Braided Bun – Braided Hairstyles

If you want to add a little glam to your next braid, continue reading. This braided style not only contains several braids embedded in an epic bull, it is precious with gold, which is perfect at any time of the year – but especially for the holidays. Restore it with the steps below:

pictureRuben Chamorro

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First, make a deep part on the right side of your head and then create four triangular sections with a rod pole. (FYI: You should end up with four large braids and less between them at the end, if it helps with incision.) Then two small pieces of hair are heard along the right side of the part to the neck.

Then you create another small braided part along the part, and hold it downwards in an angle. The third (larger) cornrow should start on the right side and curve over the top of your head.

A thicker braid along your hairline is up next time; Continue to wrap it past the ear, all the way to your ends, add in addition as you go. Create a thicker braid along the braid you did in step three to the left and then another next to the part you originally made on the right side.

The last braid should also be thicker on the right side of the head; braid the whole end to the ends.

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Now it's time to weave in the gold! Use a crocheted needle, insert the cord into your braids in any pattern you want. Pull the cord around two braids and put together. Then wrap the other braids hanging around to create themselves to create the base of the bundle. Finally, wrap the gilded ends around and secure it in place with a hairpin and thread.

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Lay your edges and apply the mousse, wrap your braids and beat it warmly to set the style.

      pictureRuben Chamorro

      videos: Abbey Adkinson. Hair: Stasha Harris. Makeup: Fatimot Isadare. styling: Tiffany Reid. Beauty Director: Carly Cardellin0.

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