Can pregnant make up, do hair, do nails, rub lipstick?

I believe that many women who love beauty have a doubt, that is, whether pregnancy can not be beautiful, can not make up, can not do hair, can not nail, rub lipstick and so on. However, beauty is a woman’s nature. The reaction to pregnancy is great. I still have a yellow face every day. My husband can’t stand it, and I feel that I am not spiritual.

Pregnant can make up, do hair, do nails, rub Lipstick?

Cough and cough, here, knock on the blackboard, pay attention, everyone, You can wipe the skin care products during pregnancy and after giving birth to your baby Just need to pay attention not to use whitening products; cosmetics are no problem, the amount you rub can not be absorbed; if you really can not choose the brand for pregnant women; dyed hair, hot Hair is OK, really affect your child; nails suggest you choose the 7free grade of nail polish available to pregnant women; lipstick is recommended to wipe off before eating and drinking, it is recommended to choose a big brand of lipstick, or pregnant women Available level of lipstick.

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