Best fake eyelashes, according to makeup artists and beauty editors

Whether you want your eyelashes to look crisp, fluffy or as long and full as they almost touch your boilers, fake eyelashes are the ultimate ticket to make your look a few slots. Forget the dreaded snippet, flaking or fallout you get from some mascara; Once applied, fake frans continue to sit and watch amazing until it's time to take them off. (Mastering of application takes time, but exercise is perfect). And, no matter your beauty M.O. – Natural, bold or somewhere in between – there is certainly a set of things to suit your personal style. If you are skeptical, do not be. Just browse through for proof, for here you will find everything from individuals and semi-lash accents to full strip options with va-va-voom volume. Whatever you prefer, makeup artist and attract Editor-approved false eyelashes forward give you the nice eyelashes you've always wanted. (You can thank us later.)