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I have moved every three to five years for most of my life.

It started when I was about 2. My dad went into the Navy.

His first service station was Goose Creek, South Carolina, then Italy. We moved back to the states where I finished primary school in Millington, TN outside Memphis. From there Pascagoula, MS for high school and high school. I graduated in high school in North Chicago, IL, which is not North Chicago at all. It's actually about 45 minutes outside of Chicago. I never understand what the hell was under 0 until my first winter there.

I immediately realized that I was not created for the Midwest. I am a southern girl to my heart. When I applied for colleges, of course, the southern was my first choice. I always wanted to stay in the city where I was born, Houston, TX. I applied for early admission and was accepted at the University of Houston.

From North Chicago, my parents and over 13 hours drove to Houston, TX for student orientation and then for housework.

Even though I moved to different locations around the Houston Metro, I was still moving almost annually. My ex husband seemed to be afraid to leave her mother so we stayed longer in Texas than I would have liked.

But finally, after nearly 10 years, we moved to Las Vegas, NV. My almost two years, it was some of my happiest until then. Las Vegas really represented new beginnings for me.

Las Vegas is where my business started to generate more than 6 digits of revenue, I became pregnant and gave birth to my youngest child and I started my Crossfit trip.

But it was also without doubt that I was completely dissatisfied with my marriage. I remember coming to this place where I had accomplished so many things, individually. I bought a car and put down 40% cash of my own money. I have created and run a successful company on my own. I would try to celebrate with him and share things that excited me.

One day I shared very exciting news with him. There was this lack of enthusiasm. I said "I'm trying to make you my best friend but you just don't want to be that."

I wanted a partner and a best friend and I had none. I understand that not everyone is best friends with their husband. But I wanted an emotional intimacy that was not available in my marriage.

So honestly, this is not even what this post would be about.

My oldest son, KinderBae, exhibited a speech delay. His preschool in Las Vegas was the first to get it to our attention. I start scheduling a meeting with specialists for various evaluations or hops that you have to go through. He was evaluated by the school area where he was recommended for the program with special needs.

Read here about my oldest son's journey with autism spectrum disorders.

It was a combination of his special needs and Ex-Husband's job promotion that led to our decision to move to Norcross, GA. I wasn't ready to leave my happy place, but my ex insisted that it was the only way he could keep his job.

We moved to Norcross, GA on New Year's Day 2016. I used to say it was the day when my life began to fall apart, but in fact it began to gather.

What we tried to avoid by moving actually happened. My ex-husband loses his job once again. He could never keep a job for more than 2 or 3 years.

The stress of being a provider, staying at home as a parent and a sole provider has a charge on me and our relationship.

There were some sequences of events both before and after his year-long unemployment which exacerbated the burden on the relationship.

You can read about some of them here.

One day, I speak more in detail about infidelity.

Again, after 3 years residing in Norcross, GA. I completely start selling everything I own. My boys spend their summer vacation with their father while I am temporarily moving to Jacksonville, FL.

Bobby Brown goes on after divorce

The only thing I take is my Bobby Brown cassette tape: Don't Be Cruel. Every step I take this album has been with me. I haven't had a cassette player for several years, but I still keep it. I mean it's a classic, right?

This move is the last to be released. I'm physically, apart from being emotionally cleansed. Get rid of the old to make room for the new one.

In the same spirit, I clean the entire library with classes, workshops and books. Get instant access to 12 all for $ 47 today.

~ Tamara

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