Being a parent is difficult (and it's okay to say that)

Being a parent is difficult. There are some things that are too tough and if you are something like me, you will instinctively say that you are okay … as always. The thing is, sometimes you're not okay and it's perfectly good to say that.


The disadvantage of sleep was the hands down for me the worst part of having a newborn – it's even harder when the child decides to sleep like a dream for a month, and then recover to his nightly animal health.

I think when people asked how I was, I was only bored of saying tired.

The truth was that I was beyond tired and, in fact, fatigue had been a number of steps up from how I felt!

As a new parent you want to feel like you have your things together, but the thing is when you have not had a good night's sleep forever, it can be difficult to work normally. Looking back, I wish I had accepted more help when it came to sleeping. I think I thought he was a martyr and shoot through, I did my bit. In fact, I was just tired of doing something that someone else would have done happily.

Do you miss your old life?

Something I'm often asked for is that I'm daddy's: "Do not you miss being able to do what you want?". I have to say I miss my life too much. Of course, runners will never be what they once were, with couches and movies all day, but apart from that, I feel good.

Something I've noticed that my other dad's friends are really struggling with is how much their lives have changed. The thing is a lot of time, they do not want to talk about it and therefore they can not do anything about feeling how they do it. Some of my mom's friends are the same.

To say that you miss your old life is not a crime. I love that the new wave of bloggers is happy to admit it – I'm not saying you neglect your parenting assignments, but I'm saying it's okay you want to let go of your hair.


Now, this is going to sound strange, but something I've found to fight is how fast my boy grows up. I did not realize how much anxiety it caused me, but I've recently been very aware that I'm working together and he's getting so big.

It's strange how it manifests itself, and it was not until I talked to my wife about what I felt better. It made me realize how important it is to share your feelings as a parent. Stupid things can actually feel like huge things, but a good chat makes your feelings often normal again. Do not fill it up!

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