Benefits and Benefits of Protein Rich Diet

Did you know that high protein diets are recommended to help lose weight and build muscle mass. As a vegetarian, I am always skeptical about how much protein I get through my food, which is why I always try to offset my protein intake through eggs. However, it is not always clear how many egg yolks you can have daily and how it will affect your cholesterol and thus whey protein powder is a better and safer alternative.

Whey protein supplements in the market are recommended to meet our daily protein intake needs. In fact, they work like good drinks before and after exercise when you're on the go. They are rich in protein and keep you full longer and help you burn calories during the day. The high protein keto diet is based on the same principle where you include more fat and protein in your routine with minimal carbohydrates.

Consuming equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates immediately after a workout increases the chance of building muscle mass.

How does a high-protein diet help you lose weight?

Rcutout cravings

Have you ever noticed that your cravings are lower when you have a balanced diet? Starting the day with a high protein diet will help you avoid junk food throughout the day. Protein intake keeps you full for longer and decreases your appetite by reducing hunger hormone levels, ghrelin. Including whey protein drinks in your daily routine is an interesting way to slow down your cravings and lose weight.

high protein diet
Image courtesy: Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels
Improves muscle mass

Muscles are made of protein actin and myosin joined by amino acids. All of these need a high protein diet that for a normal healthy adult would come if they take their 30% calories from protein. However, taking more than 2 g of protein per kg of body weight is not recommended for anyone. Protein overload can lead to fat accumulation, increased leaching and kidney generation.

Improves metabolism

Protein has a higher thermal effect than carbohydrates, although both stop giving equal amounts of energy to the body. The thermal effect of food is the energy required to digest, absorb and eliminate the consumed food. Thus, high protein intake can improve metabolism because it is heavy, takes longer to digest and consequently spends more energy in the process, thereby burning more calories and helping you lose weight.

These were some of the reasons why nutritionists and trainers put you on a high-protein diet when you want to lose weight or start exercising. Avoid overeating protein and follow a regular exercise program for a controlled muscle build-up and to lose weight. Instead of having protein only once a day, have a portion of it throughout the day in all your meals to reap maximum benefits.

Until then, Swathy.