31. Paint in purple

Photo credits: Tim Young

After purple bedroom ideas? This is not the Pantones year color 2018 for no reason! Cozy up with sunny shades of heather and gray. Soothing shades like these are perfect if you want a space to feel warm and relaxing. Let a vintage vintage flower pattern be the starting point for your color scheme. The duvet's purple background color is the strongest shade used in the room – do not use overuse or the effect gets too crazy. Take your other colors from the flower print, with subdued shades of lilac, purple, gray and soft beige, and use them for walls, floors and accessories: heather and gray painted walls, a purple throw on the bed and soft beige rug and chair. Glass lamps hung on each side of the bed, creating subdued lightbulbs – perfect for a sleeping induction system.

Given the amount of time spent in our bedrooms, it's important that the general feeling is just right, it's the only room that becomes a personal haven. Choose the bedroom color scheme that speaks most to you and decorate, making it feel like a dreamy space to spend your time.

Which bedroom color scheme will you choose to decorate your room!

From our sister side Ideal Homes. Words by Jennifer Louise Ebert.