Can lip balm be eaten? Is lip balm harmful?

Autumn has been on the ground for a long time, the weather begins to dry, and people’s skin and lips become rough and chapped due to lack of water. Dry cracked lips not only affect the appearance, but also prone to infection, causing cheilitis.

In order to prevent chapped lips, many sisters will carry a lip balm with them and apply it when they feel uncomfortable. However, can lip balm be eaten? What is the main component of lip balm? What harm does lip balm have when eating stomach?

Can lip balm be eaten? Lip balm is harmful ?

Can lip balm be eaten? Is lip balm harmful?

Can lip balm be eaten?

The main ingredients of lip balm are petrolatum and beeswax, as well as some synthetic animal fats. Generally, lipsticks are colorless. If the lipstick is colored, it indicates that it contains pigment. Because lip balm is not food, it can’t be eaten, but if you accidentally rub it gently, it will not cause much harm to the body, because in general, lip balm is made of natural and harmless substances. In addition, a small amount of intake is generally not much harm to the body.

However, when purchasing lipstick, sister paper must choose a regular, qualified, quality-guaranteed manufacturer’s lipstick, otherwise there will be safety risks in poor quality lipstick.

Lip lip balm can’t solve the problem of chapped lips

In fact, lip balm care for lips is very limited, if the weather is too dry, use Lip balm can be easily dried, which in turn causes the lips to dry again. In addition, some lip balms sold on the market are relatively inferior, and contain a variety of chemical ingredients. Frequent use of inferior lip balm may cause contact cheilitis on the lips. If you accidentally eat some inferior lipstick, it will also bring the body side effect.

Mastering the correct lip posture

1. Apply a lipstick after applying the towel. When the lips are dry and cracked, it is recommended not to tear them by hand, and do not apply lip balm immediately. It is best to apply a hot towel to the lips first, and then apply the lip balm after the dander is softened.

2, DIY “lipsmask“. You can make your own “lip mask” when you are free at home. You can use Vaseline, vitamin E, honey, olive oil, milk and other materials to make it.

3, pay attention to makeupclean. If you usually make up your makeup, please pay attention to cleansing after makeup. Many sisters like retro red lips, but if you don’t pay attention to lip makeup, it will cause dryness and dryness in the long run. Lip Makeup recommends using a lip makeup remover to protect your lips.

Can lip balm be eaten? All in all, lip balm can’t be eaten. If you gently rub it, it will have little effect on your body. In addition, it is recommended not to use lip balm too much. Apply about 3 times a day.