Candace Cameron Bure made a weird mixed salad drink on & # 39; Stir Crazy & # 39;

In this section of Stir the crap, you can catch Candace Cameron Bure and create a Bruncher Approved ™ cocktail … * sans vodka. * I know what you're thinking: Oh. Mylanta. how did she take it off ?! Welp, she did, with the help of a mixer, a sharp AF knife, some vegetables and her trolling camera woman / daughter Natasha.

Candace started a little skeptical because she already created a cocktail without the most important ingredient: alcohol. But in addition, she also had no Clamato or tomato juice … which is very important for a fake or non-fake Bloody Mary. She made it work with some tomato puree and some very nice, suspicious tomatoes. I have to do what you have to do for the content, baby.

Since she had to give more life to the drink, she collected: celery, green onions, carrots, olives and hot sauce for her ponytail. But shout out to her daughter Natasha Bure who stopped her mother from using mold and expired salad !!! THINK.

Candace made sure she washed her tomatoes before placing them in the mixer, but almost forgot to clean carrots! And of course Natasha had to blast her for it on camera. ElCelebrity kids, they are just like us !! The jokes with her mother, however, did not end there because she insisted that what she did was not a yummy tomato juice, but a "salad in a mixer." She cheated the facts, I must say. Sorry Deej.

After the mixture was all said and done, they poured it into a salted salted glass with some vegetables. It turned out to be so bad obviously! No shade, but I'm not sure if I'm going to experiment with this recipe. If you're in the same boat … I guess it tastes like gazpacho. But in this economy, I'll just stick to my vodka kitty classic Bloody Marys.