It is a safe bet that friends and family are happy to shower you as you wait to welcome your bundle of joy. There is a lot to prepare for and building a solid baby registry is a great way for loved ones to help you get ready. Where toRead More →

Right now you are in the fog of sleep deprivation, and it may feel like you will never sleep again. But good sleep for you and your child is possible. Preparing for sleep training is as important as the exercise itself. Think about these questions before you start sleep training:Read More →

Traveling to meet family and friends is a big part of the holiday for many families. And just because you are traveling does not mean that you cannot keep your children in their usual sleeping plans, although it is definitely a challenge. Here are some tips to get the sleepRead More →

Jennifer Verweyst November 20, 2019 Can't wait for my other grandchild to arrive !! Althea Bartlett November 20, 2019 ❤️ Kate Grimm November 20, 2019 Great giveaways. Linda Bartlow November 20, 2019 I think this is one of the greatest things ever invented Brie Nicks November 20, 2019 I'm waitingRead More →

"Falling back" is the time change you loved before you became a parent because you got an extra hour of sleep, but you now fear that your little one can wake up even earlier than usual! Here are our tips to make the transition as smooth as possible. Let yourRead More →

Give your child the sleep gift with Dream Lab! Dream Lab is a video sleep course designed to teach your child to sleep through the night in just seven days. Created by the world's first baby night consultant, Dream Lab is tailored to fit your child's unique needs. The bestRead More →

View your child's sleep patterns and trends with the Owlet app when using Smart Sock! We understand that sleep is crucial to your child's overall well-being, mood and development. By tracking your child's heart rate and movement, we can provide insights on total sleep hours, waking times, and a breakdownRead More →

Pregnancy and Awareness Month about Infants October is the month of awareness of pregnancy and infants. We are proud to support the Nursery of Hope and help raise awareness of SUIDS, which claims the lives of nearly 3,500 babies each year. Help us honor these small lives by raising awareness,Read More →

Owlet Cam is the smart, safe way to keep an eye on your child and their sleep environment. And it is full of features that allow you to keep an eye on your child even easier. background noise Turn on background noise for the camera and go back to usingRead More →